BCD Management Team Meeting - 10 February 2011

BCD Management Team Meeting - 10 February 2011

Alan Wilshaw   AW
Adrian Moran   AM
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Geoff McDonald  GMC
Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Jean Leah   JL
John Dix   JD
Lorraine Rogers  LR
Novia Hallows   NH
Rik Martin   RM

Jennifer Marsh

Alison Oates   AO
Rachael Greenfield  RG
Jane Walker   JW

1. Welcome & Apologies

AW opened the meeting and apologies were given as above. 

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 20 January 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

Action 89 - LR to consider the recommendations made in the Cultural Audit and establish that the ones assigned to BCD were still correct – was discussed in detail.  The following recommendations were discussed:

Recommendations 3 and 8 – It was suggested that focus groups be held to discuss reasons why and JD suggested that it could be an item included on exit interviews with staff.  It was agreed that LR would work on this with AM and CWB.

Action 90: LR to work with AM and CWB on setting up focus groups / questions in order to address recommendations 3 & 8 from the cultural audit.

Recommendation 5 – It was noted that there was the Diamond suggestion inbox but it was felt there was a need to recognise staff who came forward with good ideas.  JH suggested that there could be a Leaders in Action award for ‘Innovate’.  It was suggested this be put to the Citizen Focus Board.  LR undertook to liaise with Tanya Wright to seek her views on linking into the Leaders in Action awards.

Action 91: LR to liaise with Tanya Wright to gain her views on incorporating an ‘Innovate’ award within the Leaders in Action awards

Recommendation 14 – Business Benefits were now being included in Business Cases / PIDs, although it was suggested that this could be marketed more.  JD added that this was an item included on the upcoming risk management workshop.  JD suggested that a presentation could be delivered to VfM Champions.

Recommendation 15 -  LR undertook to work on this.
4. Diamond Update

JH delivered a presentation to the meeting which covered:

New governance structure
Current activity
Key Issues

New Governance Structure

JH informed the meeting that each of the new Boards were lead by the relevant ACPO lead and that the WIG meeting discussed in depth issues relating to staffing and that all implementation managers needed to attend this meeting with their plan of action for implementation. 

The introduction of the new Boards had seen the close of the Business Change Board.  All projects were now being monitored through the right Board for that business area. 

AW was currently working with DCC Dyson on the Futures Board and it had been agreed that VfM needed to be included within this Board.  DCC Dyson had invited selected individuals from around the Force to be involved in this Board, and it had been recognised that people from external companies both public and private needed to be involved with this work.

JH agreed to circulate the project matrix for the new Boards, which detailed where each of the projects currently ongoing sat within the new governance structure.

Action 92: JH to circulate the project matrix detailing where each project sat within the new governance structure to the Management Team.

JH stated that each Board now needed to identify the IT priorities relevant to their area and for change requests to be discussed.  It was noted that the new bespoke Business Plan / Project Reporting software would assist in managing work at Districts and Departments and ensure that the relevant plans were in place for ongoing work.

Current Activity

JH spoke in relation to work currently in progress and the identified/potential savings that could be made.


JH spoke in relation to some issues and considerations that SYP needed to focus upon over the coming years:

Public at the heart
Planning for year 4
Reduce any double counting
Joining up People and Money to Performance – VfM
Performance hasn’t gone away
Joint Communication – Corporate Message


CWB raised that SYP needed to consider how much impact could arise from the introduction of Police & Crime Commissioners would have on performance.  A discussion took place around the changes facing the Police Authority and the impact it would have upon SYP.

5. Regional Working

AW informed the meeting that there had been no significant developments in recent weeks.  Discussions were ongoing at a regional level to establish how  the heads of the three regional departments, Vehicle Fleet, Scientific Support and Procurement would be selected.

6. Force Performance

CWB informed the meeting that an Emerging Themes meeting was to take place in the afternoon and that the targets for the Force would be presented to the Police Authority Task & Finish group on Friday.  CWB added that the Citizen Focus Board had agreed to no longer survey victims of road traffic collisions, which was an option available due to changes in guidance.

