Criminal Justice Units

There are 4 Criminal Justice Units in South Yorkshire, based in Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham.

The primary purpose of the Units is to support Victims and Witnesses through the court process and to assist operational police officers in the preparation of cases for court and manage those cases as they progress through the courts to sentencing.

The Units also work closely with the Courts, Crown Prosecution Service and Victim Support to ensure that those who offend are brought swiftly to Justice. The Units have been responsible for the development of the ‘Digital’ case file which allows information to be shared with other Criminal justice agencies and defence solicitors electronically without the need for multiple copies of a paper case file. This ensures everyone has the most up to date information at the earliest opportunity.

It also ensures that information is available to enable victims and witnesses to be kept updated with the progress of the case. The Units have dedicated Witness Care Units to support victims and witnesses.