Integrated Model of Partners Addressing Crime Together (IMPACT)

Cutting crime and bringing criminals to justice are the key objectives of organisations working in the criminal justice system such as the Police, Prison and Probation services.
One of the most effective ways to cut crime is to focus most of our efforts on the people who are committing most of the crimes in our communities. IMPACT is helping us to achieve this across South Yorkshire. IMPACT is a multi-agency team who are all working together as one, including:
• Police
• Probations
• Prison Officers
• Drug workers

The team identify and manage the criminals who are committing most of the robberies, burglaries and thefts in the area. They help reduce the number of crimes being committed by these individuals by helping them to address the issues that are causing them to commit crime such as drug and alcohol misuse.
Without help to break the cycle of crime many offenders are destined to spend their lives revolving around the criminal justice system including frequent short-terms prison sentences. Causing harm to themselves, their families and the communities they live in as well as costing the tax-payer huge amounts of money.

Criminals do not get to choose whether they are on the IMPACT scheme or not, but they can choose to accept the help to change their lives for the better or to continue a life of crime. If they choose the second option, they will receive both enforcement and punishment.

Superintendent Nick Whitehouse, Force Strategic Lead said that “IMPACT helps offenders break the cycle of their offending. It does this by joining up all the services and offering them the support and control necessary for them to become mare productive members of society. It is very important to note that IMPACT is NOT a soft option. The key focus of everything we do is to reduce re-offending”.
IMPACT does not cost any extra. Probation, Police, Prisons and the Local Authorities have come together and worked out how to get more for their money by working together to tackle the same problems.

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