BCD Management Team Meeting - 27 May 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 27 May 2010

Alan Wilshaw   Business Change Director
Geoff McDonald   Business Assurance Manager
Superintendant Jason Harwin  Diamond Lead
Jean Leah   Corporate Assessment Manager
John Dix    Business Control Manager
Lorraine Rogers   Business Change Manager
Novia Hallows   Force Crime Registrar
Rachael Greenfield   HR Manager
Rik Martin   Policy & Planning Manager
Andrew Leverton    Acting PRU Manager (Surveys)

Jennifer Marsh (JM)

Christine Wilson-Bolton  Performance Management Review Lead
Chief Inspector Eddie Murphy  Citizen Focus Lead
Tania Percy   Acting PRU Manager (Strategic Lead)

1. Welcome & Apologies

Alan Wilshaw opened the meeting and apologies were given as above.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 18 March 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Outstanding Actions From BCD QRD – Held 14 May 2010

The BCD QRD Action Schedule was discussed and updated accordingly.

4. Corporate Action Plans

Bev Emmett spoke regarding the use of corporate action plans.  The Business Plans could be used for many things, but not for everything, such as when a recommendation affects more than one District or Department.  It would be possible to break the recommendations down for each District and Department, but there would be the need for someone to collate the information back from the Districts and Departments.

It was proposed that a new QuickPlace site be established to monitor force actions and Bev Emmett asked for attendees views on this.  Discussion took place around various approaches as it was felt a better system to manage the actions would aid in the event of HMIC inspections as well as there being the need to train staff should it be agreed to use QuickPlace.

Action 43 – Bev Emmett was to look at the feasibility of the QuickPlace option and report findings back to the Management Team.

5. Strategic Overview – Regional Working

AW informed the meeting that Deloitte had not yet reported on their work.  Geoff McDonald added that the Protective Services Improvement Plan (PSIP) was in need of review and refresh, with assistance being provided by Candy Silver and Claire Sykes.  The quality contribution of Candy Silver and Claire Sykes towards this work was commented upon.

Action 44 – Alan Wilshaw was to email Candy Silver and Claire Sykes to recognise and praise the work they had done towards the PSIP

6. Strategic Overview – Force Performance

Andrew Leverton informed the meeting that the Force Performance Summary was to be circulated today.  Andrew Leverton provided updates on further performance issues:

Changes were to be made to the MSG (Most Similar Group)

Good feedback had been received from the recent ASB inspection

74% of 999 calls had been answered in 10 seconds – some technical issues had led to this percentage

There had been reductions in criminal damage

There were some issues with sexual offences as they were on the raise this year

There had been an increase in gun crime in April – 22 instances

Issues around the response times to priority incidents in Sheffield and Doncaster

Vehicle crime currently stood at 74% overall, which placed SYP 8th in MSG at Force level

There had been a good reduction in knife crime in April

7. Local Priorities – Business Plan

It was felt that the BCD Business Plan was mostly up to date, with Bev Emmett sending reminder emails to managers where update was required.

8. Local Priorities – Risk Register

John Dix stated that an update was needed from Lorraine Rogers in relation to the Statistics risk.

Action 45 – Lorraine Rogers to provide John Dix with an update on the risk relating to Statistics

9.  Local Priorities – GEN14s

John Dix informed the meeting that there were 2 new GEN14s:

NPIA Management of Covert Human Intelligence Sources Guidance 2010 – This was currently being assessed by Detective Chief Superintendant Steve Talbot

Sheffield PPU Development Project – It was noted that this was the first ‘Planning Permission’ application and would be discussed at the next Operational Commanders meeting

10. Finance – Devolved Budgets

Jean Leah and Alison Oates had met recently to review the budget again. 

It was felt that the Management Meeting dates did not currently fit in with the financial time table.  It was agreed that the BCD Management Meeting date would be changed with that of the BCD Co-ordinating meeting in order to ensure that the most accurate and up to date financial information was available for future meetings.

Action 46 – Jennifer Marsh to re-schedule the BCD Management Meetings and BCD Co-ordinating meetings to fit with the financial time table.

11. HR – 3 Year HR Plan

Discussion took place around BCD’s  3 year HR plan including the plans for years 1, 2 and 3.

12. HR – Staff Welfare For Those On Long Term Absence

Staff welfare was discussed under closed session.

13. HR – Diversity

Alan Wilshaw reported that he was to attend a diversity meeting today.  It was noted that there were no diversity issues in BCD at this time.

14. HR – Training

Jean Leah informed the meeting that she was unsure of when the next bids for training we due.  Lorraine Rogers added that she and Novia Hallows were to meet with Tanya Wright regarding training for Statistics including customer relationship training.

Andrew Leverton reported that he had made a request for some of his staff to be GIS trained and had received an email stating that BCD would be charged for this training.  A response to an email from Jean Leah regarding the intent to charge, was awaited.

15. HR – Sickness Absence

It was noted that sickness absence in BCD was not an issue at this time as overall performance was good.

16. HR – PDR’s

It was noted that there were currently 14 outstanding PDRs for BCD.  AW tasked managers to ensure that all outstanding PDRs were completed in time for the next Management Meeting.  He stressed the importance of meeting this key target.

17. HR – Health & Safety

Jean Leah raised the issue of the call out person for Suite 3 and reported that alternative solutions were to be examined to meet the need.

18. Any Other Business


CIPFA - Alan Wilshaw informed the meeting that a CIPFA event was to take place on 14 July.  The main topic was business change and business monitoring.  It was suggested that Kerry Allen attend this conference.

CIMA – This conference was to take place in London at a cost of £195 per delegate.  Good speakers were to attend with Total Place and re-thinking boundaries on the agenda.  Managers were asked to consider if they wished to attend.

City Forum – The conference ‘Policing in a Downturn’ was to be attended by Superintendant Jason Harwin.

Queens Speech

The recent Queen’s speech had included, amongst others, the following issues:

The need for Police forces to save an additional £3 million this financial year
Monthly crime statistic reports to be broken down to local level
Pay and conditions for Police Officers and Police staff would be reviewed under the new Government

Cultural Analysis

Andrew Leverton delivered a presentation on the recent cultural analysis results.  It was noted that a workshop to look at the results was to take place on 29 June alongside the Citizen Focus team.

Andrew Leverton circulated the detailed responses to each of the questions asked in the Cultural Analysis.  It was felt there was a potential issue regarding the corporate ownership of the actions arising from the Analysis.  Alan Wilshaw undertook to discuss this issue with DCC Dyson.

Action 47 – Alan Wilshaw to speak with DCC Dyson regarding corporate ownership of actions arising from the Cultural Analysis


Rik Martin updated the meeting on current development including the fact that the Police Commissioner role was currently being proposed by the new Government.

Suite 3 Door / Intercom

Jean Leah informed the meeting that the issues surrounding the intercom and opening Suite 3 door to visitors was to be discussed at a meeting next week with Rachael Greenfield. 

19. Date of Next Meeting

The next management meeting was due to be held on 15 July 2010.


Thursday, 27 May, 2010 - 11:45