Warrants Unit

South Yorkshire Police has a unit that deals with warrants issued by the courts when offenders fail to appear at court as required. The Unit ensures that these persons ‘wanted’ by the courts are arrested and brought before the courts ensuring cases can continue effectively and that offenders are quickly brought to justice and sentenced.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q   I am a defendant and didn’t go to court on the court date, what do I do now?
A  If you have missed your court date then a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  You must attend at court or at you local police station as soon as possible.

Q    I think there is a warrant out for me, can you tell me?
A You must attend in person at your local police station; we cannot tell you any details over the phone.  You must bring some form of identification with you e.g. passport, driving licence or birth certificate.

Q     My son/partner has got a warrant out for him/her and I know where they are .
A  If you pass on all the details to your local police station then we will endeavour to go and arrest them.

Q I have a fines warrant outstanding, what do I do?
A Contact the Sheffield Magistrates Court on 0114 2521833 to make an appointment.  This is a centralised department covering all Magistrates Courts in the South Yorkshire area.

For the Warrants Unit please contact:  0114 2011555/3/4