Community Safety Department Management Team Meeting - 5 November 2009


Supt Mick Webster - Supt (MW) 
C I Paul Varley – Chief Inspector (PV)
Steven Connor - Business Manager (SC)
Evans Chisala – OMU (EC)
Jon Johnson – Inspector SCPU (JJ)
Phil White - Performance Manager (PW)
Margaret Lawson – Performance Manager (ML)
Mick Hunter – Project Development Manager (MH)
Yvonne Duffin - Project Development Manager (YD)
Terry Haith – Office Manager CSD (TH)
Anne Cassidy – Finance Officer (AC)
Julie Kyte – Office Manager ISD (JK)
Melissa Cole – Minutes

Rachel Greenfield
Louisa Bennett
Iain Chorlton

1.  Presentation on ‘Budget Cuts’

EC gave an overview on the budget cuts proposed by the Government.  It was suggested that budgets could potentially be cut by 10% by 2011/12.  Discussions took place relating to the email released by Nigel Hiller titled ‘decade of pain’, and how this explains the implications of the budget cut.  It was suggested that all Public Sector organisations may be imposed with pay freezes, however, this is yet to be confirmed. 

Actions Arising:

Joanne Rimmer to give a presentation on ISAC6 at the next meeting. 
SC to give update/ presentation on CSD Internal Audit at the next meeting. 

2.  Standing Items

Declaration of Any Other Business

No other business was declared. 

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 22 September 09 were approved. 

Action Schedule Update

Please see attached action schedule for new actions.

Business Plan Update

Discussions took place relating to the recent Audit Report carried out by the Police Authority.  This was sent to all.  It was confirmed that the topic ‘Audit Report’ is to be placed on the agenda at each meeting in order to keep track of actions this report contains.  Action Managers will also be invited to the meeting as and when required. 

Carry Forward – Underspend

EC suggested his information was not up to date due to the meeting taking place before the monthly reports had been completed. 

PV confirmed that the budget for Community Mapping was likely to all be needed as there is no Business Analysis from ISD available to undertake this work; therefore, an alternative external resource would have to be found. 

Discussions took place relating to the post of Marketing Officer, which is to be recruited by CSD; this has been approved by ACC Holt and the Police Authority. 

It was also confirmed that an external sign has been ordered this will be used to highlight reassurance messages to passers by who use the Parkway.  It was stated that Corporate Comms are to be responsible for changing the signs.

CSD/ISD Accommodation Plans

SC confirmed that he, EC and TH will relocate on to CJAD’s floor, when they move out of the building.  However, the exact date is still to be confirmed. 

Risk Register

No update. 

Finance Update

EC confirmed that there is an under spend of £98,000.

Diversity Update

MW informed all that a new Equality Bill has been created and this will be released by March 2010.  New strands of diversity to be introduced are marital status, pregnancy and maternity and socio-economic groups. 

3.  Leadership

Leaders in Action
No update.  

Citizen Focus

MH informed all about the APA Confidence Research and Guidance Report, it was suggested that this document should be circulated to CSD Management Team. 

Action Arising:

MW to circulate APA Report to CSD Management Team. 

4.  Policy and Formulation

No update. 

5.  People Management

Staffing Issues

No issues were discussed. 

Personal Development Reviews

TH confirmed the latest stats from HQ.   

Weekly Leave

No update was given

Health & Safety

SC informed all about ISD’s Internal Audit Report carried out by Andy Helowicz team, he suggested if any useful information comes out of this, he would inform CSD Command Team.   

6.  Partnerships Resources

No update was given. 

7.  CSD Restructure Update

No update was given and this heading is to be removed form the agenda. 

8.  Finance Brigading Update/ Office layout. 

SC informed all that he has received proposed layout options for seating arrangements in CSD.  These were looked at after the meeting and options are to be considered by the Command Team.  The glass office adjacent to the photo copier room will become a 2 person quiet working area. 

