BCD Management Team Meeting - 18 November 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 18 November 2010

Alan Wilshaw   AW
Geoff McDonald  GMC
Jean Leah   JL
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Rik Martin   RM
Iain Chorlton   IC
Rachael Greenfield  RG
Debbie Stones  DS
Lorraine Rogers  LR

Jennifer Marsh

John Dix   JD
Novia Hallows   NH
Alison Oates   AO
Supt Jason Harwin  JH

1. Welcome & Apologies

AW opened the meeting and apologies were given as above.  AW expressed his thanks to C/Insp Chorlton for attending the meeting to deliver the Circle of Need Presentation.

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 9 September 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record, with one minor amendment being made to the update provided by Rik Martin any other business section.  The paragraph should make mention to the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, not Policing in the 21st Century Paper.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

4. Circle of Need Presentation – C/Insp Iain Chorlton

IC delivered his presentation on Circle of Need to attendees.  After the presentation AW spoke in relation to the meeting he was attending with regional heads of CDD/BCD as well as a further meeting where regional local authority representatives would be present. 

IC suggested to the meeting that it was now the time for this to be progressed at a senior level.  AW stated that this would form part of the discussions at the meeting on 19 November 2010.  It was agreed that AW and IC would meet after the 19 November meeting to discuss.

Action 62: Meeting to be arranged for AW and IC after 19 November meeting.

5. Diamond

AW informed the meeting that reviews within BCD were now reaching the implementation stage and that a meeting had been scheduled for staff in Statistics on 25 November 2010.

6. Regional Working

AW reported that proposals for collaborative working with regional Vehicle Fleet Management, Scientific Support and Procurement were currently being drafted.

GMC stated that concerns had been raised in relation to the potential of SYP carrying out much work on behalf of the regional and not being able to show any savings for this.  Discussion took place around this and potential funding from other Forces for a member of staff to work for SYP.  This would then not cost SYP, but equally no saving would be made.  AW stated that a Business Benefits plan would be required from Forces before any changes took place.

7. Force Performance

CWB provided the following updates:

Comparative Satisfaction in MSG – SYP was always first or second in this area, but were not at the moment. 

Response to Incidents – Had been good

Gun Crime – 15% increase

Asset Recovery – Had decreased

Confidence – The BCS showed a reduction for SYP, but this was not seen as a significant reduction.  Reports had now been run down to a local level to help identify any potential problems.

Target Setting – The aim was to reduce to current 28 targets down to 13.  Consultation was underway with DCC Dyson on this. 

(For further information – please see the Force Performance Summary)

8. Business Plan

It was noted that the Business Plan had been updated as required. 

CWB raised an issue in relation to staffing levels within PRU.  It was felt that the team were at saturation point and were now unable to take on new work, such as the MR2D survey, due to existing workloads and demand from Districts.

CWB was tasked to complete a list/plan of the current and upcoming work facing PRU and to circulate this to AW and GMC.  A meeting would then be scheduled to work through the plan.

Action 63: CWB to list the current workload demands facing PRU and circulate to AW and GMC

Action 64: AW, CWB and GMC to meet to discuss the plan presented by CWB

CWB stated that the YVC survey was potentially going to slip the deadline as the team had been unable to get the information they needed to complete the User Satisfaction Survey (mandatory) due to annual leave in ISD.  This had resulted in PRU staff being taken off YVC to complete the User Satisfaction Survey.  JL added that a discussion was required around YVC funding as the Police Authority wished to withdrawn £25,000 in funding.  JL confirmed that options were being considered into how SYP could continue the survey without Police Authority funding.  It was agreed that this needed to be discussed with CWB and Sally Parkin.

Action 65: JL to attend a meeting with CWB and Sally Parkin to discuss the withdrawal of funding for YVC

It was noted that South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) were interested in having some questions placed in the YVC survey.  This could potentially provide funding towards the survey.  CWB undertook to establish what SYFR wished to include in the survey.

Action 66: CWB to speak with SYFR to establish what they wished to include in the YVC survey

CWB spoke in relation to the SCT paper on the staff survey produced by Andrew Leverton.  It was felt it would be most suitable to change the dates for the actions to Feb/Mar 2011, so that they would fall after the Cultural Audit Workshops. 

Action 67: CWB to task AL to revise the SCT paper with the new dates and hand to AW who would then be able to discuss with DCC Dyson

9. Risk Register

DS informed the meeting that all risks had been updated on the new risk management software. 

CWB spoke in relation to two PRU risks:

Surveys – CWB stated that this would be updated after the new performance structure had been implemented

Performance – CC Hughes had requested that this risk be taken off of the register, all it was felt that potentially not all of the issues in this risk had been addressed.  It was noted that this would be raised with CC Hughes at the next Risk Management Board pre-meet.

10. GEN/14s

There was one new GEN/14:

Intranet Resilience – raised by CWB.  Due to the sickness absence of David Newton, a number of resilience issues, not just specific to BCD, had come to light.  DS confirmed that this GEN/14 and associated issues were presented to DCC Dyson at the recent Risk Management Board Pre-Brief. 

11. Devolved Budgets

JL worked through the current Budget Holders Commentary (October).  With key information to note:

BCD currently had a £14,000 under spend

There had been an overspend on Police Officer pay

Due to changes in the carry-forward amount (reduced from 5% to 2%), BCD would be able to carry-forward a maximum of £40,000

Funds had been allocated for the implementation of the new Performance structure, although this would potentially need to be revisited

BCD were currently on target with the vacancy factor

The extra 1.1% saving needed this year (£23,000) had been achieved

The efficiency plan was on target

The 5% savings plan had been drawn up which showed that if all of the Diamond reviews in BCD were effective, this could equal a 17% saving (around £360,000)

JL stated that AO and herself were now profiling staff pay for 2011/12.  The first draft had been completed in line with the HR plan, which was populated by RG.  It was noted that this had been a difficult task due to ongoing reviews within BCD and that the data and figures would be subject to further changes.  AW expressed his thanks for all of the work completed so far on the BCD budget by JL and AO.

12. 3 Year HR Plan

The plan for 2011/12 had now been submitted, including staff changes due to reviews.  No further updates to the plan were yet required and it was noted that it was very difficult to populate the plan for years two and three.

13. Staff Welfare

There were currently no staff on long term sickness.  It was noted that Tanya Percy was now on maternity leave and receiving contact as required/requested by BCD.

14. Diversity

The figure remained at zero in the Budget Holders Commentary, due to no new staff being recruited.  JL stated that BCD were not doing well in terms of completion figures for the AA1 forms.  It was noted that all staff must have completed the form and submitted it to Personnel by 31 December 2010.  JL requested that any completed forms be passed to Keeley Smith so that Business Support may record which ones have been sent to Personnel.  It was agreed that a list of who had/had not completed the AA1 forms be presented at the next management meeting.

Action 68: Keeley Smith to provide a list of AA1 completions for the next BCD Management meeting

15. Training

JL informed the meeting that she and RG had recently met with Tanya Wright.  JL stated that the training matrix had to be updated by 5 December for any internal courses and a later date of 31 January 2011 for any external courses.  JL was to circulate a list of courses request by BCD staff for managers to check to establish if the requests were still relevant.  It was noted that any mandatory courses (eg. Fire warden, first aid) were picked up by Corporate HR.

Action 69: JL to circulate list of training requests to managers to check if the requests were still relevant

JL reported that Tanya had informed them of some changes to training:

Level 3 & 5 training would no longer be delivered externally.  The SYP Leadership Training team would be able to teach optional module to staff.  It was noted that SYP would no longer pay for the accreditation of this qualification, if staff did want the accreditation they would need to pay for this themselves

Level 7 would not run from April 2011.  Staff would be advise to use the NPIA college and leaderships courses

16. Sickness Absence

JL informed attendees that the sickness level for BCD had been 0.81 days, over the Force target of 0.71 days.  Concerns were raised in relation to some occasions of staff attending for work when they were ill and then requiring to go home.  It was noted that there was no way of recording this at the moment.  It was agreed that Unit Managers would record if a member of their staff when home ill in the day and report to the Management meeting.

Action 70: Unit Managers to keep a record of staff who need to go home during the day due to illness and report this to the Management Meeting

17. Outstanding PDRs

JL handed a sheet out to attendees detailing which PDRs were currently outstanding and ones near the return date.  It was noted that on a performance basis, BCD were the fifth worst department for returning PDRs on time.  RG added that her team were continuing to quality check PDRs received.

18. Health & Safety

JL informed the meeting that if existing/new staff in BCD were to use a different desk to normal, a work station assessment must be completed.  JL added that all new starters to the department received an induction pack.

Mention was made to the refuge point sign being taken down and the Landlord stating that Albion House did not have any refuge points.  JL undertook to seek clarity on this.

Action 71: JL to seek clarity on refuge points within Albion House with the Landlord

19. Outcome of Police Authority Meeting 12 November 2010

JL highlighted the need to inform staff of what had been agreed at the Police Authority on 12 November in terms of severance.  AW reported that HR were to write to all staff affected by reviews and that CC Hughes would circulate a message shortly to staff.  RG added that she would send an email to staff once she had clarity if staff who were at risk but no longer should receive the email.

Action 72: RG to email affected staff with details of what will happen in light of the severance agreement by the Police Authority

20. Any Other Business

Alcohol Licensing Paper

CWB asked if there was any further work required on this.  AW undertook to check the original request and advise CWB accordingly.

Action 73: AW to check the original request for the information required for the Alcohol Licensing paper and advise CWB accordingly

Kitchens in Suite 3

JL stated that Glynis was on annual leave for two weeks and requested that all staff ensured that any pots, cups etc used by themselves or visitors were cleaned and put away after use, and not left for other members of staff to clean up.  JL requested that if staff used the Flavia machine in the conference room, that they empty the water after use and turn it off. 


Thursday, 18 November, 2010 - 11:15