BCD Management Team Meeting - 9 November 2011

BCD Management Team Meeting - 9 November 2011

Supt Jason Harwin  JH
C/Insp Scott Green  SG
Jane Walker   JW
C/Insp Shelley Hemsley SH
Julie McVeigh   JMc
Lorraine Rogers  LR 
Andrew Leverton  AL
Anna Charlton   AC
Alison Beard   AB
John Dix   JD
Rachael Greenfield  RG 
Rik Martin   RM
Erica Redfearn   ER

Kayley Taylor

Simon Mottram  SM
Daniel Lennox   DL

1. Welcome & Apologies

JH opened the meeting and apologies were given. JH also welcomed EM from the Police Authority and explained she will be attending the future meetings to aid force and Police Authority development work.

2. Presentations

‘K’Neighbourhood Survey Development

AC gave a brief power point presentation on K Neighbourhood, a Sheffield initiative to engage with the community. AC explained she has taken this to Sheffield Command Team, who have agreed the idea, and it is currently being piloted in the Woodseats area. AC confirmed the current position is the pilot period, which is almost over and therefore in the next few weeks they will be meeting with all the other Sheffield SNAs to discuss a date to start using this. AC informed the group she is also speaking to district admin regarding back data.

AC explained the issues and risks of K Neighbourhood, main one being if the blackberries or the internet goes down and no paper back up. JH added if the internet goes down it should not be long for it to get back up and running as blackberries and internet are critical for the runnings of the force.

AB concluded the presentation by confirming it could be easily adapted to other districts though no discussions have yet taken place. AB informed the group a Woodseats Inspector thought there could be a youth version of K Neighbourhood to enable youth letters to be sent out etc, but nothing has happened with this yet.

AL asked about sample sizes AC confirmed they would like to go to every house with this if possible.

JH asked how the data would be used, and advised this should supplement ‘Your Voice Counts’ as there will be a lot of commonality. JH advised SH that once the pilot is finished, K Neighbourhood could be taken to Ops performance and tasking meeting and the Policing Board.

SH queried the mechanics of the forms i.e. are the officers just going out knocking on doors only prior to pact meetings.  AC confirmed it varies, she knows that in the Woodseats area the officers perform the surveys as part of their normal daily responsibilities.

EC was interested in how the data would be used once collated and how could work together with Your Voice Counts. AB explained they have not asked the SNA what they do with the data yet.

JH concluded by confirming we will have another update on this is the January meeting.

Action 147: SH to give us a further update on K Neighbourhood at the next meeting and take K – Neighbourhood to Citizen Focus Board in January – SH speak to Eddie Murphy to be put on agenda

Productivity Framework

AL gave a brief presentation, and confirmed the productivity framework is not a finished product just a reflection of some ideas been they have discussing since May when met he with rest of northern forces to try to define productivity. The idea is to pull together lots of information from various different reports.  AL confirmed they have gone down the balance scorecard route, AL explained his measures to the group.

SH added that they have not really known what productivity looked like and thinks this fits with what we are looking to do. SH added only key pieces of management information should be measured not everything.  SH is concerned about what and how much activity will be measured.

AH asked the group for advice regarding cost measures, as figures they have access to such as value for money profiles would only be refreshed yearly? Would there be potential measures that change on a regular basis? JH confirmed general resources should remain roughly the same however overtime costs would change.

AH gave an example of what Durham police use.

AH concluded by confirming his next steps will be to pull together some potential indicators for each area and look at pulling together a list of other measures they want to add and looking at what will be best effective.

SH confirmed they can now think about consultation and have a workshop for districts and departments to talk about what they think are decent indicators, then will develop this mop up to reflect the ideas and then take the findings to the policing board for strategic steer.

SH will organise workshops for December to be taken to Policing Board in January, and could then launch in April.

Action 148: SH & AL to organise productivity workshops for December, with a view of taking the findings to the Policing Board in January.nding to policing board in January/ February

3. Minutes from Previous Meeting

There were no minutes from the last meeting held on 11 October 2011.

4. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

5. Strategic Overview Updates

Diamond Boards

SG asked if everyone had seen the ‘Year 2 & Beyond Report’, he confirmed he will email this to the management team. SG confirmed it went to SCT who agreed in principle a number of recommendations but some are still being debated. At the last Diamond Board meeting, Mr Dyson went through all 14 recommendations. 13 of them have been approved and agreed the only one that has not is a mandatory 15% reduction on overtime spend without Winsor. If Winsor goes through, they recommend a 10% reduction on overtime spend – this needs further debate so it is going back to the South Yorkshire Policing Board. SG confirmed this is forming the bases of savings plans, which are being compiled now for year 2.

SG spoke about differential savings targets. Protective Services Portfolio has a 5% target and Territorial Operations has a 3% target, the idea for this is to allow the ACCs to decide within their portfolio where to take the savings.

SG confirmed quite a lot of work has been done with Mr Sahota and his three Chief Superintendents, and over the last 3 weeks they have identified about three million savings, another one million will be slightly harder to do but they do have proposals in place to take back to the board for new reviews to be commissioned.

No questions were raised

Ops, Performance & Tasking

SH informed the meeting that she has the Emerging Themes meeting next week and Ops Performance meeting is at the end of the month. ACC Bob Sanderson is wanting to push some more meaningful OCG management into the ops performance and tasking. SH reiterated they are currently in the third performance quarter and have 4 priorities which are burglary dwelling, criminal damage, metal theft and satisfaction.

Action 149: SH to asked Dan Cowham to update the priorities board

Corporate Health Checks

Reducing bureaucracy (about us collating examples) – JH confirmed to LR that SM has done some work on behalf of Mr Dyson on this for the Home Secretary. LR confirmed she would speak to SM about this.

QRD - Actions

JH confirmed these would be discussed at the next QRD

6. Local Priorities

Updates from Unit Heads

JH ask the managers to confirm current priorities up until Christmas.

JM confirmed they are doing a full NCRS Audit, looking at a Domestic Audit which is including child concern, just completed a TIC audit and just publishing a Cautions, ASB  and Criminal Damage Audit.

RM– streamlining polices are now down to about 550 and with regards to the PCC transition action plan he has given the draft to Lorraine to hopefully will soon be finalised.

AL– apart from productivity, ARLS and OMR development. Work has started regarding custody locations for Rob Odell.

JD – developing the benefits process, getting TENs up and running, developing the WIG aspects. JH discussed a piece of work Eric is doing with regards to critical functions within business continuity.

BCD Risks

It was noted that the BCD Risk Register was up to date. 

Emerging Risks

From the previous meeting a risk was identified which was the ‘incontinency of BCD service provision to the force’. LR gave an update of the progress of this, and has produced an action list and asked everyone to confirm who she has got down as the best action owner is correct.

Action 150: LR to circulate emerging risks action plan for managers to confirm they are happy with action manager.

JD confirmed there has been a risk for a long time on the strategic register about lack of business continuity plans, however, this risk has now moved on from lack of plans to lack of tested and exercised plans. Now that they are being tested and exercised, the recommendation is that the risk can be discharged at strategic and BCD level as they work has been done to address the risk. JD informed everyone this will be raised national level with BCD being the owner. JH confirmed as long as there is a report being taken to the RMB he is happy for this to be discharged.

LR spoke about the policy review, she wanted to confirm the previous work done Paula Ibbotson who lead on the policy review was very good as agreed regionally, she thought it would be useful in the CSSR review so they can pick up what they need and leave what they do not. LR has commissioned a close out and evaluation report for Paula to do as soon as possible for this then to go to diamond board and send to CSSR

Action 151: LR to chase Paula about Policy Review paper needs as this to be ready for week comm. 21st November for Diamond board on 28th November

7. SDG Updates

JH went through updates

Non-standard software on BCD machines – JH confirmed there is ongoing work about what we have in the department.

Department Wiki – ongoing

MFD’s – trying to save paper by using ‘user box’ – review team are piloting this.

Action 152: KT to speak to DC to find or produce a ‘how to’ guide to printing to a user inbox to save paper and circulate to Managers.

Office cleanliness – JH confirmed we now have own cleaner, but standard needs to be monitored.

