BCD Management Team Meeting - 18 March 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 18 March 2010

Superintendant Jason Harwin  Diamond Lead
Andrew Leverton    Acting PRU Manager (Surveys)
Geoff McDonald   Business Assurance Manager
Jean Leah   Corporate Assessment Manager
Lorraine Rogers   Business Change Manager
Rik Martin   Policy & Planning Manager
Deborah Stones   Business Change Officer

Alan Wilshaw   Business Change Director
Christine Wilson-Bolton  Performance Management Review Lead
Chief Inspector Eddie Murphy  Citizen Focus Lead
John Dix    Business Control Manager
Novia Hallows   Force Crime Registrar
Tania Percy   Acting PRU Manager (Strategic Lead)

Jennifer Marsh (JM)

1. Welcome & Apologies

Superintendant Harwin opened the first BCD Management meeting and gave apologies as above.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

There were no previous minutes as this was the first BCD Management meeting.

3. Outstanding Actions

There were no outstanding actions as this was the first BCD Management meeting.

4. Strategic Overview

4.1 – Diamond

Superintendant Harwin reported that some of the reviews being carried out under Diamond could have a potential impact on BCD.  These reviews were:

HR and Finance Review
Capability and Capacity Review on BCD
Performance Management Review
Statistics Review

4.2 – Regional Working

Superintendant Harwin reported that consultants had now been appointed by the region to complete a 10-week review.  It was believed that the consultants would be visiting each Force in the region to meet key stakeholders. 

Action 1 – JH to report on regional working to the BCD Management Meeting from the update meetings held with Claire Sykes

4.3 – Force Performance

Andrew Leverton reported to the meeting that the Police Report Card would continue to be updated when new data was received.  The Police Report Card showed that SYP were performing well and were improving.  Superintendant Harwin suggested that this be reported to staff as a good news story at the next BCD General meeting.

Action 2 – Police Report Card good news story to be raised at the next BCD General Meeting by Superintendant Harwin

Andrew Leverton added that target setting for 2010/2011 had been ratified with the Police Authority on 5th March.  Andrew Leverton added that SYP were now in the final year of the 3 year target setting schedule and that sanction detection targets for serious acquisitive crime had risen from 22% to 24%.  It was noted that the Police Authority had set a target of reducing overtime for SYP by 5%.

5. Local Priorities

5.1 – Business Plan

Rik Martin reminded the meeting that Bev Emmett had sent email out asking for project updates.  It was noted that Bev Emmett was in the process of migrating projects from the Project Reporting System to Business Plans.  Superintendant Harwin said that any Diamond projects being lead by BCD must have an entry on Business Plan and ensure that it was updated.  Superintendant Harwin said that the Diamond Programme Board (chaired by DCC Dyson) took updates from Business Plans.  Projects lead by BCD would be discussed in Diamond Tasking and updated at the Diamond Programme Review and Implementation Group ready for the Diamond Programme Board.

Action 3 – It was agreed to invite Bev Emmett to the next BCD Management meeting

The meeting then worked through the BCD Business Plan.  The plan was discussed as follows:

Your Voice Counts – Action 4 - Andrew Leverton was to update on the project today

Citizen Focus – Action 5 - Chief Inspector Eddie Murphy was to update on the project

Customer Focus – Action 6 - It was agreed to write off this project and place a new project on the Business Plan named Futures

Online Surveys – Action 7 – Andrew Leverton was to write off this project as it was now day to day business.

Cultural Audit – Ongoing as feedback and results are to be completed

Performance Management Review – Ongoing, due to report soon

Crime Mapping – Action 8 - Andrew Leverton to liaise with Tania Percy for her to write this project off as it was now business as usual.

APACS (Novia Hallows) – Action 9 - Rik Martin was to speak with Bev Emmett on this

APACS (Tania Percy) – Action 10 - Andrew Leverton to liaise with Tania Percy for her to write this project off as it had now been replaced with the Police Report Card and was business as usual.

Impact/PND – It was agreed to keep this on the Business Plan.  Action 11 - Novia Hallows was to update on the project

IT System – Action 12 - Novia Hallows was to update on the project

Data Provision to Department of Transport – Action 13 - Novia Hallows was to update on the project

Mobile Information Programme – Action 14 - Superintendant Harwin was to update on the project

Operational Resilience – Superintendant Harwin said that this project was still active.  Superintendant Harwin was to meet with DCC Dyson next week to write off this project.  Action 15 - Superintendant Harwin was to update on the project

LASOS – Action 16 - Andrew Leverton to liaise with Tania Percy for her to write this project off as it was now business as usual.

Staff Survey – It was noted that this was now a Corporate Health Check action.  Action 17 – Andrew Leverton to write off this project.

Workforce Modernisation Review – Action 18 - Superintendant Harwin to write off this project

Statistics Department Review – Action 19 - Lorraine Rogers to update on this project

Comprehensive Area Assessment – Action 20 - Alan Wilshaw to update on this project

Equality Standards – Action 21 - Alan Wilshaw to update on this project

Business Plan Development – All updates had been entered for this project

It was discussed and agreed that if something became normal day to day business that it could be removed from the BCD Business Plan.  The Business Plan should be used to capture work that is extra to normal day to day business requiring resource or a change in the way we work.

