Facilities Management Team Meeting - 12 August 2009





3. ACTION SCHEDULE  See Action Schedule.


4.1. Budget Update  - LR

Forecast to be £23k over spent by the end of the year.

Rates forecast under spend by £43k because buildings are not being sold which affects Professional Fees but these are off setting by under spending by £50k.

Ordinary Maintenance over spend by £97k – need to monitor.

Measure Term is off setting slightly with a £42k under spend.

Service Charges are under spending by £29, Rates by £22k.

The New Air Support was not known about at the time of budgeting.

Employment costs are down.

Food Purchases are down.

4.2. Efficiency Savings –LR/JH

LR reports that budget savings are not being met. LR attended meeting with DC and RG, which brought up lots of ideas. LR and HW have been working through some for example the energy and environmental savings, the flags policy, rates reassessment and the disposal of Castle Green and Richfield House. The target of £246k and £120 coming forward from last year means FM have a target of £366k. LR suggests another meeting for this specifically, JH agrees. (Action) LR to arrange an Efficiency Savings meeting.

4.3. KPI’s – HW

HW says that this issue is too big to discuss at management meetings and has scheduled a separate meeting. However, the item will be kept on this agenda.

4.4. HR – PDR/Sickness  - KJ

JH reports the need to check KJ’s figure s against the ones from Personnel. (Action). To reconcile the PDR return figures with RG.

4.5. Health and Safety – PG

HW and JH have a meeting today. HW would like to go through the recommendations from the H&S Audit and has been waiting for the quarterly meeting. (Action) PG to work on the implementation of the Control of Contractors.


5.1. Section Objectives/Achievements

Property Service Space Planning Requests – nothing exceptional to report.
Office Tidiness – nothing exceptional to report.
The Recording of FM Information – nothing exceptional to report.

5.1.1. Catering and Cleaning Update – KJ

KJ has sent the report to JH. Catering is struggling, NH is reviewing this.

5.1.2. Property Services Update – PG

JH has five CV’s from Adecco that JH is interested in. Interviews will be arranged for PG’s return. (Action) JH to arrange interviews.

5.1.3. Capital Schemes – PG

Fire alarms – Received a capital scheme brief that has been submitted to Corporate Finance. Awaiting approval.
Niagara power uplift – Waiting for Yorkshire Electricity, DM has been chasing them. Still waiting for a scheme brief.
Goldthorpe showers – nothing exceptional to report.
Europa - (Action) JH to produce an SCT Paper to outline the amount of work that is going on at Europa, the fact that FM has to tender it and the time scales that will be involved.
Snig Hill risers – scheme is being prepared.
Utility metres – nothing exceptional to report. (Action) PG to update for next meeting.
Rotherham Main Street – nothing exceptional to report.
Snig Hill refurb – waiting for final invoice.
Stock condition – the specification is being prepared to go out to tender.
Barnsley DHQ roof covering – need to talk to SCM regarding the use of proprietary product and their approved list. JH will do this in PG’s absence. (Action).
Chillier units – ongoing.
Rotherham standby generator – ongoing.
Rotherham custody lift – ongoing.
Doncaster custody – ongoing.
Training – scheme has been approved, meeting on 3 September for PG, JB and JF to go through the final layout.
SCS – ongoing.
Capital scheme brief – the stock condition brief is now in, LR is still waiting for the minor scheme briefs. (Action) JH to allocate the capital scheme brief minor works.
Capitalisation of Salaries – PG still to return his, all others up to date. (Action) PG to submit his capitalisation of salaries sheet. SH has spoken to RE about the process.

5.1.4. Minor Capital Schemes – PG

As above.

5.2. FM Department Priorities and Milestones

Atrium – nothing exceptional to report.
Corporate Finance & Team Issues – nothing exceptional to report.

5.2.1. Process for obtaining and recording pre-contract estimates – JH

JH explains that the departments and districts need to know what the procedure is to get the additional costing and how long this will take. JH and PG to get together a process of recording pre-contract estimates. (Action) JH will circulate the ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’ document out lining this to Business Managers for their comments.

5.2.2. Planned Maintenance Process – JH

Nothing exceptional to report.

5.3. Business Plan – JH/HW

(Action) HW to update the Business Plan.

5.4. Risk Register/Asset Management Register/Business Continuity – JH/HW

Risk Register - HW and PG added a new risk to the Risk Register for West Bar and a Gen14 was submitted.
Asset Management – BS is keeping the property list updated. HW has asked DB to visit and give input and HW invites all who would like to be involved. HW and LR have time planned to complete this for the deadline in September.
Business Continuity is up to date.

5.5. Corporate Health Check Actions - JH/HW

(Action) PG to chase top ten list.
(Action) HW to update the Corporate Health Check actions.

6. Flags – update the policy, PG to task.

7. Weather – update the policy, PG to task.

8. Moves & Changes (HW) – HW working with SC who has offered to write to NH. ISD should indentify moves and changes to FM; the process of this is now in place. HW will review this in three months (Action).

9. Leases & Licences (PG) – JH states that he has a lot of the information regarding FM properties. On the leases side LR reports that AP and MD have copied all the leases and BS is updating the spreadsheet. There are still a few to sort and some of the sites are just land.

10. Protocols for Capital Projects – JH

JH reports that in the past FM has been asked to give a budget figure with little information on what the project will actually be. This has lead to some embarrassment on the Training School project. NH has asked JH to go through the Audit Commissions ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’ document and build it into FM’s protocol for Capital Projects. JH goes shows all the 12 steps to follow on the document. JH will circulate the document to Districts and Departments and will go to the SCT in September. It will then go to the Audit Committee to show what FM are doing. JH points out that this will apply to all schemes.

Next meeting 9 September 2009


Wednesday, 12 August, 2009 - 08:45