Facilities Management Team Meeting - 3 February 2010


David Livingstone
Paul Garner
Helen Willey
Keith Jones
Louise Hawley
Laura Gribben (Minutes)

DL has requested that Kathy Barnes be excused from the Team Meetings.

Previous minutes: The previous meetings minutes are agreed as accurate. ACTION: LG is to create a separate agenda for the Team Meetings.

1. Adverse Weather Policy

PG and HW have revised. DL asks for this to be distributed to the Senior Management Team for comment.

2. Moves and Changes

DL needs to understand the processes involved when departments move location. PG talks through the current moves. DL suggests writing a monthly paper on anticipated moves to document at the Management Meeting and tie in to the Progress Meetings. When Ignite opens, DL would like to give notice on leased properties such as Roman Ridge, Albion House and Doncaster Dome.

Roman Ridge: There is a separate owned part of the building. DL will need to talk to the landlord about re-bricking up the wall. LH asks who will pay for this. It is confirmed that District/Department will. PPU are moving to HQ. This involves Council staff.

A possible temporary move may take place from Atlas to HQ when the air con repairs begin week commencing 14 February for 6 weeks. KJ needs a confirmation to arrange cleaners. He asks if the Saturday cleaning will be billed to the District/Department. All agree not to.

Training: MIT will move into Callflex.
Thorpe Hesley: MIT will move to Moss Way.

3. Catering Report

The report is confirmed as being restricted.

4. Legionella

DL asks PG to disseminate to staff the statutory guidance in dealing with Legionella.  There is unclear understanding of the roles and responsibilities. The legislation states that the responsible person (David Morgan) is to keep all records for 5 years (not KJ). All discuss the filing of the reports and a possible paperless system. In areas where FM does not have access, responsibility is to be put on Business Managers (by law, not by FM). FM needs to identify the area, request access and, if denied, it is the District/Departments responsibility to test and report back to DM. ACTION: DL, PG and DM to meet to discuss.

5. KPI’s

DL met with Christine Bolton of Business Change who offered to help HW to draw up KPI’s. PG has met with Katie Holmes and Adam Laing to go through the Atrium KPI’s. DL wants waste management to be included. PG suggests looking at how other Forces manage their KPI’s.  DL is concerned, as targets are not being met.

6. Cad Position

ACTION: PG is to ask KB if the second candidates’ references are back in.

7. Corridors

The corridors between the custody suites and the courts, which are used to take prisoners across:
DL wants to know who owns them. He cannot find any paper work to indicate whether there is a contract in place with the courts. FM is currently maintaining the corridors. KJ has seen a cut off point in the corridor at Barnsley. DL would like legal confirmation that SYP maintain their half only. DL asks KJ if cleaners can clean the corridor before the prisoners are taken across at 0900 to avoid Health and Safety issues. 

8. Health and Safety

DL wants to avoid Building Engineers moving furniture, unless it is a small number of items, and does not want them moving furniture between buildings.

9. Overtime

PG suggests charging Districts/Departments for the overtime worked by Building Engineers, as they are not getting their normal duties done because of the extra requests.

LH has picked up a high amount of overtime being worked at HQ on Saturdays. She has asked KB to check if this is contracted into their job description and would like to review whether this is necessary. DL wants to know how overtime is being controlled and wants to avoid weekend and manufactured overtime. LH asks if overtime is requested before it takes place and who authorises it.

10. Budget Setting

The deadline is 17 March. LH will be asking for information on all accounts. She sent the 3-year plan round for the Technical Meeting and needs scheme briefs done for each building/item to get an idea of the planned maintenance scheme for 2010/11.

KJ has problems with the growth of buildings and the lack of money put in to clean them, for example the new flat at Warncliffe. He wants to know if there is a way to control it.  PG is not aware of a new flat at Warncliffe and DL asks KJ to investigate before sending cleaners.


Wednesday, 3 February, 2010 - 14:30