BCD Management Team Meeting - 15 July 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 15 July 2010

Diamond Project Updates – Supt Jason Harwin

Centralised Management of Performance - A meeting took place last week with Unions to discuss the proposal and wider diamond issues.  From that discussion Fiona Broadbent had a plan in place to communicate the next steps of the Performance Management Review to staff.

Statistics Review – Attended a meeting with DCC Dyson, the Review Sponsor, with a further meeting with stakeholders to take place soon.

Policy Review – Current in the early stages of the review.  A reporting date of 6th September had been scheduled.

HR & Finance Review – There were currently 3 elements to this; regional working; the work being conducted by Sally Black; and the work looking into transactional work being centralised.  It was noted that the SRT were currently process mapping the finance side of the review.

Conferences – Currently awaiting the implementation of a central computer system to administer conference attendance which would be managed by SCT Secretariat.

Rail and Travel – Staff had been advised to no longer use Alhambra.  The initial report was to be presented at the Diamond Programme Board.

Essential and Casual User Allowance – RM was tasked to check that the new policy had been published.  (NB – RM confirmed later in meeting that the new policy had been published and circulated).

Hospitality – This was soon to become Force Policy and it was stated that any meeting lasting less than two hours with SYP staff in attendance only, then no hospitality would be provided.

Subsistence & Packed Meals – This was to be presented to SCT for decision.

Force Performance Update – Tania Percy

It was noted that the new BCS results were to be published today.

In light of the Confidence Target and the Policing Pledge being removed by the new Government it had been agreed that SYP would maintain its own commitment to the public.  A SCT paper on this was being written by CWB and Supt Eddie Murphy.

Andrew Leverton had recently attended a national conference in relation to surveys and the national picture.  He had noted that a Policing Policy paper would be presented at the end of the month with proposals on how to look at performance.  Tania added that although confidence target had been removed, Police Forces would still be inspected on it in some way.

SYP had received a letter from HMIC stating that the staffing by function data return was not accurate and that SYP needed to rectify this and resubmit the data.  Tania stated that this would not be possible due to many issues, including the data quality of Oracle.  The data required by HMIC was to be used in the next value for money profile, which was due to be released in September.

Christine reported that she had recently attended a priority setting meeting with the Police Authority and had suggested that SYP propose some priorities and provide this list to Members to select priorities which they feel the public want.  The results of this could then be discussed at a Police Authority meeting.

BCD Business Plan

The Business Plan was reviewed in the meeting.  Discussion took place on all items on the Plan and it was agreed that the following items could be removed from the Plan:

Workforce Modernisation Review

Risk Register

The risk relating to surveys (raised by Andrew Leverton) was now on the BCD risk register.  Debbie confirmed that she was to liaise with Andrew to look at potential control measures to mitigate the risk in addition to the Survey Policy.  It was suggested by the meeting that the Survey Policy be reviewed and re-marketed to the Force.


A new GEN/14 had been raised by Mary Verity relating to establishment control and that support staff were leaving and Districts were unable to fill posts.  It had been agreed that this risk would appear on all risk registers as this was a risk across the Force.  John had spoken with Mary and had updated the GEN/14 with suggestion to use Business Continuity plans if required.  The meeting suggested that this be presented at the Diamond Board.


Jean went through Budget Holder Commentary.  Items of note were:

The special carry forward over 5% had not yet been agreed by the Police Authority

BCD were currently below meeting the vacancy factor target, but it was noted that changes in the department and outcomes of reviews would affect this.  
The under-spend in the Mobile Information Project was discussed 


Jean informed the meeting that BCD were well below the Force target for sickness.
It was noted that from the 1st August Christine would be back in her full time role, with Steve Bunting taking up the post of Deputy.  Andrew and Tania were back in their substantive roles and Christine wished to thank them for all of their hard work and effort.


Force Awards – Jason stated that he had attended a meeting with DCC Dyson to look at the Force Awards structure.  Jason had circulated a document and asked for the management team to provide feedback on the document as soon as possible.

CHC’s – Jean asked managers to ensure that any actions assigned to them were updated and completed in time for the BCD CHC.


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