Community Safety Department Management Team Meeting - 25 February 2010


Supt Mick Webster - Supt (MW) 
Paul Varley – Chief Inspector SCEU (PV)
Gwyn Thomas – Inspector SCEU (GT)
Phil White - Performance Manager (PW)
Yvonne Duffin - Project Development Manager (YD)
Rachel Greenfield – Personnel Manager (RG)
Margaret Lawson – Performance Manager (ML)
Terry Haith – Office Manager CSD (TH)
Jenny Webb – Minutes

1.  Apologies

C I Iain Chorlton
Insp Jon Johnson
Mick Hunter
Steven Connor
Evans Chisala
Duncan Batty

2.  Standing Items

Declaration of Any Other Business

No other business was declared. 

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on the 6 January 2010 were agreed. 

Action Schedule Update

Please see attached action schedule for new actions.

Business Plan Update

TH reported that the Partnership Register has now been updated on the Business Plan.

Carry Forward – Underspend

MW reported that the carry forward underspend has been presented to ACC Holt who is very happy with the situation with no major issues.

CSD/ISD Accommodation Plans

TH reported that all the CSD Admin Team will relocate to the 2nd floor to co-locate with ISD Admin / Finance Teams, date to be confirmed.

Risk Register

No issues

Finance Update

The Police Authority has approved the budget for next year, MW has had a meeting with Steve Connor & Evans Chisala to discuss planning.

A discussion took place around the management of budgets for each section and MW’s view is to adopt a more realistic view on how to manage the financial budgets, balancing the desirability of appraisals for financial performance with the availability of adequate financial tools.  Evans Chisala is to explain in more depth on how to move forward with this.

MW reported that efficiency savings have been achieved for this year.

Diversity Update

MW is one of 3 Action Managers in the Force who together are looking at the new ‘Equalities Standards for the Police’.  MW is responsible for bench marking the Diversity aspects of Operational Delivery.  A meeting has been arranged for the 13th April with Chief Inspectors, (Partnerships) from Districts and their equivalent from Departments in the Force.  From this meeting evidence will be gathered from the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of achievements around Diversity.  This will be taken in a useable form to the Diversity Board in May, which will prepare for an HMI inspection of the Force’s attitude in Diversity issues.

3.  Leadership

Leaders in Action

The decision by MW is to continue to invite updates and continue to discuss learning from previous functions. 

Citizen Focus

MW is to provide an update from his attendance at the Citizen Focus Board Meeting.

4.  Policy and Formulation

 No update

5.  People Management

Staffing Issues

RG reported that a Finance Assistant post has now been advertised for CSD / ISD.
The Band B Alarms Admin Assistant post has now been advertised.

A discussion took place in regards to the Marketing post advertised for CSD, as yet there has been no decision made.

YD is to sort out a start date for the new Prevent Researcher candidate for SCEU.

Interview dates for a Project Officer in SCEU are to be arranged.

MW announced that he will retire from South Yorkshire Police on the 27th July 2010.

Personal Development Reviews

RG reported that there were no issues with PDR’s

Weekly Leave

No issues

Personal Safety Training

RG reported that Wayne Vernon is out of date on his First Aid, and will be put on the next available course.

Health & Safety

TH reported that the regular premises inspection has been resurrected with the ground floor completed on the 3rd February with no major issues.  The remaining floors are to be completed after CJAD re locate and ISD are in place.

TH confirmed that the immediate actions taken from the Fire Risk Assessment have now all been completed.

With regards to the issue of the infestation of mice on the ground floor, Environmental Health have assessed the situation.  There is no longer evidence in the office area but evidence in the ISD server room is still of some concern.  Steve Connor has implemented a local contract to solve the immediate problem but has also contacted Facilities Management to resurrect the original contract.

GT raised the issue of storage for operational equipment, it was agreed to look at this on a needs basis.

TH confirmed that the official Health & Safety Inspection for CSD is December 2010.
6.  Partnerships & Resources

No update was given.

7.  Finance Brigading Update 

This agenda item is deferred to the next meeting

8.  Audit Plan Update

TH confirmed that all the outstanding audit recommendations have now been completed.  Supt Webster gave his approval and authorised the discharge of this piece of work.

9.  GEN 14 – Policing White Paper (IC)

This agenda item is deferred to the next meeting

10.  Direction & Control Procedures

TH stated that the Audit Report highlighted that within CSD there was no formal procedure in place for handling complaints under the Direction & Control procedure.  After discussions it was agreed for TH to implement the proposed process and advise all staff of the Direction & Control requirements.  If any staff receive a complaint they should take it to their line manager to assess who will then forward to TH to be implemented onto the register.

Action arising:
1.  TH to publicise to all staff a  summary of the  Direction & Control requirements and information on the correct procedure to follow if any complaints are received.

11.  A.O.B

No other business was discussed

12.  Date of Next Meeting

6 April 2010, 10 – 12 noon - Nunnery Square Conference Room. 


Action DateOwnerActionUpdate
Action 7 – 08.07.09Iain ChorltonIC to provide an update from CI Eddie Murphy on Citizen Focus the week prior to the Management Meeting. 
18.08.09 On hold- DEFERRED due to Iain Chorlton not being present.DEFERRED. 22.09.09
05.11.09Mick Webster  To be placed on agenda at next meeting.06.01.10 – On going.
25.02.10 This action now passed over to MW to provide an update from the Citizen Focus Board Meeting. 
Action 4 – 06.01.10Mick HunterThis action refers to Action refers to Action 2 – 20.04.09 & Action 3 
8.07.09 MH  to liaise with John Dix & Deborah Stones and update at next meeting with an overview as to how the Risk Assessment Process works. 25.02.10 – MH to show how the current or any future process will work.Ongoing
Action 1 – 25.02.10Terry Haith TH to publicise to all staff a summary of the  Direction & Control requirements and information on the correct procedure to follow if any complaints are received. 






Thursday, 25 February, 2010 - 13:45