BCD Management Team Meeting - 8 December 2011

BCD Management Team Meeting - 8th December 2011

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
C/Insp Scott Green  SG
Jane Walker   JW
Julie McVeigh   JMc
Lorraine Rogers  LR 
Andrew Leverton  AL
Alison Beard   AB
John Dix   JD
Rachael Greenfield  RG 
Rik Martin   RM
Simon Mottram  SM
Daniel Lennox   DL
Yvonne Duffin   YD
Ann Harhoff   AH
Sally Parkin   SP

Kayley Taylor

C/Insp Shelley Hemsley SH
Erica Redfearn   ER

1. Welcome & Apologies

JH opened the meeting and apologies were given.

2. Presentations

Business Benefits Co-ordination Role

DL gave a presentation with a view of raising the profile of benefits work. He advised he needs initial contact with project managers at an early stage so he can set the right foundations for business benefits, this is important as it will ensure benefits profiles will be the best quality possible. He advised that contact should be maintained and that he is involved throughout the course of the project.  He added a document exists that clarifies the process, timing, and his role, whether it is a review project or implementation document.

JH asked how well embedded is this in BCD. LR confirmed the review team are certainly more engaged, they have identified an implementation manager and she has seen good evidence that this is happening.

AL advised in terms of performance, they are not involved enough yet and need to be at the early stages, however they have had conversations about this. DL advised there have not been many instances that have required performance initial contact, but he is confident the contacts are in place if needed.

JH confirmed this work is vital for understanding impact especially in the CSSR review. Also advised managers this is fundamental part of running projects not an add on.

A discussion took place regarding expectations of project managers and who should drive business benefits. SG advised it should be a joint process between DL and the project manager. However, we need support and direct the project manager. JD advised we could give project managers the support they need, but the initial project benefits work needs to lye with the managers, as they know the specific detail, knowledge and background.

JH advised key actions are firstly to make sure, if there is any opportunities to increase understanding of the relevant functions we need to do that. Secondly, we need to re emphasize the importance of this, as there is different understanding.

Action: 160 – SG to bring Business benefits up at the next Diamond tasking meeting.

Action: 161 – All to emphasise the importance of Business Benefits across the force

PDR Changes

AH advised the group the background to the proposed changes to the PDR process, is to reduce bureaucracy and the time police forces are taking writing them up. A national review is taking place via the NPIA who are working with CEDAR to put together a new PDR system. It needs to be more effective, management based, focusing on objectives rather than behaviours and an increased focus on development.

NPIA and CEDAR are looking at a system which users Origin, which is a HR system that links to Oracle.  Humberside already use this but it is based on PPF (policing professional framework) rather that ICF which we currently use, therefore it will be a big project. AH also advised it should be ready for 1st April however, we will not be ready for it until proximally April 2013.

Humberside are currently using a system based on KIN software, which is a stand-alone system that does not link to Oracle. AH added, if we implement this for the interim period it will cost around £20,000, which includes some training. This would just cover the time it takes to move onto PPF.

AH advised they have worked along side the career development team at Humberside Police and if we cannot get the funding needed for a new system they have considered the national principle and tried to make our current system fit for purpose. They think it can work well and still reduce the paper system we have. It will be more of a manager’s observation based system rather than staff collecting evidence.

To conclude AH advised the options are.

Stay with original system until NPIA come up with the national model.
Adapt the paper system to reflect the processes but it would be quicker and more efficient to get a new system in place, which ISD could produce. They are still looking into this.
Go with KIN system to be inline with Humberside.

AH advised a SCT paper will now be put together.

SM added training needs to be a key focus, as there could be confusion around objectives and when the word goes out something, new and trimmer is coming in we need to make sure people don’t loose sight of the old one until its in place.

JH advised we will invite AH or a colleague back to our General meeting in February/March time for a ’what it means to you’ presentation.

