BCD Management Team Meeting - 14 October 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 14 October 2010

Alan Wilshaw   AW
Alison Oates   AO
Geoff McDonald  GMC
Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Jean Leah   JL
John Dix   JD
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Rik Martin   RM

Jennifer Marsh

Novia Hallows   NH
Rachael Greenfield  RG
Lorraine Rogers  LR

1. Welcome & Apologies

AW opened the meeting and apologies were given as above.

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 9 September 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record, with one minor amendment being made to the Devolved Budget section.  The £2,000 under spend should read £22,000.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

4. Diamond

An issue raised for discussion was the need for lesson learned to be incorporated into future Diamond reviews.  AW asked for a progress report on the Diamond review methodology approach, where, for example, all reports are formatted in the same style, consultation stages are agreed and input intervals from HR in relation to populating role profiles and other documentation. 

Action 52:  JH undertook to complete a Diamond Review methodology approach in time for the next Management Meeting.

AW added that the capacity of HR to support reviews was recently discussed at the Diamond Programme Board and that DCC Dyson had agreed to look into options around this.

JH informed the meeting that he was currently involved in work with HRD in organising ‘Leading Change’ workshops.  He added that a meeting was to take place on 27 October to select the provider of these workshops.  The course would be available to supervisors across the Force.  JL added that she had circulated an email to her staff (bands A-C) in relation to the workshop being held on 15 November, organised by the Women’s Network.  She asked that managers encourage their staff to attend as this would provide them with tools and skills to assist with possible review outcomes.

AW stated that a broader awareness of business benefits was required across the Force and it was agreed that approaches would be put in place to support this.  AW added that business benefits would be used to prioritise areas for review.  In addition, BCD had agreed to undertake a business benefits evaluation in support of the CJAD restorative justice programme.

JD referred to the business benefits presentation that was recently delivered at Niagara and suggested that could be used as an introduction to business benefits for all relevant staff.  It was agreed that it should first be delivered to Business Managers, Personnel Managers and Operational Management Accountants potentially at an upcoming Risk Management workshop.

It was noted that on 20 October 2010, an announcement would be made in relation to the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).  AW stated that the full detail of the CSR would not be clear for the Police service until early December.  It was agreed that RM would focus on capturing the key headline issues from the announcement as Nigel Hiller was possibly the person who would conduct a financial impact assessment when the announcement had been made.

Action 53: AW was to discuss the possible impact of the announcement and how this could be addressed with Nigel Hiller.

5. Regional Working

AW reported that regional work was underway to identify 25% in line with the Deloitte report.  Work on Scientific Support, Vehicle Fleet and Procurement had begun as the ‘fast track’ areas.  Reporting on all areas would commence in November.

AW was in the process of arranging a meeting with the regional Forces heads of BCD/CDD to look at current internal reviews and the options of migrating to a regional BCD/CDD particularly work relating to business continuity and risk management.

JD added that he was meeting with business benefits practitioners from the regional Forces in order to share best practice.  Eric Mirfin was working in a similar way with the business continuity practitioners in each of the regional Forces, with Northumbria and Cleveland Police also being involved.

JD reported that the next ALARM Forum was to take place at the beginning of November and that he had arranged a meeting with the regional Forces Risk Managers after this.  Work in each Force would be looked at to establish similarities and differences.  It was noted that Humberside were the only other Force in the region who had the TENS risk management software.

6. Force Performance

CWB provided updates on the following:

Force Performance Summary – Circulated to all Managers (copies available on PRU intranet site)

Value for Money Profiles – Not yet published, but likely to be after the CSR announcement on 20 October

Target Setting – Difficult to set as no direction had been received from Central Government to date, in terms of areas of performance where we would be measured and the outcome of the CSR.  Discussion at the recent Northern Forces Performance meeting had highlighted the same frustrations

Protective Services – CWB had received a call from HMIC who were to send her an email on measures on Protective Services

Cultural Audit & User Satisfaction Survey – Work was ongoing with CSD to progress actions

JL agreed to circulate notes from the Technical Advisory Group on Performance and HMIC Inspections to attendees, which she had received from Claire Sykes.

Action 54: JL to circulate the notes from the Technical Advisory Group on Performance and HMIC Inspections to attendees.

CWB provided handouts to the meeting taken from the process proposals within the Performance Review.  These demonstrated a new prioritisation process that would improve the service provided throughout the Force.  The process involved various units within BCD and the Force Intelligence Bureau, which would lead to improved focus of CHC’s and Performance visits.  It was agreed that this would be put in place with immediate effect. 

Action 55: CWB undertook to arrange a meeting with JD to discuss the new process

7. Business Plan

The business plan was reviewed and it was noted that all projects were updated.  Reference was made to the GEN/14 being written by Bev Emmett in relation to the incompatibility of business plan software and the Documentum system.  A further issue identified was that SYP only had licences for 2000 users, not one for everyone in Force.  It was agreed that JD would assist Bev in developing the GEN/14 to take all issues discussed into account.

