BCD Management Team Meeting - 8 February 2012

BCD Management Team Meeting - 8th February 2012

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
Erica Redfearn   ER
Andrew Leverton  AL
John Dix   JD
Rik Martin   RM
Jane Walker   JW
Michael Robson  MR
Lorraine Rogers  LR 
Rachael Greenfield  RG
Jackie Bland   JB

Kayley Taylor

C/Insp Scott Green  SG
Simon Mottram  SM
Julie McVeigh   JMc
C/Insp Shelley Hemsley SH
Alison Beard   AB

1. Welcome & Apologies

JH opened the meeting and apologies were given.

2. Presentations

Phase 2 of the ISD Merger

JB explained to the group how the 2nd phase of the single shared service of ICT for South Yorkshire and Humberside has progressed and gave an overview of the new structures. She advised the 2nd phase was to re-design or restructure the service and the task now is to come up with a future sustainable structure. They will create centres of excellence, where specialist areas will take leads on particular things such as Microsoft applications or Oracle applications, therefore it is about building on resources we have rather than moving everyone around or into one place.

JB added they have now shared with staff where they fit within the teams and has had lots of consultation so they are aware of whom they currently report too.

Also, In terms of governance they have two key boards they report to which is the ICT programme Board which looks at programme of change and makes sure its delivered on time and within budget. It helps sets priorities and makes sure they fit in with both forces priorities going forward. In addition, they report to the Joint collaboration group, which is made up of, police authorities from both authorities and ACO’s from both authorities who provide strategic direction. They also take the HR single service updates and any other collaboration projects they may do between the two forces to this board.

JB advised networks should be shared and in place by next week which is the 1st process they needed to do and they have a section 23 agreement in place, which is the legal framework that supports both forces, which is almost finalised.

She added they are asking all departments to engage with them to discuss any areas of concern or any problems, they are happy to come out and discuss anything.

Performance and Governance

AL gave a presentation, which has been presented to SCT, about the outcomes of the productivity framework workshops, how and why we measure, what we should measure and how we will take this forward,  linking in with performance, success and public perception. He advised they are looking at a balance scorecard approach. He added they would like something in place by the start of the financial year however, it will evolve throughout the year and they do not want to rush it.


MR advised the reason for this presentation is they have gone through a lot of change and reduced their team quite a lot, therefore they want to get support from districts about new processes. He identified to the group why the team exist, gave some history of the team and gave an overview of the audit process.
MR added they decide the areas that they audit, however this decision needs to be made by SCT.

JH advised AGU have been nominated for a leaders in action award this year.

Change strategy

This will be discussed at the next meeting in more detail.

Action: All to feed back any thoughts on the change strategy to JH within the next 2 weeks.

3. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes from the meeting held on 12th January 2012 were agreed as a true and accurate record

4. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

5. BCD forthcoming CHC

JH advised he sent out the draft presentation this morning and discussed this with the group, adding the four areas he wants to focus on are,

What’s changed since the last CHC in August
Debate around current priorities
Priorities going forward
Key focus

6. Training Requirements

Discussions took place concerning training and personal development, all training requests were given to RG.

Action: RG to respond to JH if she has any questions about the training requests.

Action: MR to speak to Tanya Wright concerning resilience to roles which maybe retiring soon.

7. AOB

LR advised the group on the 28th February the Polka site are doing another ‘In the hot seat’ talking about Systems thinking – which could be useful.

Date of next meeting – Monday 19th March 201


Wednesday, 8 February, 2012 - 14:45