BCD Management Team Meeting - 12 January 2012

BCD Management Team Meeting - 12th January 2012

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
C/Insp Shelley Hemsley SH
C/Insp Scott Green  SG
Julie McVeigh   JMc
Lorraine Rogers  LR 
Alison Beard   AB
Sally Parkin   SP
Debbie Stones  DS
Russ Hughes    RH
Stacey Hauge   SHa

Kayley Taylor

Erica Redfearn   ER
Jane Walker   JW
John Dix   JD
Rachael Greenfield  RG
Rik Martin   RM
Simon Mottram  SM

1. Welcome & Apologies

JH opened the meeting and apologies were given.

2. Presentations

Views of BCD – ‘New Eyes’

SHa shared her thoughts and observations on BCD. This revolved around:

Reputation and Image
CHC processes
Empowerment of staff

Members highlighted some of these are still legacies.

JH thanked SHa for her honesty and he would review in time with activity.

Action: SG to check who the diamond blog email goes to and possibly circulate on a wider scale.

Action: JH to speak to Eric Murfin and Janine Stockdale and dip into some SDG meetings.

Corporate Health Check

RH advised the group that CHC’s process was quite old and staggered with the same agenda each time, however there is now the emphasis to change that and the aim to continue to ensure good organisational management throughout SYP.

RH went though the aims to improve this.

Agenda setting – whilst SCT can set the agenda they feel there needs to be more sides to this and more input from others

Two Way Process – it is very much a one-way process at the minute, we set agendas and send packs out which does not improve the buy in from districts or departments or improve organisational management.

Need to change the theme of CHC’s from holding people to account to helping and supporting people

Strategic enforcement of CHC conclusions – they have had some good successes, which are never fed back. In addition, there is a lack of interdependencies on one CHC to another.

RH showed a brake down of the recommendations to CHC process and discussions took place.

Action: RH to link in with DS if any risks arise from the processes.

JH added should the Chief check BCD as we see the Deputy on a regular basis and it becomes more of a chat and does it need to be more challenging.

Action: RH to raise with SCT who should check BCD.

Discussions took place around the difference with support and challenge. SG added his opinion is that we need to be more consistent with the checks as the districts have checks that feel more vigorous.  He also asked if anyone doing the CHC’s has any qualifications in continuous improvement as there is staff in the review team that has and he is happy from them to be involved.

Discussions took place about the feedback to the South Yorkshire Policing Board after the CHC’s. SH added she spoke to the Deputy and he does not normally go to that meeting.

JH added it needs to be covered at both Business Support Board and South Yorkshire policing Board, so that all actions come out of the CHC’s are dealt with.

Action: RH to change presentation to reflect the outcome of CHC’s are taken to both Business Support Board and South Yorkshire Policing Board and mention to Mr Holt the changes. Also forward completed presentation to Police Authority

JMc asked how this links in with Audit. RH advised the issues with this should be captured in the agenda setting.

JH also added RH should also link into the Police Authority.

RH advised this new process is due to start in the next round of CHC’s starting with the districts in April, however this needs to be taken to South Yorkshire Policing Board and Business Support Board  first for feedback.

3. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes from the meeting held on 8thth December 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record

4. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

5. Strategic Overview Updates

Diamond Boards

SG updated the group and advised what current reviews taking place.

Ops, Performance & Tasking

SH advised the quarter priorities are due to be reviewed this time around, however the likelihood is that they will remain the same.

SH added an interesting presentation is coming to the next meeting, which could affect us concerning reducing our serious and acquisitive crime. It is about GPS tagging, which is currently being piloted by Hertfordshire Police, whereby people likely to be remanded can take the voluntarily option to be GPS tagged which would exclude them from certain areas they do there offending in. They can also use their movements for intelligence purposes, however there is clearly a cost but Hertfordshire have found it successful.

Corporate Health Checks

JH advised the agenda has come out for our CHC and asked everyone to be sighted on this.

QRD - Actions

QRD actions were discussed, please refer to action schedule

6. Local Priorities

Updates from Unit Heads

This was covered at QRD

BCD Risks

It was noted that the BCD Risk Register was up to date. 

Emerging Risks

JMc advised the group of an emerging risk with regards to Home office data hub. It was discussed and agreed this is will not go on the risk register yet, however SH will take this to the Diamond IT issues meeting to discuss with ISD.

DS added one thing that came out of the BCD internal audit was we need to consider fraud and corruption therefore are there any issues that BCD should be aware of. It was agreed from the meeting that this was not a risk DS confirmed she would write this up.

Action: DS to write up the recommendation that the fraud and corruption issue was discussed at this meeting and agreed not a risk to BCD

7. Emerging issues

Gen 14

DS advised one new GEN 14 from Rik Martin about the new PCC. This is to be taken to Risk Management Board in April.

Transition to PCC

LR advised Mr Holt has read a discussion paper she prepared which just needs one or two extra bits in it and is going to SCT next week.

Actions: LR to discuss with SP about who is going to PCC events and to find out if will we get any formal invites

Business Continuity update

No update

10. BCD Finance

Spend against profile

AB confirmed no change from last time.

Budget savings

AB confirmed savings are on target.

11. BCD HR


No vacancies now - Report Design Unit Officer Role - Richard Nakielny due to Start Monday 16th January


SG advised SH will do welfare visit with Jackie Clayton.


Outstanding PDR’s were discussed and are being chased up.

WL/Flexi time

Discussions took place around flexi time issues and policies.

Action: RH to discus with Carol Moore our position and the force position concerning the booking off process on GRS for part time workers when it’s a bank holiday etc. In addition, confirm the stance on the flexi time force policy.

Action: Command Team to keep a check on the HR data to reduce repeat offenders.


Outstanding AA1s were discussed and JH advised these need chasing urgently.


Action: All if any training requirements are needed bring to next meeting.

12. Good Work Nominations

SH suggested a member of her team. JH advised he thinks this individual is worthy of a department commendation.

13. AOB

LR advised Staffordshire fire service have invited them to a bench marking opportunity on the 7th February 2012 which herself and John are attending, and asked the group if they want to ask anything to feedback to LR by the 30th January 2012.

DS advised she will do some digging on Windsor and look into the potential risks.

Action; JMc to link with Caroline England Woodcock about possible candidates for the force award ceremonies.

JH discussed force aware ceremonies and advised JMc to think about possible nominations

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 8th February 201


Thursday, 12 January, 2012 - 14:45