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SYP Website survey - Summary of Results

  • The survey was closed on 6th november 2015
  • There were 819 responses from the public
  • 56% said they had never visited the website before taking the survey, 28% visit less than once a month, and 16% once a month or more
  • Among those who have visited the website the most common reason for doing so was 'Just browsing' at 48%, followed by 'News updates'  at 42% and 'Information and Advice' at 31%

Opinions on the website:  

  • 71% agree that the website contains the information they need, 72% that the information is easy to find, 83% that it is easy to understand, and 72% that it appears to be kept updated
  • 68% agree that the website content is interesting, and 47% that the graphic design is attractive
  • The website is rated as 'Excellent' or 'Good' by 71% of respondents, while 6% rate it as 'Poor' or 'Very poor'
  • When asked what content would make the respondent more likely to visit the website in the future, 67% say 'Activity of local policing team', followed by 'Latest news' at 57%, and 'Crime prevention/security advice' at 51% 


No Regrets Campaign survey

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Your Voice Counts survey

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