Action 22 – BCD Business Plan to be updated as set out above.

Action 23 – RM to meet with Bev Emmett to ensure projects on the BCD Business Plan is up to date

Debbie Stones asked if the purchases of the Business Continuity Software and the Risk Management Software should be included on the Business Plan.  It was agreed that they should have been, but it was no longer relevant to include them on the Business Plan at this stage.  Lorraine Rogers said that it if kept up to date and relevant it would be a good thing to show external inspectors where all information is in one place.  Jean Leah added that a discussion was needed regarding Business Plans and how business benefits would be captured and recorded.  Geoff McDonald suggested a column be added to the Business Plan to see where work progresses (Business Change Board or Diamond Board).

5.2 – Risk Register

Force Performance Issues – Had been reviewed and Chief Constable Hughes was happy with the current situation.  It had been agreed that this would be reviewed again in September.

Ensure Ability of BCD to Continue to Deliver and Effective Product – Superintendant Harwin suggested that the title be altered to caputure ‘ensure capacity to deliver’.  Debbie Stones agreed to alter the title.  It was also agreed to use the existing preventative controls as an agenda item for the BCD futures meeting.

BCD Performance is at Risk due to the Workloads currently being experienced in Statistics – Lorraine Rogers reported that an internal consultation had taken place with Statistics staff and attended by Glynn Boyington and Rachel Greenfield on 2nd March.  Statistics staff were presented with a summary of all the review recommendations along with the preferred structure.  The staff had been allocated 2 weeks to look at the recommendations and proposed structure.  Feedback from this process was to be collated on 24th March and this would then be reviewed.

The Comprehensive Area Assessment – This was on the strategic risk register

Failure to Prevent the Misuse of Force Information Assets – This was on the strategic risk register and Chief Constable Hughes had requested that this risk be placed on all risk registers in Force.  It was agreed this would be raised at the next General Meeting.  It was suggested that this could be taken to Operational Commanders to ensure that the risk had been added to risk registers was known by management teams. 

Action 24 – JH to raise the Failure to Prevent Misuse of Force Information Assets at Operational Commanders.

Action 25 – BCD Risk Register to be updated as set out above

Action 26 – Debbie Stones to invite Neil Jessop to attend a general meeting to deliver a presentation on Failure to prevent.

5.3 – Performance Review

A framework for BCD was yet to be implemented as BCD were awaiting the outcome of Christine Wilson-Bolton’s review on Performance Management to be completed. 

Action 27 – Alan Wilshaw to start work to develop the BCD performance structure in line with the Performance Review recommendations

5.4 – GEN/14s

Geoff McDonald went through the current live GEN/14s, which included:

Working Excessive Hours (potential for liability) – Raised by Simon Mottram as there currently was no policy for this risk.  Simon Mottram was due to meet with Theresa Searl to discuss legal implications and then with Chief Constable Hughes.  The GEN/14 went to the Risk Management Board on 2nd March 2010 and Chief Constable Hughes requested that this risk be included on the strategic risk register.  It was agreed that this risk would be monitored through the strategic Risk Board.  Jean Leah asked if  occupational health had been made aware of this risk.  Action 28 -Debbie Stones agreed to send the GEN/14 to Sharon Whitehouse at Occupational Health.

Statutory Data Collection of Stop and Account after 1st April 2010 – Raised by Novia Hallows who was currently dealing with this.  BCD were currently relying on ISD to prioritise this work.  Action 29 - Superintendant Harwin agreed to speak with ISD regarding this matter.

People Resourcing – Raised by Lorraine Booth who was currently dealing with this.  Debbie Stones informed the meeting that there used to be two risks on the register (Resilience and Workforce Modernisation) which went to the Board where both were closed and a new risk (People Resourcing) was raised by Lorraine Booth. 

Replacement and Maintenance of the ANPR Infrastructure – Raised by CI Male.  The original infrastructure was acquired through grant funded from the Home Office, but this was no longer the case.  It was noted that this risk was on the strategic risk register and Chief Constable Hughes had asked for a SCT paper to be completed and this would then be reviewed at the next Risk Management Board.

Total Place – Raised by Insp Jon Johnson.  Superintendant Harwin explained that Total Place looked at local partners (Council, Police, Fire Service) to pool together funding and set priorities together.  There were overlaps with CAA and the Productivity Framework.  Action 30 - It was agreed this would be added to the Futures agenda.

Safe and Confident Neighbourhoods Strategy – Raised by Rik Martin.   It was agreed Rik Martin would send a copy of the GEN/14 to Chief Inspector Iain Chorlton.

Community Engagement Matrix– Raised by Anand Birji.  The GEN/14 states that some information gathered by Districts and Departments is not MOPI compliant and suggest that a working group be established along with a Force database to capture this kind of information.  Superintendant Harwin agreed to raise this at the CSD Capability and Capacity Meeting on 29th March.

Action 31  – The GEN/14s above to actioned as set out above.

