Please note that  Cadet recruitment is closed for 2014 and will reopen in March 2015

Cadets are ambassadors for South Yorkshire Police (SYP) acting as mentors and role models within their communities.

The overarching aim of the cadet scheme is to:

• give responsible, civic minded young people a positive experience with South Yorkshire Police

• develop positive relationships with the next generation

• provide young people with an opportunity to develop themselves within an established framework based around law and the police

• encourage young people to act as peer role models as they represent South Yorkshire Police.  

Entry requirements

• Applicants must live in South Yorkshire

• Applicants must be aged 15 on 1 September 2014 and no older than 17 as of 31 August 2015

• Enthusiasm and commitment are essential

• No formal academic qualifications needed

• Dedication to attend one evening per week for two hours is required

• A smart appearance is required in line with the South Yorkshire Police dress code.

Please note that to qualify you will need to successfully pass Force vetting procedure and an 8-week probationary period.

If you are over 18-years-old, you might be interested in applying to become a Volunteer Cadet Leader.