Action Arising:

SC to invite staff to feedback issues of concern in relation to the proposed staffing plans and then consult all when a decision has been made.  This will then be brought to the CSD Command Team Meeting.

10.  A.O.B

No other business was discussed. 

11.  Date of Next Meeting

6 January 2010, 2 – 4pm - Nunnery Square Conference Room. 


Action DateOwnerActionUpdate
Action 2– 20.04.09 Steve Connor SC to arrange for Deborah Stones, Business Change, to give an overview as to how the Risk Assessment Process works.  
08.07.09 SC to arrange for Deborah Stones to attend the next meeting – ONGOING. See minutes for further updates and new actions.  
 18.08.09 SC was not present to give an update.  ONGOING. SC to send information to all relevant staff of what the Risk Register is all about and what should or should not be entered onto it. 
Action 3 – 08.07.09 Mick Hunter 05.11.09 – Ongoing.  18.08.09 – This action has been deferred.  DEFERRED 22.09.09 – This action passed to Mick Hunter to liaise with John Dix & Deborah Stones and update at next meeting. 05.11.09 – This is to be presented to the Chief Constable on 17 November 2009, and then to provide update at next meeting.  
Action 2– 08.07.09  Steve Connor  SC to communicate with CJAD and ISD to obtain a decision as to whether the vending machines can be relocated to another floor or can be removed.  A deadline of 28 days to reply has been set. 18.08.09 – The vending machine is to be moved but the location/ date is still yet to be confirmed. ONGOING.  22.09.09 – When CJAD leave the vending machines will be located to the 1st floor. . 05.11.09 – Discharged
Action 6 – 08.07.09 Iain Chorlton  IC to arrange for Katy Beal, Researcher, to provide an up date on ‘Leaders In Action the week prior to the Management Meeting. 
18.08.09 YD confirmed Katie Beal is in touch with ‘Leaders in Action’ and will update the group when they receive any information. ONGOING  
22.09.09 DEFERRED due to Iain Chorlton not being present. 05.11.09 – To be placed on agenda at next meeting. 
 Action 7 – 08.07.09  Iain Chorlton  IC to provide an update from CI Eddie Murphy on Citizen Focus the week prior to the Management Meeting. 18.08.09 – On hold.  .DEFERRED
22.09.09 DEFERRED due to Iain Chorlton not being present. 05.11.09 – To be placed on agenda at next meeting. 
Action 10 – 08.07.09 Steve Connor  SC to look at the enclosure of the Custodian’s area on front reception and report back at the next Management Meeting. 18.08.09 – Deferred due to SC not being present.  DEFERRED.  22.09.09 – SC to consider ‘half enclosure/lesser options’ – ONGOING 05.11.09Discharged. 
Action 2 – 18.08.09  Evans Chisala  EC to give a presentation on ‘Budget Cuts and how this will affect the public sector in the next 3 years’ at the next Management Meeting. 22.09.09 – To be carried out at the next meeting on the 5th November. . 05.11.09 – Discharged
 Action 1 – 22.09.09   Managers  Re accommodation plans - Managers to consult with their staff and send any additional suggestions/plans to SC asap.  05.11.09 – To be discussed as on agenda.  
Action 2 – 22.09.09Mick Huntere-library – Mick Hunter to explore possibilities and report back to the next meeting. .05.11.09 – Deferred
Action 1 – 05.11.09  Joanne Rimmer  Joanne Rimmer to give a presentation on ISAC6 at the next meeting 
Action 2 – 05.11.09  Steve Connor   SC to give update/ presentation on CSD Internal Audit at the next meeting.  
Action 3 – 05.11.09 Mick Webster  MW to circulate APA Report to CSD Management Team.  
Action 4 – 05.11.09  Steve Connor   SC to invite staff to feedback issues of concern in relation to the proposed staffing plans and then consult all when a decision has been made. This will then be brought to  the CSD Command Team Meeting. 






Thursday, 5 November, 2009 - 12:00