BCD Management Team Meeting - 9 September 2010

BCD Management Team Meeting - 9 September 2010

Geoff McDonald GMC
Jean Leah  JL
John Dix  JD
Steve Bunting  SB
Simon Mottram SM
Alison Oates  AO
Lorraine Rogers LR
Rachael Greenfield RG
Rik Martin  RM

Jennifer Marsh

Supt Jason Harwin JH
Alan Wilshaw  AW
Novia Hallows  NH

1. Welcome & Apologies

GMC opened the meeting and apologies were given as above.

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting

The minutes from the meeting held 12 August 2010 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3. Action Schedule

Please see action schedule for updates.

4. Risk Management Software Demo

Daniel Lennox delivered a demonstration to the meeting on the new risk management software, TEN.  The system ran on the Intranet and all staff would have access to the system.  It was hoped that the system would go live on the Intranet on 1 October 2010.  For further information on the system, please liaise with Daniel Lennox or Debbie Stones.

5. Diamond

SM provided an update on the current projects running under Diamond.  Some main points to note were:

Matching Resources to Demand – Was expected to run until next year.  The XIMES system was now being developed with funding from the NPIA.  Sheffield would be the pilot site for the system, with findings / recommendations being presented to SCT.

Performance Management Review – The skills audit with staff was currently taking place.

Drug Testing on Arrest – Attercliffe custody had now been closed.

Legal Services – collaboration work was being undertaken with local councils.

6. Regional Working

SM informed the meeting that the four Chief Constables had agreed to a 25% cost reduction in vehicle fleet management.  JL added that the four forces were looking to have one Scientific Support department – with one force leading the review supported by a ‘virtual’ review team.

7. Force Performance

SB provided updates on the following:

Value for Money Profile – Comments had now been returned to the Home Office and acknowledgement had been received from HMIC relating to the changes.

Cultural Audit – There were 16 recommendations in total from the audit which would now be presented to SCT.

Your Voice Counts – The last quarter results had now been published and actions were now being developed.

Northern Forces Performance Meeting – Was to take place at Niagara on 17 September 2010.

Survey Policy – CWB was currently looking at re-writing part of the policy.

Sergeant and Inspector Training – Performance was now being incorporated in the training and C/Insp Adrian Moran was writing a paper for SCT on this.

8. Business Plan

It was noted that the Business Plan was being updated regularly with very few outstanding.

9. Risk Register

JD ran through the current risk register for BCD:

Force Performance – Was to be updated by Debbie Stones.

Ability of BCD to continue to deliver an effective product – It was suggested that the wording of this risk needed to be reviewed and so it was agreed that the risk would be closed and a new, more relevant risk be added.

New risks being incorporated onto the register were:

Business Continuity
Policy Review

10. GEN/14s

The GEN/14 relating to Valuing the Police, raised by LR was currently being worked on by LR and the Corporate Assessment Team.  A meeting was to take place with Stuart Eckford at the end of September where the inspection process would be discussed, along with a demonstration of SYP’s self assessment model. 

11. Devolved Budgets

Discussed under closed session.

It was noted that efficiency savings were currently on target and that the recurring savings target for this financial year would be met.

12. Sickness

BCD were currently below the Force target for August of 0.71, with a total of 0.68. 

13. PDRs

A sheet was handed out detailing the current outstanding PDRs for BCD.  JL reported that Keeley Smith (Office Manager) was now developing a process for the returns of PDRs. 

14. BCD Vacancies

Discussed under closed session.

15. HR Plan

It had been realised that two posts had been recorded incorrectly in terms of Banding, but this had now been resolved.

16. Staff Welfare

Discussed under closed session.

17. Health & Safety

JL reported that the Fire Risk Assessment had been completed and three recommendations had been made. One action was for the Landlord, and the other two were:

BCD to have closers fitted to all kitchen doors
Risk assessments for desks / floor walks – Keeley Smith was working on this

18. Conferences for Consideration

The following conferences were considered:

Improving the Future of Policing
Delivering Efficiency Savings in the Police
Strengthening Police Accountability
Comprehensive Spending Review

After discussion, it was agreed that no one would attend the above conferences, although if someone felt that they should attend a conference, they should submit a business case to AW.

19. Prevent Workshop

JL reported that an email had been received from CSD asking for representation from BCD to attend a Prevent workshop.  After discussion, it was agreed that a member of PRU, a CHC officer and a member of MIP/GRS team would attend the workshop.

20. Mileage Claims from Districts/Departments

JL informed the meeting that BCD had received a mileage claim from Barnsley for two members of staff who attended a BCD led workshop.  JL stated to the meeting that staff should only claim mileage from their own District/Department. 

JL also asked Managers (and to tell their units), that if only a few miles had been done in claim period, to merge it with another month as it was sometimes costing more to process the claim, than the actual mileage done.  JL said that claiming on a two monthly basis was the best option.

The next Management Meeting is due to take place on 14 October 2010, 10.30-12.30, Conference Room, Albion House.


Thursday, 9 September, 2010 - 14:45