Operation Citizen changes lives in Rotherham

Thu 23 March 2017
Meet James Besley, whose life was transformed when someone tried to cash a stolen cheque at a shop in Rotherham a couple of summers ago.Clutching his...

E-fit issued in relation to Rotherham burglary

Thu 23 March 2017
Officers investigating a reported burglary at a house in the Clifton area of Rotherham are asking if you recognise the man in the e-fit image. ...

Chief Constable statement on Westminster attack

Thu 23 March 2017
Following the atrocities in the capital yesterday afternoon, Chief Constable Stephen Watson said: “Our thoughts go out to all those affected in...

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The Chief Constable's Public Encounters Plan

The Chief Constable's Public Encounters Plan Progress on recommendations made in HMIC's 2013 report entitled 'Stop and Search powers: Are

Child sexual exploitation

  Tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE) and bringing offenders to justice is a priority for South Yorkshire Police. We are now operating with

Interested in becoming a Special Constable?

        Please note: Recruitment for the Special Constabulary has been paused. As a result of this, there are