On average approximately forty thousand people are taken into custody annually in South Yorkshire.

Each custody suite has Custody Officers at the rank of Sergeant, their role is to listen to the reason for detention from the arresting officer and accept detention assuming there are grounds to do so. Also present are support staff called “Detention Officers”; they look after the welfare of detained persons.

Detained persons are given an immediate “risk assessment” to ascertain their needs whilst in detention, this is very important and it may transpire they are in need of medical attention. Medical assistance is available for both physical and mental health.

Detained persons are notified of their rights whilst in custody and have access to free and independent legal advice.

People arrested in South Yorkshire can be taken to one of six custody suites:-

Sheffield :

Charge office in the city centre

Ecclesfield, north of the city,

Moss Way, south of the city,




Translators are available on the phone and in person for people who do not speak English or have difficulty with the English language.

Appropriate adults are available for juveniles and adults deemed vulnerable.

“Independent Custody Visitors” (ICV’s), attend at suites to ensure detainees are being treated correctly, they turn up unannounced at all times of the day and are allowed to speak to detainees should the detainee consent. ICV are volunteers authorised by the Police Authority and are totally independent.

Please note that the opening times are the front desks that support the police station and not the opening times of the custody suites, which are obviously 24 hours.