Review of Business Plans

YD gave a presentation and explained she has done research into the background of Business plans. In addition, she advised the intention of them was to drive performance but now we have implemented TEN’s and the projects have migrated to that. YD then spoke about the consultation process and benchmarking she has gone through and highlighted the recommendations and processes. YD said the conclusion is that business plans in there current format no longer meet the needs of the organisation, they do not support or drive business. Through this, as long as we can justify benchmarking of the phasing out of business plans the NPIA and HMIC are happy with any decision that we make. Therefore, how does this need to be taken forward.

JW advised she has many questions on this, as from a Business Managers point of view departments will use the business pan different ways and thinks it needs a high level one size fits all, but then specific needs from different departments. JW does not want the TEN’s to become a mirror image of business plan and is interested to see how it feeds into the business manager’s review.

JD made a point about TEN’s being a place for actions to live, it can be used to drive business if the correct actions and projects are put on and people use it in a timely fashion. He advised we need to priorities what goes onto TEN’s and there needs to be a corporate decision about what we want TEN’s to actually do.

JH advised to take this forward, YD is to circulate this to Business Mangers for comments and feed back, then have a wider discussion at the next Business Managers meeting, also YD to link into Claire Sykes and need to consider the police crime plan. In addition, some discussions took place that link into Corporate Support Services review about capability and going forward therefore YD to link into SM.

Action: 162 - YD to circulate presentation to Business Managers and link in with Clare Sykes and SM.

3. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes from the meeting held on 9th November 2011 were agreed as a true and accurate record

4. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

5. Strategic Overview Updates

Diamond Boards
SG advised at the South Yorkshire Policing Board there was feedback with regards to the fiancé review and an update with regards to investigation review, which is due to report in January 2012 however this may report in February now. 

He advised that Diamond made recommendations about the approach to Phase 2. There were 14 were recommendations and 13 were accepted, one being the overtime reduction which has now been agreed to be a 5% reduction, which will be, stripped from budget at the start of year. In addition, Mr Hotchkiss gave and update on the Single HR review.  At the Diamond Board there was a paper done by Eddie Murphy about the PCSS Role the decision is PCSS will be staying, however what is needed to be agreed is how many is needed and what do we want them to do.  The finance review was approved and implementation is well on the way. In addition, centralisation of RPG was agreed in principle and they are currently looking at mitigating the risks.

Finally, at the WIG there were updates from Lorraine Booth and Jackie Bland were given with regards to HR and ISD merges, Helen Hague gave a fantastic report with regards to closing a report.

JH advised Sally Briggs did some work about service level agreements as we have some in force but mix messages about what they are about, the work crossed into a discussion about productivity which he will talk to AL about in the New Year

Ops, Performance & Tasking

SG advised in addition to the general performance areas, the key points were an update from Shaun Morley about Community Alcohol Partnerships. This is about working with off licences etc. Than there was an update from Zaf Ali about the Prey Project, which is software that is installed in your laptops at home and if your phone is stolen it takes a picture every hour of the person using it and activates the GPS. It is free to download and they are particularly asking students and members of the public with Iphones etc to download this. 

Also with regards an agenda item on the MIP Board, we have 3,000 blackberry’s within the force and no tracing software on them and they are not on the immobilised database.

Corporate Health Checks

JH is happy actions from the meeting will be picked up and asked JD with regards to invest to save if DL is engaging with project leads. JD confirmed he is and there is a prioritisation list and three clearly need his involvement.

LL asked if we could see the list JH advised he would look at this first.

Action: 163 - JH to look at invest to save list and decide whether to circulate.

QRD - Actions

This will take place in January

6. Local Priorities

Updates from Unit Heads

RM advised his priorities are streamlining and PCC transition. With regards to the transition, they have drafted an action plan which has been sent to the Police Authority and now needs changing so this is ongoing. LR advised she is doing a discussion paper for Mr Holt before Christmas and she is doing some benchmarking to see if other forces are doing anything different. RM advised North Yorkshire are not sharing their document. LR is waiting from feedback from Jamie at the Police Authority SP advised she would give LR feedback next week.

