BCD Management Team Meeting - 7 December 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 7 December 2010

Alison Oates   AO
Alan Wilshaw   AW
Geoff McDonald  GMC
Jean Leah   JL
Rik Martin   RM
Iain Chorlton   IC
Rachael Greenfield  RG
Debbie Stones  DS
Lorraine Rogers  LR
Steve Bunting   SB
John Dix   JD
Novia Hallows   NH

Jennifer Marsh

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Christine Wilson-Bolton CWB

1. Welcome & Apologies

AW opened the meeting and apologies were given as above.  AW welcomed Jane Walker to the meeting as an observer.  This was due to the potential of brigading with Jane’s team in relation to Business Support.  It was noted that AO and RG would continue to remain as BCD’s OMA and HR Manager.

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 18 November 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

4. Regional Working

AW informed the meeting that papers had been received from the region in relation to Procurement, Vehicle Fleet and Scientific Support, with consultation now taking place.  A meeting was scheduled to take place soon between Finance Directors of the regional Forces to agree on the level of savings to be made in these reviews.  Although the reviews suggested a reduction in structures and staffing levels, consideration needed to be given to the cost this would incur as well as the savings.

5. Force Performance

SB informed the meeting that proactive liaison and report development had now been placed on hold due to staff levels.  It was noted that Phil would leave PRU on 22 December 2010 and Julie Bates would leave in January 2011.

Targets for the Force were being agreed with DCC Dyson.  Meetings were taking place with Force leads in each area to assist with setting the targets, which should be finalised in January 2011.

SB reported the following:

Burglary was on the increase
Satisfaction had increased
Confidence levels were being monitored
Work was ongoing with Simon Davies regarding AVLS to MIP development
Street level crime mapping on Crime Mapper was ongoing

AW stated that Chief Constable Hughes and PA Chair Charles Perryman were to meet with HMIC Officer Roger Baker to be asked the Value for Money questions, including how SYP were to reduce crime with less resources.  AW added that SYP were funded by 80% grant and 20% council tax precept.

6. Business Plan

The Business Plan was looked at and discussed.  AW thanked staff for continuing to update the plan regularly.

7. Risk Register

JD informed the meeting that there were currently five live risks on the BCD risk register, none of which needed reviewing until January 2011. 

JD spoke in relation to the recent bad weather and stated that it had not been a Business Continuity situation.  Eric Mirfin was working on establishing a ‘call tree’ which would be able to text staff to advise of action to take in a situation like the bad weather.  GMC suggested that the Force policy in relation to reporting to nearest Police Station could need revisiting.

It was noted that the conference calling during the bad weather had been effective and had enabled decisions to be made and messages to get to staff.  JL undertook to establish the cost of conference/video conferencing.

Action 75: JL to establish the cost of conference / video conferencing

JD reported that Eric was currently conducting training for management teams on Business Continuity.  The recent event held at Niagara had been well received and further work was ongoing into awareness and training for Business Continuity.

Specific mention was made to the risk of ‘Force Performance Issues including Data Hub Project’, which CWB was currently working on.  AW stated that he was to set up a meeting with the Marple Board to set the specification after he had liaised with CWB.

Action 76: AW to liaise with CWB and then arrange a meeting with the Marple Board to set the specification

8. GEN/14s

JD stated that there were two new GEN/14s:

Potential for YatH Regional Collaboration (RM, BCM, Proj Mgt, BBs) – This risk had been raised by JD and Debbie Stones.
NPIA Guidance on Police Mobilisation 2010 – An email was to be sent to Martin Whysall asking him to input onto the GEN/14.

JD spoke in relation to the GEN/14 for Web Services.  There were issues around maintenance of the Internet site, the Intranet site, the community mapping capability amongst others.  Chief Constable Hughes had also raised concern around this area, and a response was now awaited from Mark Thompson.  AW stated that Ila Tsang was making a case for ISD to take on the maintenance of the Internet and Intranet sites.

