Sheffield District Commander

Chief Superintendent David Hartley, District Commander for SheffieldChief Superintendent David Hartley joined the Police Service in 1991 and has spent all his service with South Yorkshire Police. 

David joined after spending four years at university, one year of which was a year in industry with British Coal.  He graduated with a computing and operational research degree. When he joined in 1991, David’s first posting was to West Bar Police Station where he spent six years mainly as a uniformed duty group officer policing the streets of the city, first on foot and then by beat car.

He left Sheffield on promotion in 1997 and was posted to Main Street at Rotherham, serving on a duty group for two years before becoming the Chief Constable’s staff officer. David left the staff office upon promotion to Inspector rank and was posted to Wombwell in 2001.  He was then a duty group Inspector for five years, taking the role of PSU commander throughout.  David was also the first uniform officer to become a Force Hostage and Crisis negotiator, a role that he keeps to the current day.

David left Barnsley upon promotion to Chief Inspector, and held the lead for Specialist Community Engagement in the Community Safety Department for two years, before then taking the lead for Tactical Support Group in Operational Support Services.  Over this period, he became a public Bronze commander, then Silver APOC commander, a Firearms Silver commander and then Specialist Silver Firearms commander, CBRN commander, hostage negotiator at heights trained, and finally hostage negotiator coordinator – all roles that he is active with to the current day.

David was promoted from TSG to be the Operations Superintendent at Barnsley in 2008, where he remained until promotion to Chief Superintendent in October 2011 at Sheffield.

David says: “I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to lead Sheffield district – the police officers and police staff epitomise everything that is great about the British Police Service – as times get harder, we continue to drive crime down and faithfully serve the public delivering the best service we can. Sheffield is a vibrant and safe city – that is achieved from the actions of Sheffield district staff.  I am proud to be part of that team"

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