Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS)

South Yorkshire Police is teaming up with partner organisations to bring together resources to address community safety issues.

South Yorkshire Police is part of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS), which is a voluntary scheme under the Police Reform Act 2002 that enables the South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable to offer suitable employers and their employees within the county an accredited status in respect of them carrying out certain community safety functions.

Organisations including local authorities, public bodies and private companies within South Yorkshire, which contribute to maintaining and improving community safety, may apply to be considered for accreditation under the scheme.

With well-managed police involvement, accredited persons can:

• support local community policing
• patrol key areas
• work towards achieving greater community cohesion
• support partnership working
• assist in the physical appearance and management of local areas
• gather community intelligence to assist the police and other organisations
• increase public reassurance, accessibility and visibility
• reduce the fear of crime and antisocial behaviour.

If you are an employer and are interested in becoming an accredited organisation, it is necessary to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Chief Constable that the employer is fit and proper to supervise employees in carrying out functions for which the accreditation has been granted.

To find out how to apply for accreditation under the scheme please consult the guidance document. 

The available powers that a person can be accredited with are wide-ranging and will only be granted by the Chief Constable upon satisfaction that the use of them by an accredited person will contribute to community safety.

To find the list of accredited powers available please click here to link to the Home Office website. For more details of which powers are available under the South Yorkshire Police CSAS scheme, please email 

To determine if your organisation is suitable for accreditation within South Yorkshire please complete the CSAS Suitability Form and submit to

The following organisations have been accredited by South Yorkshire Police under the CSAS scheme:

  •    Doncaster Metropolitan Council
  •    Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
  •    Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  •    Meadowhall
  •    Kingdom

If you are an employer and are interested in your business obtaining accreditation under the scheme, please email: