BCD Management Team Meeting - 20 January 2011

BCD Management Team Meeting - 20 January 2011

Alan Wilshaw   AW
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB
Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Geoff McDonald  GMC
Jean Leah   JL
John Dix   JD
Lorraine Rogers  LR
Rik Martin   RM

Jennifer Marsh

Alison Oates   AO
Novia Hallows   NH
Rachael Greenfield  RG

1. Welcome & Apologies

AW opened the meeting and apologies were given as above. 

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 7 December 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

4. Diamond Update

JH informed the meeting that there were currently 38 reviews ongoing at present.  This was broken down by:

28 at review stage
6 at implementation stage
4 at monitoring stage

New reviews which had recently commenced were:

Crime Recording (CMU)
Enquiry Desks

It was noted that the lead for the Enquiry Desk review was on sick leave and that ACC Holt had suggested that as an alternative a senior officer be nominated from within the Business Managers at Districts who would receive support from the SRT in the meantime.

JH spoke in relation to the ongoing severance scheme and that it would have an impact on ongoing and future reviews. 

A review which was being lead by Laura Jones on email usage and possible ways in which it could be reduced was ongoing.  Options to reduce the usage were being looked at by Simon Mottram, after which they would progress to the Diamond Board.

JH spoke regarding programme management of the new governance structure for the Force.  Some pre-meets had already taken place with some of the new boards already booked in diaries.  Work from the Business Change Board had been split across the four new boards to ensure the right projects were presented at the right board and that ongoing/active monitoring was taking place.

JH said that the cull was ongoing for policies in line with the Policy Review.  AW added that Band B’s in Statistics were to meet with Rachael Greenfield this week.

5. Regional Working

AW informed the meeting that there had been no major developments regionally since the last management meeting. 

Discussion took place around the Protective Services Improvement Plan (PSIP) and where the monitoring of the actions should be placed.  BCD had supported this work to date.  It was suggest that responsibility could sit at ACC level or that the actions be placed on the new project management software, although this would still need to be administered.  It was noted that ACC Sahota was monitoring the PSIP actions through various boards.  It was felt the administering/gathering of the information needed to be revisited as currently Candy Silver was collating the information, which would (after the implementation of the Performance Review) be a task allocated to Adrian Moran.  JH suggested that a paper be constructed with options and presented to ACC Sahota so that a decision could be made.  JH and JD were to speak regarding what options were available.

Action 83: JH to liaise with JD to consider options for monitoring actions arising from the PSIP and to construct a paper which would be presented to ACC Sahota for a decision

6. Force Performance

CWB informed the meeting that SYP were set to achieve all targets for 2011 apart from confidence, gun crime, comparative satisfaction and serious violence.
Results from the British Crime Survey (BCS) had been revealed today with key headlines for SYP being:

% with a high level of perceived anti-social behaviour 15% - no change from previous year or from national average

% people saying Drug use or dealing problem in area 28% -  no change from previous year or from national average

% people saying Drunk or rowdy behaviour problem in area 21% - no change from previous year or from national average

% people agree Police deal with local concerns 52% - no change from previous year but there is a statistically significant difference from national figure of 57% (new confidence measure we've adopted)

% people agree Police and local councils are dealing with issues 51% - no change from previous year or from national average (old confidence measure)

CWB reported that the successor for the Police Report Card had been received today from HMIC.  CWB confirmed that she would review the document and identify areas that would be affected.

CWB raised an issue with Crime Mapper in that the requirement was to publish street level data by 31st January, but the NPIA wanted to publish it on 24th January.  Data testing was ongoing, on some of the 12,000 SNAP points, which, if SYP made no changes, it would be the responsibility of the NPIA. 

It had come to light that Crime Mapper did not work on Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) which was on the majority of SYP computers.  CWB and David Wilson’s computers had now been upgrade to IE8 and were now part of the trial of the roll out of IE8.  David had informed NPIA of this issue and had not received a personal reply.  Instead a group email had been circulated to all Forces by NPIA stating that there may be problems with IE6.  CWB stated that Crime Mapper could potentially have an impact on SNT/SNA’s as they will receive queries from the public and will be unable to view the same as the public as they did not have IE8.  CWB suggested that the hit rate of the Crime Mapper site be monitored.

There had been changes to the ADR requirements and CWB and NH had a detailed report showing all changes if manager wished for further information.  It was noted that the user satisfaction survey for RTC victims was no longer required from April 2011.  CWB stated that this would be raised at the Citizen Focus Board to establish if SYP still wished to survey RTC victims, although it would carry an additional cost.  Some of the ADR’s were becoming voluntary and so CWB undertook to gather all of the information on the areas that this would affect and take this to the VFM Coordinating Group.

Action 84:  CWB to gather information on the ADRs which were to be affected by the voluntary element and bring this to the next VFM Coordinating Group.

7. Business Plan

The Business Plan was fully up to date.  AW thanked staff for continuing to update the plan regularly.

8. Risk Register

JD informed the meeting that there were currently 6 live risks on the BCD risk register and that they had all been updated for quarter 3.  JD made mention to the risk in relation to surveys and stated that the risk was currently red and asked if this was still suitable.  JH stated that the review of Administration had revealed a survey taking place at a District in breach of Force policy as PRU had not had any involvement.  JH undertook to email ACC Holt on this issue.

Action 85:  JH to email ACC Holt in relation to the survey being conducted at a District in breach of Force policy.

9. GEN/14s

JD informed the meeting that there were no new GEN/14s to bring to this meeting.  JD added that the GEN/14 in relation to log-on’s was to be discussed at the Business Change Board today.

10. Finance

Discussed under closed session.

JL added that the efficiency plan was on target and that the recurring savings plan was up to date.  JL stated the need for BCD to be ‘fluid’ in the plans being constructed currently due to the potential impact of ongoing and future reviews and the severance scheme.

11. 3 Year HR Plan

JL reported that RG and herself were working on the plan, although it was, as with the financial plans, being affected by ongoing and future reviews and the severance scheme.

12. Staff Welfare

Discussed under closed session.

13. Diversity

Due to the ongoing Establishment Control, this target could not be met as BCD could not recruit new staff at present.

14. Training

JL informed the meeting that she had requested two places on the replacement course  (for the level 7 training which had now changed to two courses) which was due to start in September 2011.  When the new structures had been implemented within BCD, the right person could then take the place on the courses.

CWB spoke in relation to the GRS training which Report Writers would require, although it was not yet known who the Report Writers would be.  The same was said for survey training as it was yet unknown who the Survey Officers would be.

CWB informed the meeting of some free training being offered to the Police Authority, ‘Can You Manage It?’.  This was performance training for the Police Authority being delivered by the NPIA.  It was suggested that senior managers from SYP attend this training also.  If managers were interested in the training they were to let CWB know who would pass the interest on to NPIA who wished to establish numbers before booking training days.

15. Outstanding PDRs

There were currently 13 outstanding PDRs for BCD.  Managers were encouraged to ensure that all late PDRs were actioned and that ongoing PDRs were up to date in readiness for the CHC.

16. Health & Safety

The issue of outstanding Work Station Assessments (WSA)was raised and that there was currently 27 outstanding for BCD.  Managers were asked to inform their staff of the need to conduct a WSA.  This would continue to be monitored.

17. Any Other Business

There were seven items discussed under any other business:

Publishing of General Orders – RM

RM informed the meeting that there had been a change to the ticket system which had not been communicated to RM or his team.  He was advised to use the ‘Helpme’ email SPOC box.  This caused problems as only part 2 of the General Orders were published, not part 1.  It was noted that there was a risk on the register in relation to Corporate Communications and the capacity and capability.  It was agreed that the risk and a briefing from RM on what happened would be constructed and included in ISD’s upcoming CHC.

Action 86: JD to forward the GEN/14 in relation to Corporate Comms to Michael Cox / Jan Pusiak for inclusion in ISD’s upcoming CHC

Action 87: RM to construct a briefing on the situation with General Orders and the problems that he had encountered for inclusion in ISD’s upcoming CHC.

Discussion took place around the hit rate of the General Orders page and it was suggested that this be monitored by a staff officer.  RM was to liaise with Insp Mark Payling to arrange for this.

Action 88: RM to liaise with Insp Mark Payling to look at monitoring the hit rate on the General Orders site


LR informed the meeting that she had received a telephone call from HMIC who were requesting further interviews with staff in relation to the support and challenge meetings.  This type of request was unusual for HMIC, although it was noted that all Forces had been requested to do this.  LR added that Tim Wright was in touch with the HMIC office in Wakefield and would advise of any further developments / information.

Severance – JL

Discussed under closed session.

Risk / Business Continuity Update – JD

JD informed the meeting that the Risk Management Workshop had now been rescheduled to take place on 25 March 2011.  JD added that EM was continuing to work on the Call Tree and that a test text message was to be sent to staff within the next two weeks.  EM would email staff before the message was sent to advise of the test.

Cultural Audit Recommendations – LR

LR handed out a copy of the notes she took during a Cultural Audit Meeting with Supt Eddie Murphy on 21 December 2010.  LR informed the meeting that she was to speak with C/Insp Adrian Moran today regarding the progression of the recommendations.  CWB stated that the recommendations could not be further progressed by PRU and that some of the actions may no longer be appropriate for BCD to progress.  LR was to consider the recommendations assigned to BCD to establish if BCD was the best place for them to sit.

Action 89: LR to consider the recommendations made in the Cultural Audit and establish that the ones assigned to BCD were still correct.

Awards – AW

AW spoke in relation to the Leaders in Action awards and that he had received an email from Allyson Pankethman asking for nominations for the awards.  If managers wished to nominate a member of staff they were to complete an ADM44 and email it to Awards/Perser/SYP.

JH informed the meeting that Sgt Simon Davies was to attend the Guild Hall in London to receive a national award for the ID a Person and Vehicle application on BlackBerrys.

PNLD Conference ‘First Line in the Front Line’ – AW

An email had been received from Paula Ibberson stating that SYP had three free places on this conference and was asking if it was suitable for someone from BCD to attend.  After discussion, it was agreed that no BCD representative would attend the conference.


Thursday, 20 January, 2011 - 11:45