Facilities Management Team Meeting - 24 November 2009


David Livingstone (chair)
Helen Willey
Keith Jones
Paul Garner 
Kathy Barnes
Laura Gribben (minutes) 

Louise Hawley    
2. ACTION SCHEDULE  See Action Schedule.


3.1. Budget Update  - LH

Overspent on Support Staff due to paying for two Business Managers. KB reports that a meeting has been held with the previous Business Manager to look at redeployment.

Overspent on Ordinary Repair and Maintenance by £20k. Service Charges have a projected overspend of £51k, Rates and Council Tax is overspent by £59k and Professional Services are under spent by £55k.

3.2. Efficiency Savings –LH/DL

Targets are not being met. FM has claimed a third so far this year and needs to sell buildings to claim on rates. DL requires a separate meeting to present ideas for LH.  KB requests an invite. Operation Diamond is carrying out a force-wide review of Business Change. If FM needs to spend, money to make money this is acceptable.

3.3. KPI’s – HW

Meetings with BS, KH and AL have taken place. The KPI’s were set by previous Business Managers some years ago and some are not relevant or their definitions have changed. DL and HW would like to arrange a separate meeting to go through all the KPI’s.

3.4. HR – PDR/Sickness  - KJ/KB

The amount of sick days per person should be nine per year, this has increased in October. There is a lot of staff on long-term sick leave. KJ asks if KB will show this on her next report. There are two ongoing grievances. PG and HW ask for an update. KB confirms that PDR’s can be emailed to Personnel but will be accepted only if they have been signed. If the PDR have been emailed, they do not need to be printed and posted too.

3.5. Health and Safety – PG/HW

DL asks if he and PG can attend the Hayes House H&S meetings along with HW. These meetings must be held before the Force H&S meetings.


4.1. Section Objectives/Achievements

To be discussed at the Away Day on 3 December 2009.

4.1.1. Catering and Cleaning Update – KJ

The Catering contracts are out to tender. Catering is £600,000 overspent due to the re-grading.  KJ met NH to look at efficiencies. KB asks to be kept informed.
Two Operations Managers have been on long-term sick leave.

Floor surfaces – KJ reports problems with the changing of floor surfaces. Certain surfaces require additional cleaning which impacts time. KJ requests that Cleaning Supervisors be informed of building alterations so they can arrange cleaners accordingly. KB suggests keeping a pool of vetted staff for short notice needs.

4.1.2. Property Services Update – PG

The CAD candidates are still being vetted. KB will chase. Two Buildings staff are off on long-term sick leave and RT’s post is still open. DS is trialling the role, whether he accepts or not a vacancy will arise. DL would like to back fill roles at a lower level from either agency or acting up. It is suggested that if employees can be supervised at all times, then they can start work before vetting is complete. KB will check the policy to avoid negative consequences.
Reports will be looked at during the Progress Meeting (Technical Team Meeting). The schemes are to be put onto a two weekly report and sent to KJ for information/communication.

4.1.3. Capital Schemes – PG

Europa – the brief is to be approved by NH.

Utility metres – it is difficult getting the software and not the actual meters.

Training – the plans are almost ready to be signed off. To go to tender in the next few weeks.

Ignite 1 – three weeks behind schedule due to a break in.

Moss Way – the PQQ is to go ahead. DL suggests getting shop fitters on the list.

Elm Tree – due for completion.

Closures and Sale Program – the list should be on Atrium by next week.

4.1.4. Minor Capital Schemes – PG

As above.

4.2. FM Department Priorities and Milestones

Atrium – nothing exceptional to report.
Corporate Finance & Team Issues – nothing exceptional to report.

4.2.1. Process for obtaining and recording pre-contract estimates

DL has been given an objective to review FM processes for February 2010.

4.2.2. Planned Maintenance Process

Nothing exceptional to report.

4.3. Business Plan – DL/HW

LG is to see if we can use SCM’s meeting room to update the Business Plan and the Risk Register on the Smart board

4.4. Risk Register/Asset Management Register/Business Continuity – DL/HW

As above.

4.5. Corporate Health Check Actions - DL/HW

The response was negative.

5. Governance

To be discussed at the next meeting.

6. Away Day

DL and KB have been working on the presentation for the Away Day. There will be a seating plan to ensure cross-functional working. DL explains the agenda for the day.

Next meeting tbc.


Tuesday, 24 November, 2009 - 09:00