Action 56: JD to further develop the GEN/14 relating to business plan software and Documentum with Bev

Action 57: CWB was to add the work being undertaken on restorative justice to the business plan

Action 58: JD was to add the collaborative working being undertaken in relation to risk management and business continuity to the business plan

8. Risk Register

JD reported that there were no risks due to be reviewed at this meeting.  It was discussed and agreed that the existing risk ‘Ability of BCD to deliver an effective service’ would be reviewed by AW and JD outside of the meeting.

A new risk was identified in relation to conflicting IT issues which were having a direct impact on BCD systems.  JD was to add this new risk to the register.

Action 59: JD to add the risk of IT systems affecting BCD onto the risk register

Discussion took place around support for managers who were leading staff currently under review.  It was noted that the Leading Change workshops would assist with this.  AW agreed to discuss with Rachael Greenfield options for supporting staff in terms of interview skills.

Action 60: AW to speak with Rachael Greenfield regarding options for supporting/providing staff with interview skills training/knowledge

9. GEN/14s

One new GEN/14 had been raised by Caroline Rollitt in relation to Review of the Safer Rotherham Partnership CCTV Function.  JD reported that he was to speak with Caroline regarding this GEN/14.

Mention was made of the model to assist Districts and Departments to identify saving opportunities and priorities.  This was to be progress by JL and LR on LRs return from annual leave.

JD reported that there were many risks around the sale of West Bar, eg. The ID suite, CJAD property etc.  Debbie Stones was pulling together all the risks relating to West Bar for these to be monitored.  It was noted that staff were projected to move from West Bar by 7 December 2010.

10. Devolved Budgets

AO provided copies of the Budget Holder Commentary to attendees.  Key items to note were:

Budget Saving Plan - The plan was required for early December – although the level of savings needed to be made were not yet known.  Work undertaken on BCD futures would assist with this, and currently demonstrated that we could meet year 1 savings and potentially year 2, but year 3 and 4 would require radical change (on estimated savings figures).

Carry Forward – The Police Authority had not yet made a decision on this and had deferred it to the ‘Task & Finish Group’.  AW added that he would be attending a PA budget underspend monitoring group to assist from a governance perspective.

Diamond – A budget for 2011 needed to be set.  SCT had agreed the funding of Diamond, although no formal budget had been set.

Under-Spend – The BCD under-spend currently stood at £21,821, which represented less than 1% of BCD’s annual budget.

Action 61: A meeting was to be arranged as soon after the CSR announcement for AW, AO, JL, JH, GMC and LR to revisit the budget saving figures

11. HR Issues

3 Year HR Plan

It was noted that the 3 year HR Plan for BCD was now included within the Business Plan as required.

Staff Welfare for those on Long Term Absence

Two members of staff were currently on long-term absence from work.

JL reported that AA1 forms (Diversity monitoring forms) were now being completed in line with PDRS. 


JL informed the meeting that Rachael Greenfield was addressing any training requirements for BCD staff from their PDRs.

Sickness Absence

The current level of sickness absence remained positive, standing at 0.51 for police staff and 0.00 for police officers for this month.

Outstanding PDRs

JL handed out a list of outstanding PDRs (provided by Rachael Greenfield).  The return rate on time currently stood at 81%, which was an improvement, but still below the Force target.  Keeley Smith had been tasked with creating a further monitoring process to ensure continued improvement.

Health & Safety

Discussion took place around the leak in the roof in PRU area of Albion.  It was noted that the roofers along with the insurers had been to examine the problem.  Noted that timescales had been drawn out due to Albion House being a leased building.  Andy Helowicz, in the H & S department, had received regular updates on the situation from Keeley Smith, who was thanked by the management team for the excellent work she undertook to resolve the issue, both in terms of the building issue and arranging for staff affected to utilise other workstations.

The management team also wished to recognise the flexibility demonstrated by affected members of staff in PRU, which was greatly appreciated.

AO informed the meeting that she had been made aware that SCS had received a considerable bill for restoring Suite 4 to its original state.  This would be something BCD would need to consider on eventual transfer of BCD to a new Force HQ.  It was noted that the extent of alteration within the BCD suite had been minimal when compared with the SCS suite.

12. Any Other Business

CWB informed the meeting that she had received an email from HMIC in relation to street level crime mapping.  A workshop was to take place at Ryton on 27 October and it was agreed that David Wilson (PRU) should attend this critical workshop. 

RM raised the Policing in the 21st Century paper.  It was now expected that this would not be enacted until late 2011.


Thursday, 14 October, 2010 - 11:15