Heath & Wellbeing initiative – JD confirmed he has not had much response to this. He is taking part in the lifestyle assessment programme and the human lab stuff, he will let people know his experiences. JH asked if health and wellbeing was brought up at the General Meeting, JD confirmed it had been in the passed and Alex (who he is dealing with) did a presentation.

Action 153: JD to speak with Eric and Janine and arrange a presentation to be Put on the agenda for the next general meeting.

Children in Need – This has been sorted

Transition to new HQ - JH confirmed the moving in target date is 3rd October. SG confirmed if position of SCT remains the same, only heads of departments will have there own office and not managers. This will cause major issues with confidentiality etc.

Action 154: JH - speak to SCT regarding open offices within the new Head Quarters building.

8. Corporate Services Review

JD gave an update – terms of reference were approved and Mr Sanderson is a sponsor, they are now looking at each others roles and responsibilities, some interviews have taken place, focus groups are being set up to let everyone know what’s happening and so staff can contribute, there is also an away day on December 14th for all senior mangers.

JD advised the word ‘interview’ has been used but it is not an interview just to get a feel for what individuals are doing and a feel for the future department structure. It is about ensuring we are fit for purpose for the future.

The review cannot complete its objectives until they get the vision from the new chief.

9. Emerging Issues

GEN/14’s –

No new GEN 14’s

Audit report – Risk Management

JD confirmed out of the report there were five low level recommendations, which are being drawn up to an action plan. Overall we came out of the review very well.

Action 155: JD to give an update about the Audit Report action plan at the next meeting.

Programme review & Critical Friend Review

JD gave an update – Mike Russell a programme management expert came in from NPIA to look at Diamond and the management processes. He has done a comprehensive report and brought up some items for us to consider to develop or amended within our program management structure. JD confirmed this is a good and fair report but at a practical level he doesn’t think we would implement all the recommendations but will incorporate this into the review of the operating procedures. – This is being dealt with via another action plan.

SG gave his views and agrees with above that it was a fair review.

JH confirmed this would be another agenda item for next time.

Forthcoming report and challenge meeting

JH made everyone aware that on 22nd November there is the support and challenge meeting, which Mr Baker and HMIC are coming in to speak to SCT and Police Authority about how were getting on with addressing the CSR Period. JH confirmed the key points for us are 30% of forces will get an inspection in January time. JH anticipates we will get an inspection. Therefore, there will be a commitment as a department to work with the Police Authority to prepare for this.

GRS Outstanding Leave Authorisations

JH confirmed there’s a slight back log with issuing leave on GRS – within BCD there was currently about 18 outstanding requests, JH asked managers to check and authorise outstanding leave. A discussion took place as to whether you should get an email to alert managers, and whether your can see all requests or just your own teams and do you need to pick the correct manager to send it to?

Action 156: JMc to speak to Carol Moore to clarify if you have to pick someone to send annual leave requests too, should there be an email reminder or alert and do staff have to select who their line manager is.

JH also asked managers to remind staff of leave they still need to take before April.

PDR – Future Framework

Will be discussed within next meeting – with a presentation.

Strike action day 30th November

JH reminded managers that we need to make sure that critical functions are in place if some staff do strike. There is also some guidance on the intranet.

Expectation of the Management Team

JH took initial views from managers but confirmed they will discuss this in the next QRD meeting as he would like to put a response back and look at the wider issues and expectations of staff as well.

Action 157: JH to discuss expectations of the management team at the next QRD.

10. BCD Finance

Spend against profile

JH confirmed that as a department we have around £80,000 under spend due to vacancies that have not been filled throughout the year.

Budget savings

JH added we are on target for budget savings for the year we’ve saved £433,000 as a department this year which is just over 20% which is recognition of previous reviews and delivered business with less people.

11. BCD HR


JH confirmed the Report Design Unit – application passed to Unit, and KT has joined as BCD secretary.


No Issues


JH went through outstanding PDR’s with the group.

NCALT - Training

Action 158: All managers to look at the organisational management report on a monthly basis to check were we are with NCALT data and keep on top of it.

12. Good Work Nominations

All agreed there would be some future nominations.  But none as yet

13. AOB



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