BCD Management Team Meeting - 12 May 2011

BCD Management Team Meeting - 12 May 2011

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Jane Walker   JW
Julie McVeigh   JMc
Rachael Greenfield  RG 
C/Insp Scott Green  SG
John Dix   JD
C/Insp Adrian Moran  AM
Insp Shelley Hemsley  SH
Lorraine Rogers  LR 
Rik Martin   RM
Caroline England-Woodcock CEW
Bex Brady   BB

Jennifer Marsh

Alison Oates   AO
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Novia Hallows   NH
Simon Mottram  SM

1. Welcome & Apologies

JH opened the meeting and apologies were given as above. 

2. Demand Profile Calendar

BB presented the demand profile calendar, which will provide an overview of BCD demands and commitments.  It was agreed that it needed to remain simple and easy to update.  JH thanked BB for her work to date.  BB was asked to circulate the document for further review by attendees.

Action 102:  BB to circulate demand document for comments

3. Minutes from Previous Meeting

One minor amendment from minutes from the meeting held on 14 April 2011 – page 4 should read RM informed the meeting that his unit were streamlining policies.

4. Action Schedule


RG provided updates on PDRs, sickness, W/L and flexi time performance.  There were no outstanding late PDRs and JH thanked attendees for their efforts with this.  These efforts must remain.  It was noted that sickness was below the Force average.

There were a small number of staff that on Oracle had not completed the AA1 requirement.  RG added that three Officers were out of date with personal safety training.

Action 103: RG to circulate list of persons shown as not completing the AA1 requirement

Action 104: RG to ensure the three Officers are booked on personal safety courses

AM queried policy for Christmas leave.  It was agreed that it needed to be fair with a consistent approach required.

Action 105: LR/SG to review their portfolio’s staff leave requirements and then bring back for discussion with JH

Flexi time performance and W/L required attention and plans to reduce.

Action 106: JM to circulate flexi data to Management Team

6. Strategic Overview Updates

Ops Commanders

This meeting had now been combined with the Local Policing Board.

Other Meetings

General updates were provided from other meetings.

BCD Health & Safety Meeting

A discussion took place around BCD’s health and safety meeting and opportunities to combine with other departments structure.  JH agreed this should take place.

Action 107: JH to align BCD health and safety meeting to the health and safety meetings chaired by JW

7. Local Priorities

TENS system reviewed to check action against priorities and it was noted that there were no issues at this time.

Risks were reviewed and again activity was ongoing.  A discussion then took place about 2 new risks around service delivery.

Action 108: AM and LR to draft action plan to address risks and bring to the next management meeting.

BCD Intranet

CEW updated the meeting about progress of the change.  RM asked that the department be kept updated when changes were taking place to reduce other enquires.

8. Emerging Issues


It was noted that there had been no new GEN/14s submitted.  JD updated the meeting regarding outstanding GEN/14s from which there were no issues.

Performance Unit/Statistics New Name

A discussion took place regarding the name of the new performance and statistics department.  The new unit to be named Performance & Governance Unit.  JH asked if any had any further feedback then this could be discussed outside the meeting.

Forthcoming HMIC Inspection

JMc updated the meeting regarding next weeks data quality inspection.

New Force HQ – BCD Implication

JH updated the meeting regarding the new HQ and the impact upon BCD.

Police Risk Management Audit

JD updated the meeting regarding the forthcoming risk management audit.

Action 109: JH to email District/Department heads regarding the risk management audit.

Impact of Election Results & Introduction of PCC

RM provided an update on the above.  JH asked RM to contact District Commanders to discuss actual threat and opportunities from the election.

Action 110: RM to contact District Commanders to understand local impact of recent elections.

Reinstatment of AGU Workstations Post Recent 'Flood'

JMc highlighted the ongoing problem awaiting ISD confirming use of the workstations affected by a water leak.

Action 111. JW to speak to ISD to resolve the issue.


JH outlined the proposed agenda for the meeting and asked for any items to be passed to JH as soon as possible.

9. BCD Finance

JW gave a brief update to the meeting.  At this time the department were showing a small under-spend, however, it was early in the financial year.

10. Good Work Nominations

This was to be discussed at the upcoming BCD QRD.

11. AOB

JD updated the meeting on a proposed initiative from staff within his unit, looking at risk and business continuity workshops.  The proposal was supported and JD will provide further details at a future meeting.







Thursday, 12 May, 2011 - 14:45