5.5 – Partnership Register

Rik Martin reminded the meeting that he had circulated an email which included the definition of a partnership and asking staff to respond to Bev Emmett if they had any updates on partnership. 

Action 32  – To be discussed at BCD QRD.

5.6 – CHC February 2010 Feedback / Actions

There were three live actions from the CHC:

BCD09 – Development of Project Planning and Preparation.  It was agreed this would be discussed at the BCD QRD.  Action 33 – To be added to the BCD QRD agenda.

BCD12 – Staff Survey.  It was agreed Andrew Leverton needed to conduct some investigatory work.  Action 34 – Andrew Leverton to continue working on this.

BCD13 – Futures Group (Force).  Jean Leah recalled that a meeting had been held a while ago, but no further meetings had taken place.  It was agreed that Alan Wilshaw would look into this.  Action 35 – Alan Wilshaw to look into the Force Futures Group.

Action 36  – It was agreed that the new issues for BCD (see BCD CHC Feedback document) would be discussed at the next BCD QRD. 

Action 37  – Kelly Bennett to be invited to the next BCD QRD to deliver a presentation on ISAs.

6. Finance

6.1 – Devolved Budgets

Jean Leah reported that the Budget Holders Commentary (BHC) due to be published on the BCD Business Plan, but due to unforeseen circumstances, March’s BHC had not yet been published.  Jean Leah encouraged unit managers to read the BHC.  Jean Leah said that the a sheet was being developed for non pay budget which would be circulated to unit manager to see their units spend.  It was suggested this could potentially be a Force template.  Jean Leah confirmed that BCD’s devolved budgets had now been profiled for 2010. 

Action 38   – Devolved Budgets to be discussed at BCD QRD lead by Jean Leah.

6.2 – Efficiencies

BCD were currently on target for achieving this years efficiency target.  Work was ongoing to sett next years targets.

Action 39  – Efficiency targets to be discussed at BCD QRD lead by Jean Leah.

6.3 – Budget Savings

BCD were satisfactory for this year.  It was noted that changes needed to be made next year.

6.4 – Any Other Finance Items

Jean Leah said that BCD were in a period of change and so things were changing daily.

7. HR

7.1 – 3 Year HR Plan

Jean Leah reported that the plan was completed last year and was meeting with Rachael Greenfield today to discuss it.  It was noted that it was difficult to write a 3 year plan as people move/join the department throughout the year.

7.2 – Staff Welfare for those on Long Term Absences

Geoff McDonald reported that Jackie Clayton had got a hospital appointment this week and so would visit her after the hospital appointment.

Jean Leah reported that Tim Wright was back working full time hours this week, but not completing full time work.  Tim Wright’s role had been changed to be a CHC officer on a full time basis as he was struggling to meet deadlines associated with HMIC work.

7.3 – Diversity

Jean Leah informed the meeting that details on diversity were contained within the BHC.

7.4 – Training (mandatory and other)

BCD had been allocated £7000 for training this year and so far £6125 was spoken for.  A new process had been put in place were bids now had to be submitted for any training.  The bids for the first quarter bids had now been submitted.  Any bids from staff in BCD should be sent to Jean Leah.  The quarterly training meeting was due to take place on 19th April.

7.5 – Sickness Absence

Jean Leah reported that BCD were below the Force target of 0.7 at the end of February  0.5.  There had been a total of 26 days sick for BCD for February, two of which were certified.

7.6 – Outstanding PDR’s

The Force target was 95% and BCD were currently at 83%.  It was agreed this would be discussed a BCD QRD.  It was noted that this would be brought up in future CHCs. 

Action 40  – BCD PDRs to be discussed at the BCD QRD.

7.7 – Health & Safety

Jean Leah said that BCD were currently waiting for Landlord to address some building issues.  First aiders and Fire Wardens needed to be looked into as some staff who were leaving BCD had this training.

7.8 – Any Other HR Items

There were no other HR items to be discussed.

8. Any Other Business

8.1 – Andrew Leverton

Raised a concern over surveys being carried out outside of the PRU process, which could have an impact on Force performance as well as BCD.  It was agreed that Andrew Leverton should complete a GEN/14 for this risk and it could then be progressed at Operational Commanders and the policy could be reviewed if required.

Action 41  – Andrew Leverton complete a GEN/14 for the survey risk. 

8.2 – Jean Leah

Jean Leah asked if any progress had been made in relation to conferences.  Superintendant Harwin reported that Sergeant Simon Owens was still working on this.  Superintendant Harwin added that he had made contact with Sergeant Simon Owens and was awaiting feedback.

8.3 – Rik Martin

Rik Martin reported that there could potentially be some changes to the Crime and Security Bill with regards to the DNA proposals set out in the Bill.  It was felt that the General Election would be held on 6th May.

8.4 – Superintendant Harwin

Superintendant Harwin asked the group how information from this meeting would be delivered to BCD staff.

Action 42  – Communication to be discussed at the BCD QRD.

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next management meeting was due to be held on 29th April 2010.


Thursday, 18 March, 2010 - 11:15