Community Safety Department Management Team Meeting - 22 September 2009


C I Paul Varley (PV)
Steven Connor - Business Manager (SC)
Phil White - Performance Manager, (PW)
Mick Hunter – Project Development Manager (MH)
Yvonne Duffin - Project Development Manager (YD)
Jenny Webb – Secretarial Support (minutes)

Supt Mick Webster
C I Iain Chorlton
Insp Gwyn Thomas
Insp Stuart Edwards
Evans Chisala
Margaret Lawson
Rachel Greenfield
Louisa Bennett

1.  Presentation on ‘Budget Cuts’

Evan Chisala was scheduled to carry out a presentation on ‘Budget Cuts and how this will affect the public sector in the next 3 year’s’, in his absence SC gave a brief overview. The presentation will be an agenda item for the next Management Meeting. 

In relation to The Government not having made a decision on Budgets for the next 3 years, Nigel Hiller presented a number of different scenarios to the SCT.  The decision from the SCT is that there will be no development bids for any recurrent salary people and there will be no development bids agreed unless they are self financing.

SC suggested submitting investment bids rather than spending bids.
2.  Standing Items

Declaration of Any Other Business

Put forward by YD on behalf of Margaret Lawson:

i. The office being left unmanned at lunchtime due to ‘staff leaving do’s’
ii.  Furniture for the SCE Unit.

MH – Suitable SYP System training for Analyst Laura Woodcock.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 18 August 09 were approved. 

Action Schedule Update

Please see attached action schedule for new actions.

Business Plan Update

SC confirmed no update other than it is up for review again.

Carry Forward – Underspend

The lease on Lifewise is still to be finalised.

Projects are progressing; SC is to meet with Sheffield Planning Department & the signage company to discuss plans for a ‘Billboard’ to be sited in the car park facing the Parkway.

CSD/ISD Accommodation Plans

SC confirmed that there had been a delay with the plans.  SC has submitted ideas for the main office space to Martin Roberts to be drawn up in draft form.  Any plans put forward will be discussed, with the final decision made by the Command Team.  

Action arising:
1.  Managers to consult with their staff and send any additional suggestions/plans to SC asap. 

Risk Register

A discussion took place around the Risk Register which is at a high level for CSD. SC suggested that the Risk Register should stay within the project folder around a particular project with a link into the Force Risk Register to avoid any duplication. 

Finance Update

No update was given

Diversity Update

No update was given

3.  Leadership

Leaders in Action

No update due to CI Iain Chorlton not being able to attend this meeting

Citizen Focus

A discussion took place around the positive feedback in relation to the NPIA, Citizen Focus Training recently provided to senior managers. PV agreed to support use of the CSD Training Budget to meet any costs for MH & YD and their teams to attend the course. (Further courses are apparently going to take place and the Citizen Focus Team have been made aware of our request – not known at this stage if there will be a charge for attendance).

4.  Policy and Formulation

There are three policies, owned by CSD, that are ready for updating.  All are being addressed.

5.  People Management

Staffing Issues

Louisa Bennett, Manager at Lifewise is pregnant.  Arrangements will be made to ensure continuity of staff coverage (Potential for Band D to act up).

Dawn Drury Smith, Project Officer, is to leave CSD and SYP on 16th October.

Katy Beal, Researcher is to leave CSD to become a PCSO.

Kate Robinson, Project Officer, is to leave CSD on the 2 October on a 6 months secondment.

Lucy Hayward is leaving CSD Admin on the 25th September to her new promoted role at the Ops Complex.

Beth Crome starts in CSD on the 23rd September as the Researcher for the SCPU Team. 

MH brought up the problems being experienced obtaining training for Analyst Laura Woodcock on SYP systems, Discoverer, PNC etc.  This is essential training that is needed for Laura to access these systems to carry out her role, PV agreed to assist to push forward.

Personal Development Reviews

SC confirmed that PDR’s were up to date.

Weekly Leave

No update was given

Health & Safety

A fire drill was successfully carried out on the 22nd September.

A discussion was held about health and safety issues around storing items incorrectly in the storage room.  PV urged that staff should be made aware of only storing relevant information in a tidy manner to avoid any further incidents occurring.  The Admin Team are to be tasked with checking the storeroom on a weekly basis.

MH brought up the issue of the faulty water cooler, SC to contact Facilities Management to address.

SC confirmed that ISD are to have a Health and Safety audit next week, which may have implications on CSD, SC to report back at next meeting.

