Corporate Finance Management Team Meeting - 7 November 2011


Present :
Geoff Berrett (Chair)  Head of Finance
Natalie Beal    Financial Accountant
Debbie Carrington  Management Accountant
Jean Cookson   Insurance Manager
David Laughton  Systems Accountant
Rob Fennessy   Exchequer Services Accountant

Apologies :

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

1.1 The minutes of the meeting of 11TH August, 2011 were agreed.

2. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

2.1  None

3. Departmental Issues – Head of Finance

3.1 Corporate Health Check 14-11-11 : apologies from NB and RF. DC, DL, JC and GB attending.  

3.2 Finance Review : update given on timing. Review on course to report to the Diamond Board of 28th November.

3.3 To note, a Business Manager review is pending and a Corporate Services Review under way.

3.4  ISD update given. New Regional Head of Is to start 5th December, 2011. His management team will be determined by mid November. 

3.5 Congratulations to Louise on the birth of Emily Grace and to Chris on the birth of Isabel. Thank you to Jean M for her work on Exchequer Services.

3.6 Rachel B now seconded to SCM/FM OMA role.  Shaz H now in Systems Manager ( Financials ) post, Richard M now covering the Senior Management Accounts Assistant role and Rob F has begun work as the Exchequer Services Accountant.  

3.7 Reminder to all staff to record sickness and other abstractions on GRS.

4. Financial Accounts 

4.1 Financial year end 2010/11 went smoothly.  Audit Commission Annual Audit letter raised no significant concerns and recognises the effective way in which IFRS was implemented.

4.2  Police Reform Act : national level work now underway in relation to such as drafting a new Home Office Code of Financial Management. Force impact will need assessing shortly.

4.3 Chart of Accounts subjective work : some work remains to be done post Rudo leaving the Department. Sheffield Finance may be able to assist.

4.4 Special services : GB determined that these need to undergo the usual annual update unless it can be clearly demonstrated that there have been no changes which would impact these including in relation to the age profiles within ranks.
5. Management Accounts

5.1 SCT determined on 19th September, 2011 that Force revenue budget savings for  2012/13 would be met by budget cuts as follows : 3% territorial, 5% protective and 5% from the Director of Finance’s portfolio. The implications of the latter are not yet understood, in particular given the Finance Review.

5.2 The Budget Holder Commentary has now been replaced by a Budget Manager Commentary which is essentially a stripped down version excluding operational and much HR information.

5.3 Spreadsheet Server will be rolled out to key staff well in advance of the financial year end.    

6. Exchequer

6.1 Kirsty Fletcher and Lyn Otter will be assisting in the Supplier Database set up function.

6.2 Mokum has been re-engaged to further assist with i-Procurement beginning next week.  

6.3 Regional VAT training being held on 14th and 15th November in Hull.

6.4 Audit looking at Payables and Receivables. No significant concerns raised as yet.

7. Insurance

7.1 An update was given on the Northern Insurance Consortium which is working to put national insurance premium contracts in place in such a way that these can be used by SYP and others effective from 1-4-13. A Police Authority paper is being considered on 11th November which recommends a one year extension to our current Motor, EL and PL policies so allowing new contracts to be entered into from 1-4-13.

7.2  An insurance fund audit is currently underway involving JC, Karen A and the Broker.
8. Systems

8.1 Invoice validation problems have been time consuming but now seemingly addressed via a Mokum sourced patch.

8.2 Access now obtained to further Mokum services and support line.

8.3 Work on-going to ensure that orders are linked to the correct CPAs for suppliers with more than one.

8.4 Data being supplied to Oracle / Cedar to form the basis of a requested upgrade proposal. Return to be finalised by 11th November, 2011.

8.5 NFI : data match investigations needed for creditors by the end of December. Pensions data awaited.

8.6 Transparency reports being progressed by Yvonne Rogers.

G.B. 17-11-11


Monday, 7 November, 2011 - 14:30