BCD Management Team Meeting - 12 August 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 12 August 2010

Alan Wilshaw  AW
Alison Oates  AO
Tania Percy  TP
John Dix  JD
Rachael Greenfield RG
Lorraine Rogers LR
Novia Hallows  NH
Daniel Stange  German Police Inspector on visit to SYP

Jennifer Marsh

Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Rik Martin   RM
Geoff McDonald  GMC
Jean Leah   JL
Supt Jason Harwin  JH

1. Welcome & Apologies

AW opened the meeting and apologies were given as above.

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 15 July 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Diamond

It was noted a meeting had taken place yesterday at HQ with all staff who’s role was included as part of the Force wide Performance Management Review.  AW stated that he had spoken with JL’s team and would be speaking with PRU later on today.  It had been highlighted that some confusion on the status of the Redundancy policy, particularly whether or not it had been agreed.  RG undertook to discuss this with Fiona Broadbent to ensure clarification.

Action 48 – RG to discuss clarity for staff regarding formal approval of the the redundancy policy with Fiona Broadbent.

RG informed the meeting that the new role profiles were currently being constructed and that they should be available for staff next week. 

4. Regional Working

AW attended a regional meeting with the other Heads of BCD/CDD to discuss the approach and methodology for regional reviews.  The regional Scientific Support department had been identified as a suitable pilot.  The Heads of BCD/CDD were working together to ensure that a business case was constructed and that business benefits were considered.  The project plan, once complete, would be presented to the regional Chief Constables meeting for consideration.

5. Force Performance

TP reported that the Value for Money draft profiles would be received in Force next week.  It was noted that some of the data required updating and that TP was working with Corporate Human Resources to rectify this.

TP stated that Candy Silver had attended a meeting relating to the Police Report Card.  Discussions were currently taking place on what would be included with the Report and it was hoped that further information would be gained from a meeting scheduled with Supt Stuart Eckford (HMIC) in September.

The Police Authority had now changed their meeting structure so that there would now be monthly PA meetings.  The Police Authority had asked only for exceptional reporting to be brought to this meeting.

A meeting had taken place with Emma Duckett from the Police Authority in relation to YVC surveys across Districts and whether or not they were required.  Emma had undertaken to write a SCT paper on this subject.

TP informed the meeting that the Home Office would be releasing a letter to all Forces stating that the mapping work for the public domain would need to be live for January 2011.

It had been identified that CSD wished to conduct a survey on criminal damage victims.  Steve Bunting had picked this up and was liaising with CSD.  TP added that the Sheffield Service Delivery team had undertaken their own User Satisfaction survey and they had made direct contact with ‘Swift’.  This again had been picked up by Steve Bunting who was addressing the issue.

6. Risk Register

The risk register was discussed as follows:

Risk 2 – AW was to speak with JD to provide an update in time for the CHC

Risk 3 – It was agreed that this risk could be removed from the register and a new, more generic one was to be created

Risk 4 – JD stated that this risk was on all District and Department risk registers.  It was noted that work was ongoing with Kelly Bennett.  JL agreed to circulate the information she had received from Kelly Bennett to BCD_All.  It was suggested that the information also be included in future induction packs.  This risk was to be considered at the next Management Meeting with a view to it being discharged.

Risk 5 – Andrew Leverton had provided the update.  The policy was still not being adhered to by Districts and Departments and so it was a possibility that this risk would be monitored through the strategic risk board and CHC’s if necessary.

Action 49 – JL to circulate the information relating to misuse of Force Information Assets to BCD_All and that information be included in induction packs for new staff to the department

7. GEN/14’s

Two new GEN/14’s had been raised:

Geo-Coding within CMS – Raised by TP.  Gary Williams was currently working on reducing the large backlog of coding.  A letter was expected from the Home Office, which stated that Geo-coding would need to be completed for January 2011.  The GEN/14 would be updated when the Home Office letter was received.

Drug-Driving Test Equipment: Trials prior to national roll-out – Raised by RM.  OSS were currently monitoring this and it was noted that the trial Forces had not yet been identified.

8. Devolved Budgets

AO worked through the Budget Holder Commentary.  If BCD were required to make additional savings it was noted that the budget would stand at an under-spend of £14,000. 


Action 50 – AW to speak with JH to raise a GEN/14 for the risk relating to BCD possibly needing to fund Police Officers assisting with reviews

AO had received a query from Steve Bunting asking who was responsible for funding ad hoc surveys.  AO stated that Districts/Departments requesting the survey should including costings for the work, although there was no policy which stated who was responsible for funding such surveys.  AW undertook to discuss this with Supt Eddie Murphy at a forthcoming meeting.

Action 51 – AW to discuss survey costings with Supt Eddie Murphy

9. HR – 3 Year HR Plan

Sgt Simon Davies had now been moved over into the 3 year BCD HR plan.

10. HR – Sickness


11. HR – Outstanding PDR’s

Outstanding PDR’s were discussed at the BCD QRD last week and actions had been assigned to reduce this number.

12. HR – Training

It was noted that Sgt Simon Davies would be attending a mandatory Personal Safety Training course on 15/16 November 2010.

The next Management Meeting is due to take place on 9 September 2010, 10.30-12.30, Conference Room, Albion House.


Thursday, 12 August, 2010 - 15:00