Action 77: JD to provide AW with most recent update on the Web Services risk

Action 78: JD to email Mark Thompson requesting an update on the risk for the next Risk Management Board

Action 79: AW requested that RM produce a GEN/14 on the ____________ Bill

9. Finance

JL stated that the full financial information was unavailable as this meeting had been brought forward and the budget holders commentary had not yet been completed.  JL reported that there was no funding in the BCD budget next year for the Diamond posts (Kerry Allen, Caroline Cottrill, and Jason Harwin).  DCC Dyson had indicated that BCD could utilise the extra 12% BCD had made in savings to offset these costs for the next financial year.

Action 80: JL and AO to provide a paper to AW with details of how the Diamond posts could be funded so that he may discuss with SCT

Discussion took place around the Home Office announcement soon to take place that would reveal the actual funding for SYP.  JL suggested that after this announcement took place, a meeting be arranged to discuss the impact.  AW stated that he would look at the medium term financial plan for BCD and the Force.

Action 81: AW to look through the medium term financial plan for BCD and the Force

JL spoke in relation to funding for the Head of Performance role and that the salary for January had now been taken out of the budget.  JL stated that she needed the results of the job evaluation for this posts so that the budget could be managed.  RG confirmed that this would be completed by the end of the week.  After discussion, it was agreed that the salary could also be taken out of February. 

10. 3 Year HR Plan

RG stated that the plan had been submitted to Corporate HR.

Insp Lisa Chapman and her team had taken the responsibility of keeping the Force family tree up to date.  Insp Chapman had recently emailed all HR and Personnel Managers asking them to inform her of any changes to structures/staff, with a return date of 24 December 2010.  All of the information would be collated and then circulated regularly.  LR suggested that this could be included in future CHC’s.

Action 82: JL to add updating Force family tree to the CHC agenda and inform Insp Chapman of this

11. Staff Welfare

Mention was made to three potential staff welfare needs:

Kath Hill – Would return to work on light duties on 8 December (4 hours per day)
Michael Cox – Had hurt his back over the weekend
Sarah Oscroft – Had fallen in the snow and was in A&E to check her ankle out

12. Diversity

RG stated that all staff needed to complete the AA1 form and that the completion of this needed to be recorded on Oracle by 31 December 2010.  RG added that it had now been agreed that the AA1 was a one-off requirement, and not annual as first stated.

13. Training

JL informed the meeting that the level 7 training was no more and was to be replaced by 2 separate courses, which were due to start in September 2011.  Levels 3 and 5 were to be run internally, but if staff wished to have the accreditation after completing the course they would be required to pay for this themselves (around £150).  Jane Walker added that the IOSH training had been stopped for all managers and was now only being delivered to those who needed it.

14. Outstanding PDRs

RG stated that there were currently 16 outstanding PDRs for BCD.

15. Health & Safety

JL reported that no further progress had been made in relation to opening the windows. 

GMC stated that the 12 O’Clock Court car park, although it had been cleared, had not been gritted and was potentially quite dangerous.  JL stated that she would advise Keeley to contact the Landlord today and get the car park gritted.

16. Any Other HR Items

There were three further HR items raised for discussion:

Role Profiles for Statistics – RG stated that due to technical difficulties, these had not yet been published on the ICF.  NH added that staff were asking what would happen next and when.  RG stated that she would be working on Statistics, but that no changes/further information would be available until the New Year.

Band D Interviews – JL asked when these would take place.  AW was to undertake training and preparation this week with Adrian Moran.  AW stated that they would take place before Christmas.

Managing Change Seminars – JL stated that some of her team had attended this workshop and had not found it useful, instead it had angered them.  Jane Walker added that feedback she had received was that the workshop had been patronising and pitched at the wrong level and that this feedback had been given to the company providing the workshops.  AW stated that although it was not compulsory to attend, all staff must be given the same opportunities. 

17. Any Other Business

There were three items discussed under any other business:

Intranet Links – RM reported that he was, as were many others, experiencing problems with links on the Intranet site

Risk Workshop – JD informed the meeting that the Risk Management Workshop was cancelled due to the bad weather.  The business benefits training part of the day was to be re-arranged

Snow – AW stated that DCC Dyson and ACC Holt had circulated the Force Policy in relation to bad weather to staff.  It staff were unable to make it to work they were to take the day as annual leave, time off for dependants etc via the correct channels


Tuesday, 7 December, 2010 - 14:45