6.  Partnerships Resources

SC confirmed that risks around ‘Partnerships’ now sit within CSD.

Joanne Rimmer, Project Officer SCPU, is to carry out a presentation on the ISAC6+ project to appraise everyone what is happening.

PW stated that short presentations on the projects being carried out by members of the SCPU team will be held shortly.

7.  CSD Restructure Update

No update was given

8.  Finance Brigading Update

SC confirmed that a Temporary Finance Assistant is to start in ISD on the 12 October.

9.  e Government 

No update was given due to CI Iain Chorlton not being able to attend this meeting.

10.  A.O.B

A discussion was held about the possibility of putting documents on a department e-library (acknowledging one was previously in place and to ensure we take cognisance of the SYP e-library and associated policy).

Action arising:
2.  e-library – Mick Hunter to explore possibilities and report back to the next meeting.

Margaret Lawson put forward her concerns in leaving the office unmanned at lunchtime when staff hold leaving parties.  PV suggested that staff should make sure that there is sufficient cover to enable the essential functions to continue, or that, as a minimum, voicemail should be activated.  PV suggested taking this to the Command Team Meeting to discuss whether a ruling should be implemented around ‘Lunch time leaving do’s’. (Note this was discussed and action as above deemed appropriate).

11.  Date of Next Meeting

5 November 09 ,10.00am – 12.00noon - Nunnery Square Conference Room. 


Action DateOwnerActionUpdate
Action 2 – 20.04.09Steve ConnorSC to arrange for Deborah Stones, Business Change, to give an overview as to how the Risk Assessment Process works. 
08.07.09 SC to arrange for Deborah Stones to attend the next meeting – ONGOING. See minutes for further updates and new actions. 
Action 3 – 08.07.09 Mick Hunter 18.08.09 – SC was not present to give an update.  ONGOING. SC to send information to all relevant staff of what the Risk Register is all about and what should or should not be entered onto it. 18.08.09 – This action has been deferred.  DEFERRED 22.09.09 – This action passed to Mick Hunter to liaise with John Dix & Deborah Stones and update at next meeting. 
Action 2 – 08.07.09 Steve Connor SC to communicate with CJAD and ISD to obtain a decision as to whether the vending machines can be relocated to another floor or can be removed.  A deadline of 28 days to reply has been set. 18.08.09 – The vending machine is to be moved but the location/date is still yet to be confirmed. ONGOING.  22.09.09 – When CJAD leave the vending machines will be located to the 1st floor. 
Action 6 – 08.07.09Iain Chorlton IC to arrange for Katy Beal, Researcher, to provide an up date on ‘Leaders In Action the week prior to the Management Meeting. 
18.08.09 YD confirmed Katie Beal is in touch with ‘Leaders in Action’ and will update the group when they receive any information.  ONGOING 22.09.09 – DEFERRED due to Iain Chorlton not being present. 
Action 7 – 08.07.09Iain Chorlton IC to provide an update from CI Eddie Murphy on Citizen Focus the week prior to the Management Meeting. 18.08.09 – On hold. DEFERRED.  22.09.09 - DEFERRED due to Iain Chorlton not being present. 
Action 10 – 08.07.09Steve Connor SC to look at the enclosure of the Custodian’s area on front reception and report back at the next Management Meeting. 
18.08.09 Deferred due to SC not being present.  DEFERRED.  22.09.09 – SC to consider ‘half enclosure/lesser options’ONGOING
Action 12 – 08.07.09Steve Connor SC to confirm with Nigel Hiller that all fax machines are to be removed. 18.08.09 – DEFERRED. 22.09.09 – SC confirmed that one fax machine is to be maintained in the DepartmentDISCHARGED
Action 1 – 18.08.09AllAll to make EC aware of what blockages maybe causing the current under spend. 22.09.09 – CompletedDISCHARGED
Action 2 – 18.08.09Evans Chisala EC to give a presentation on ‘Budget Cuts and how this will affect the public sector in the next 3 years’ at the next Management Meeting.  22.09.09 – To be carried out at the next meeting on the 5th November 
Action 3 – 18.08.09Department HeadsDepartment Heads to identify staff training needs and preferred locations for these events, then to liaise with Tanya Wright. 22.09.09 – CompletedDISCHARGED
Action 1 – 22.09.09 ManagersRe accommodation plans - Managers to consult with their staff and send any additional suggestions/plans to SC asap. 
Action 2 – 22.09.09 Mick Huntere-library – Mick Hunter to explore possibilities and report back to the next meeting. 


























Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 - 12:30