Facilities Management Team Meeting - 16 February 2010


David Livingstone (chair)
Keith Jones
Paul Garner
Helen Willey
Shaz Hussain (Finance update)
Laura Gribben (minutes)
Louise Hawley
Kathy Barnes
2. ACTION SCHEDULE  See Action Schedule.


3.1. Budget Update  - LH

FM is predicted to be overspent by £11k by year-end, this is down from last month’s prediction after money was received from Corporate Finance for Rates.

Rates will still be overspent regardless of this. The Savings Plan/Sale of Buildings has not been possible due to reasons beyond FM’s control. Ordinary Repair and Maintenance has a projected over spend of £57k. Measure Term Maintenance will be under spent – figure not yet available. Gas will be over spent by £40k because of a problem with bills at HQ and Richfield House. Electricity will be under spent by £20k. The carry forward will not be fully drawn down this year.

There was £70k, this has been drawn down by £10k due to the delay in recruiting a Project Manager and the payment for the Contract Engineer coming out of the Capital Project budget. Projected under spend of £242K by year-end. Salary capitalisation under spent by £48K. Stock condition survey will under spend by £727k by year-end.

3.2. Efficiency Savings –LH/DL

Nothing exceptional to report.

3.3. KPI’s – HW

Since the last meeting, HW has met with DL who agreed that some of the KPI’s were management information rather than KPI’s. These are being separated so that all the information is still there, and inserted extra columns to explain what each means. NH has expressed that he does not want any of the KPI’s removing or being changed. DL has discussed Viridor with NH and would like the recycled waste figures including. DL went on the British Institute of Facilities Management website and tried to look at the KPI’s. KJ explains that to view these, membership needs to be bought. DL wants to see the industry KPI’s and has tasked PG to go to the regional meeting and find out what KPI’s NYP, WYP and HSP are using.

3.4. HR – PDR/Sickness  - KJ/KB

Home working – update unavailable.

3.5. Health and Safety – HW/PG

Audit recommendations – HW reports that 6 out of 37 are complete and is concerned. She is chasing up the responsible people. There is a H&S quarterly meeting coming u pin March and would like to achieve more by this time. DL would like to see people who have not actioned their recommendations. They have discussed FM’s policy. All agree that the current one is to be signed and reviewed in around 12 months. It will be sent to Andy Helowicz for comments.


4.1. Section Objectives/Achievements

The away day – DL has been round most of the catering units. See action schedule – DL would like to go to the Catering Supervisory meeting and the Building Engineers monthly meeting.

4.1.1. Catering and Cleaning Update – KJ

KJ hands out the monthly reports.

Cleaning: There is n issue at Rotherham Custody, the paint used is water based and washes off when it is cleaned. £2,000 is needed for equipment to clean the resin floor at Doncaster but there is not anywhere to store it. A slues sink is required and power points in the corridors. DL confirms that extension leads are not to be used. DL wants technical approvals for the floors etc. Ops complex had a blocked toilet that was attended to by a Building Engineer who left the bucket in the toilet over the weekend. DL wants a procedure in place in which the drain contractor and the cleaning supervisor is contacted. KJ is concerned that the electrical equipment at Atlas Court is not being stored correctly and unauthorised personnel using the equipment. KJ would like Building Engineers and handy people to carry out POC training. DL agrees, plus Custodians.

Catering: Flame failure effective notices at Barnsley and Attercliffe, awaiting reports. There are raids planned with 300 officers in Doncaster and have requested the catering unit to be open 24hrs over the weekend, KJ has agreed. Rotherham are looking at a Well Being program, GB has been helping and has had positive feedback. DL has asked KJ to liaise with Corporate PR to send a questionnaire out.

Waste Management: JK had a site visit with Viridor regarding skips. The skips they would like to use need the correct access to be emptied. Awaiting report. Some skips at site were not conforming to WEE regulations. The skip contract is being put out to tender. It is being reduced to a 12 month scope to allow for the development of processes for it.

Web Page Design: Going well, needs individual section heads to populate it.

4.1.2. Property Services Update – PG

Date for Cad technician pending.

Looking to put the Moves and Changes spreadsheet with the Projects, meaning that two attachments will go out on the circulation list.

DL was at the Police Authority on Friday, and did a presentation. The chair of the meeting expressed his frustrations at the performance of FM over the years. DL promised that Callflex will be finished on time and on budget, and was invited back in September, if he has a contract. Apart from that everything went well.

4.1.3. Capital Schemes – PG

Barnsley roof will slip by £74k. This is going to be co-ordinated with the Barnsley windows project.
Rotherham generator slip by £174k due to delays in the tendering process.
Snig Hill passenger lift slip by £50k delay in the tendering process.
Rotherham and HQ custody lifts totalling £140k slip as they are now to be tendered separately.

4.1.4. Minor Capital Schemes – PG

Spital Hill/Forum House – no decision as of yet.
West Bar – decision to sell or demolish.
Armthorpe – on the market, final offers expected.
HQ chillers and risers will slip by £120k tendering issues.
Rotherham HQ showers will slip £99k tendering issues.
Utility metres slip £65k change in scope of sub-metre element of project.

4.2. FM Department Priorities and Milestones

Atrium – The issues with the new portal have become less as people are getting used to it. HW is concerned that some staff from Districts/Departments are complaining that they do not have time to use it when it is quicker than Lotus.

KJ is happy with the increase in efficiency.

Corporate Finance & Team Issues – nothing exceptional to report.

4.2.1. Process for obtaining and recording pre-contract estimates

DL has an issue with not getting the pricing right on construction jobs. He would like to standardise the price, the contingency and the fees. He has not looked any further at pre-contract estimates and will look at the under pinning guidelines with PG.

4.2.2. Planned Maintenance Process

PG is to commission the property condition appraisals. He was to have the tender documents ready before Christmas – update unavailable.

4.3. Business Plan – DL/HW

Please see the Business Plan.

4.4. Risk Register/Asset Management Register/Business Continuity – DL/HW

Please see the Risk Register.

4.5. Corporate Health Check Actions - DL/HW

HW has updated the actions.

5. HQ Roller Shutter Door Underground Car Park

HQ door to be discussed at a future meeting. DL wants to separate the automatic door and roller shutter door contract and has mentioned this to Adam Laing.

6. Lift Entrapment Release Procedure

Update unavailable.

AOB: Laptops

DL has authorised the technical team to have laptops if they feel they would benefit.

Next meeting tbc.


Tuesday, 16 February, 2010 - 08:45