Be Wise this summer

This summer we're reminding you to #BeWise and to protect yourself and your property. 

During the summer months there can be a rise in seasonal crime trends, such as burglary and doorstop crime. This is usually linked to the warmer weather. Here, we remind you of these crimes and encourage you to #BeWise and avoid becoming a victim.

Here's Acting Superintendent Jade Brice, force lead for burglary, introducing the summer safety campaign.

Keep doors and windows locked, even if you're just in the garden

Trim back any plants or hedges that a burglar could hide behind

Keep valuables and car keys out of view and away from doors and windows

Review and update your home's security

Remember to set your intruder alarm when you go out and when you go to bed

Keep your garage and shed locked and keep tools out of sight

Make your property identifiable by marking it with your house number and postcode

Register your valuables on to increase the chances of getting them back if they are lost or stolen

Be cautious when using social media. Don't advertise that your home is empty by telling people that you are going away

Call the police if you see any suspicious behaviour

For more information about burglary prevention and advice about locks please click here

 Not sure? Don't answer the door!

 Doorstep crime can include rogue traders offering home improvement or gardening services, or bogus callers who are pretending to be someone they are  not, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. 
 Avoid becoming easy prey by not answering the door to anyone you do not know.

 For more information about rogue traders and bogus callers click here

 Your garden acts as a barrier around your home and it is your first line of defence when it comes to intruders.
 However, there are things that you can do to strengthen your security and protect your property and valuables.  For more information about protecting  your home and garden security click here.

Here's Eamonn Larkin, one of our crime reduction officers, talking about how people across South Yorkshire can help to prevent burglary. In this video, he focuses on the importance of locking doors and windows.