Action: 164 - SP to give LR Feedback about PCC transition plan.

Action: 165 - When agreed by SCT LR to bring action plan to meeting for discussion also link in with SM for CSSR.

JD advised key area for him is getting TEN’s ready, however he has some concerns about way it’s been built. If this is an issue, he will bring it back to the meeting. He is not aware the January date will be compromised but if it is, he will let everyone know.  DL is raising the profile around business benefits, also Eric Mirfin attended the National Business Continuity meeting in London last week and they have done a national survey about the status of business continuity around the country. One point raised was that key staff within forces are failing to understand the difference between contingency and business continuity planning, some people have combined the roles, some just got rid of roles altogether, therefore Eric is doing some work through regional reps to get a proper update on this. There will be an HMIC review regarding business continuity next year.

JW advised she is on working on the costing for phase two, doing lots of IAM’s work, which she will speak to JH about after. In addition, JW is helping Geoff Berrett with some finance issues and doing general ad hoc work.

AL advised he is ongoing with all the reports.

BCD Risks

It was noted that the BCD Risk Register was up to date. 

Emerging Risks

JD advised No emerging risks in this department, JH advised the all to make sure our risks are updated as some have not been updated for months. AL advised there was an issue with using TEN’s from a laptop SG explained to the group how to rectify this.

Action: 166 - All to make sure risks on TEN’s are being updated regular.

7. Emerging issues

Gen 14

JD advised two new GEN 14’S.

RM advised one is with regards to the Governments Cyber Crime Strategy it has no risk at this stage however there is the potential opportunity for every force to have access to cyber specials that have specialist skills to help tackle cyber crime. If agreed could forward it to SCS for their view. JD advised we should look at SYP exposure to Cyber Crime and if there is a strategic threat, it can go to next Risk Board in April.

JD advised the other one has been submitted by Facilities Management and CJAD concerning the state of our custody suites. The issue is around them being too old, to hot, cold etc therefore we are at risk of not looking after our prisoners. If we do need to do something about it there is no budget so this will go to risk board this afternoon to look at mitigating risks.

JH advised the bad weather policy has now been circulated.

A discussion took place concerning Olympic leave JH confirmed there is still a 7% reduction for police officers but some clarity is required around this.

JH advised that they held the Common Purpose Event last year, and has offered this again this year.  We need to set the challenge by 13th January so will look at this later. JH advised he would speak to SCT about this.

Action: 167 - JH to speak to SCT regarding setting challenges for the Common Purpose Event.

10. BCD Finance

Spend against profile

AB advised she is working on Novembers figures now, in October there was a £90,000 under spend, most came from pay because of the vacancies however it will reduce slightly this month because of the extra secondment in Diamond.

Budget savings

AB said she has added the contribution from Fire Service onto 11/12 so we are 3.5k over what we said we would be, then for 12/13, we are just under 30k, even though we have no target we saved 20% over 2 years. Coming up will be budget profiling this will need to be ready beginning of March.

JW advised in total we realistically could give up to 10 laptops and 10 bases in BCD and if happy to do this it will leave 6 for the Diamond team, if need more can bring back from Rob. She has also requested a usage report.

SG advised still need a desk for Louise Houghton until April at least.

Action: 168 - JW to speak to Dan Cowham, to find a permanent desk for Louise Houghton.

11. BCD HR


RG Advised the Survey Officer vacancy now filled and interviews are taking place for the Report Design Unit Officers  on the 20th and 21st December.


No Issues just make sure all managers complete and send relevant forms.


RG advised PDR’s are still going up slightly and she will keep sending us the up to date list. Just four AA1’s out standing JH advised all managers to chase these.

Action: 169 - KT to make sure system in place for chasing PDR’s

12. Good Work Nominations

SG proposed Helen Hague and JM proposed Diane Marshall

13. AOB

SG advised about force IPAD trail, the people who have been selected to trial is due to their activities within the force. There is only six being trailed and the cost £22 per month.


Thursday, 8 December, 2011 - 14:45