BCD Management Team Meeting - 14 April 2011

BCD Management Team Meeting - 14 April 2011

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Rachael Greenfield  RG 
Novia Hallows   NH
Julie McVeigh   JMc
Shelley Hemsley  SH
John Dix   JD
Caroline England-Woodcock CEW
Jane Walker   JW
Lorraine Rogers  LR (Chair)
Rik Martin   RM
Simon Mottram  SM

Jennifer Marsh

Alison Oates   AO
Adrian Moran   AM

1. Welcome & Apologies

JH opened the meeting and apologies were given as above. 

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 10 March 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

4. Strategic Overview

Ops Commanders

JH informed the meeting that Ops Commanders was now taking place immediately before the Local Policing Board and that there was the potential for it to merge with the Local Policing Board.  ACC Holt had informed Districts of the targets set which had also been included in the Ops Performance & Tasking document.  All unit managers were tasked with reading this document.

Action 97: All unit managers to read the most recent Ops Performance & Tasking Document

Professional Standards Committee

LR informed the meeting that she had recently attended the Professional Standards Committee chaired by DCC Dyson and that she had circulated an email to BCD Management with updates.

5. Local Priorities

Activity Against Priorities – PDRs

It was noted that there were to date 3 outstanding PDRs, which placed BCD at an 85% return rate on time.  Comment was made to improvements being made throughout the department, with thanks expressed to JM for her ongoing work in this area.

Activity Against Priorities – Regional Working

JH informed the meeting that he and Alan Wilshaw had recently met with regional Heads of BCD/CDD to consider areas for potential collaboration.

Activity Against Risks

JD informed the meeting that there were a few gaps, but that this would be addressed for the next meeting.  It was agreed that the TENS system would be up on the screen at the next management meeting.


JD stated that there had been no new GEN/14s since 10 March.  RM added that no new major national risks had been identified.

GRS Update

JW informed the meeting that the GRS team were now located at Albion House and that the team could potentially be moving to Nunnery Square in June/July.  It was noted that not all staff lists were correct and unit heads were tasked to supply JW with details of their units so that GRS could be accurate.

Action 98: Unit managers to email details of their units to JW so that GRS could be updated and accurate

Olympic Leave

JH stated that Police Staff could book leave over the Olympic period, although no direction had yet been received for Police Officers.

Bill Board Article

JH informed the meeting that BCD had been selected to provide an article for the June edition of Bill Board and that he was due to meet with Adam Oxley to consider potential articles including:

The new performance structure
A BCD Overview
Streamlining / Reducing bureaucracy

Conference Attendance Policy

JH reiterated that any requests to attend a conference should be considered by the management team and if approved placed on the conference register.

Department Demand Profile – Calendar of Events/Activity

It was felt there was the need for a 12 month plan which incorporated each unit within BCD.  CWB stated that Bex Brady was currently developing a calendar for the Performance team and so it was agreed for JH to speak with Bex to complete a department wide demand calendar.

Action 99: JH to speak with Bex Brady regarding the development of a department demand calendar

Forthcoming HMIC Inspections

It was noted that SYP were expecting a letter in relation to a Crime and Incident Recording inspection and so Candy Silver had been tasked to start to compile information in readiness and the Audit and Governance Unit had completed some baselines.

In addition, there was to be an inspection on Serious Crime with the first phase being a desk review.  The team had been tasked with interviewing Force leads and identifying good practice.

6. Risks from BCD QRD

The risks identified at the recent BCD QRD and been collated, typed and grouped together by JD and Debbie Stones and it was felt that the risks fell into two main areas:

Short term
Medium to long term

The meeting was split into two groups to complete a bow tie to work through the risks and to identify any mitigation.

Action 100: LR and AM to comeback to the next meeting with completed bow ties

7. Department Performance

Vacancies / Recruitment

RG informed the meeting that she was chasing up vetting levels for some positions in the new structure and that cover for CWB’s maternity was being arranged.

8. Good Work Nominations

JH said that he would liaise with Eric Mirfin (in his role in the SDG) to discuss this topic.

9. Any Other Business

BCD Equipment

JW informed the meeting that she had received a list of BCD’s laptops, Blackberrys etc from Dan Cowham.  JW was to task Dan to collate the information to establish what equipment each member of staff had.

Action 101: JW to task Dan Cowham to collate the information relating to equipment to establish what each member of staff had

BCD Policies

RM informed the meeting that Sylvia was currently streamlining BCD’s policies, in line with the Policy review.



Thursday, 14 April, 2011 - 15:00