7. Business Plan

The Business Plan was looked at by the Management team and AW reminded managers of the need to ensure that it was fully updated.  After discussion it was agreed that the entry for CWB in relation to the Cultural Audit could now be discharged.

Action 93: JM to inform Bev Emmett of the need to discharge CWB entry in relation to the Cultural Audit  from the BCD Business Plan

8. Risk Register

Mention was made of the survey risk, which had been discussed under the action schedule item on this agenda.

9. GEN/14s

JD informed the meeting that there were 3 new GEN/14s:

Home Office ASB Proposals & Consultation – Currently with Ch/Supt Maguire for comment
Warrants System – Judith France conducting further work
NPIA Policing at Airports Guidance – Currently with Ch/Insp Bint for a response

10. Finance

JL reported that BCD were well on target to meet and potentially exceed the savings required.  BCD currently had a £30k variance which was to be utilised to purchase the XIMES software.  It was noted that the cost of severance for staff leaving BCD would be shown in BCD’s budget, although this would be met by central funds at this time. 

JL added that BCD were currently meeting both the efficiency target and the vacancy factor target.  It was noted that budget savings had now increased to around 22% to 23%.

11. 3 Year HR Plan

JL reported that the plan had been submitted ready for 1 April where the relevant post could be established and others disestablished.

12. Staff Welfare

Discussed under closed session.

13. Diversity

Due to the ongoing Establishment Control, it was accepted that this target could not be met as it was not possible for BCD to recruit new staff at present.

14. Training

JL informed the meeting that training needs for BCD staff had been picked up through PDRs and had now been submitted to Corporate HR and placed on the training matrix.  Discussion took place around the need for a training plan to be created for the staff who would require training on performance once the new structure had been implemented.

15. Outstanding PDRs

BCD PDR return rate on time currently stood at 78% against a Force target of 95%.  Managers were tasked with completing any outstanding PDRs by the end of March. 

16. Health & Safety

It was noted that the BCD Health & Safety Committee were to meet in the afternoon.  Mention was given to the number of outstanding work station assessments and that once new structures were implemented, any staff who moved to a new desk would need to complete a new assessment.

Action 94: JM to circulate the list of outstanding work station assessments to unit managers.

17. Any Other Business

There were six items discussed under any other business:

Conference & Event Registration & Attendance

AW informed the meeting that the above system was now live on the Business Plan site.  He added that JM was the coordinator for this system for BCD and asked all managers to let JM have the details of any conference BCD wished to attend so that the information may be inputted into the system and so that multiple attendance could be reduced.

Keeping In Touch (KIT) Days – CWB

CWB informed the meeting that Tania would soon be coming in for a KIT day for which she must be paid.  AM added that Stacey Hague (part of Performance Team) would be returning from maternity leave in June and would also be coming in for a KIT day soon.

CWB added that it was proposed that her last working day before maternity leave would be 17 May 2011.

Kerry Allen – JD - JD informed the meeting that Kerry had been successful in gaining employment with Sheffield University and that her last working day would be 4 March 2011.

Brigaded Business Support - JL

JL informed the meeting that BCD Business Support had now been brigaded with Corporate HR.  Cover for the role of Office Manager was currently being discussed and JL would circulate details once they were known.  JL added that Dan Cowham would be returning as the Business Support Assistant, which meant the departure of James Hartley on 28 February.  Dan would be working Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday for weeks commencing 14 Feb and 21 Feb, returning full time from 28 February.

HMIC Inspection – AW

AW spoke in relation to the upcoming HMIC inspection which was due to take place on 15 and 16 February.  This inspection followed on from the recent Challenge and Support meeting which took place with CC Hughes.

Jean Leah – AW

AW informed the meeting that this would be JL’s last management meeting.  JL was thanked for all her hard work and wished all the best in her retirement.



Thursday, 10 February, 2011 - 14:45