Facilities Management Team Meeting - 16 March 2010


David Livingstone (chair)
Keith Jones
Paul Garner
Louise Hawley  
Helen Willey
Laura Gribben (minutes)
Kathy Barnes                        
2. ACTION SCHEDULE  See Action Schedule.


3.1. Budget Update  - LH

As at the end of February the forecast for year-end was £64k under spent. There are no major changes from previous months; Measure Term Maintenance is under spent by £115k because there is less day-to-day maintenance being reported, the Building Engineers are being used more rather than Contractors.

Gas is forecast to overspend by £80k mainly due to HQ and the backdated bill. Employment costs are over spent by£48k due to higher agency costs for example the Cad position.

Over spending on pensions, catering and cleaning are affecting the percentages. LH has rectified for next year. Food purchases are down. Questionnaire is ready to be sent out for catering. Stock condition under spend occurred by not starting the process early enough, capital scheme briefs not written until middle of year, tenders that have not been started. Meeting is being held this afternoon.
Minor schemes are slipping, some from the previous year.

3.2. Efficiency Savings –LH/DL

Recurrent savings are not being met. FM will achieve £46k through rates savings (sale of buildings) and the rates reassessment. This leaves £116k short on budget savings. LH will be scheduling 6 weekly savings meetings. Forecast is a saving of £84k out of a £246k target. The carry forward has drawn down £10k so far. The Project Manager has not been recruited, £20k that will not be drawn down. DL to make a decision on whether the temporary M&E Surveyor stays on after June 2010.

3.3. KPI’s – HW

Dl has received information back from PPMG and KJ has got some information from the BIFM and other Forces.

3.4. HR – PDR/Sickness  - KJ/KB

LH: Sickness is at .84 working days per month (the target it .71). PDR’s are at 78.95% return (target is 95%). KJ has compared the data. KB talked about separating the areas e.g. catering and cleaning.

3.5. Health and Safety – HW

HW is chasing completion of the recommendations. Many have been done.


4.1. Section Objectives/Achievements

DL to attend Catering Supervisors meeting and Building Engineers meeting.

4.1.1. Catering and Cleaning Update – KJ

Cleaning Operations Manager is on sick leave. Facilities Manager will be off from 31 March. The Catering Operations Manager is covering.

Callflex recruitment is with Personnel. Recruitment issues with Ignite.

Milton House is to be taken over by SOCA who have paid a year in advance for cleaning.

PG is looking at sealants for the paint in the custody suites and has spoken to the painting contractor.

Districts are spending £89k on skips and are not keeping to the regulations. Districts are to give a budget code for each skip and say what they are going to put in it. Electrical goods are not to be put in skips.

Arden Winch – KJ has had some positive response from Business Managers for his report. GB has received positive feedback for his work on the well-being project at Rotherham.

4.1.2. Property Services Update – PG

The latest project meeting paper was distributed last week.

Ignite 1 – now occupied. Complaints that it is too cold. Data loggers can monitor the temperatures. There was a complaint that the car park had not been cleaned after the Contractor left.

Albion House suite 4 – now empty.

Hayes House – Surveillance moved out.

Roman Ridge – should now be empty.

Europa Court – relocation from Nunnery. Carry out alterations at Nunnery. DL suggests putting 10% on to schemes for fees and disbursements.

Atlas Court – dispatch section should be moving back at the end of March.

Callflex – Contractors are now on site.

Moss Way – out to tender for second floor refurbishment. New Building Engineer to start.

4.1.3. Capital Schemes – PG

Barnsley roof
Rotherham generator
Snig Hill passenger lift
Rotherham and HQ custody lifts

4.1.4. Minor Capital Schemes – PG

Spital Hill/Forum House
West Bar
HQ chillers and risers
Rotherham HQ showers
Utility metres

4.2. FM Department Priorities and Milestones

Corporate Finance & Team Issues

Nothing exceptional to report.

4.2.1. Process for obtaining and recording pre-contract estimates

Nothing exceptional to report.

4.2.2. Planned Maintenance Process

Nothing exceptional to report.

4.3. Business Plan – DL/HW

Please see the Business Plan.

4.4. Risk Register/Asset Management Register/Business Continuity – DL/HW

Please see the Risk Register.

4.5. Corporate Health Check Actions - DL/HW

Pre-meeting scheduled to go through all CHC requirements.

5. HQ Roller Shutter Door Underground Car Park

Nothing exceptional to report.

6. Lift Entrapment Release Procedure

Nothing exceptional to report.


Thorpe Hesley police box and Rawmarsh house to be put on the market.

Next meeting tbc.


Tuesday, 16 March, 2010 - 08:45