Business crime

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Watch this business pitch from Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth, the force lead for business crime. 

Crime costs businesses across South Yorkshire millions of pounds every year. Far from being a victimless crime, it affects the profitability of your business and the cost of the goods you and your family buy in shops every day.

Businesses are affected by crime in three main ways:

·         Property crime, such as fraud, theft and criminal damage

·         Antisocial behaviour, abuse and intimidation of staff and customers

·         Violent crime ranging from aggressive & violent customers to robbery

By putting in place a few simple measures, you can help make your business a safer place for your staff, customers & visitors and, at the same time, reduce the costs to your business.

Email us on to request a free security assessment visit or to ask for crime prevention advice.


Victims Code of Practice

Changes to the Victims Code of Practice introduced in December 2013 now provide services to Businesses or enterprises(such as charities), provided they give a named point of contact for all communication.

Business can now make an Impact Statement to outline to the court how a crime has affected the business and at the discretion of the court, request that all or part of that statement is read out in court by the Prosecutor when considering sentence.  

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Impact Statement for Business

If your business has been a victim of crime and you report this to the police, you can make an Impact Statement for Business (ISB). The ISB gives you the opportunity to set out the impact that a crime has had on the business such as direct financial loss, and wider impacts, e.g. operational disruption or reputational damage. The court will take the statement into account when determining sentence.

All businesses and enterprises (including charities but excluding public sector bodies), of any size may make an ISB through a nominated representative.

You should be informed about the opportunity to make an ISB by the police at the same time as they take statements about the alleged offence. You can make an ISB to the police at that time or download the attached template form which you can complete and email or post to your police contact.

·         Business Impact Statement Form (Open Document Format)

·         Business Impact Statement Form (Portable Document Format)

·         Business Impact Statement Form (Microsoft Word)

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