Facilities Management Team Meeting - 9 July 2009



3. ACTION SCHEDULE - Outstanding Actions


4.1. Budget Update  - LR

An over spend of £74k is predicted by year-end due to an over spend on Rates of £96k and not meeting budget savings as we are not selling buildings. Other budget savings are to be identified and LR has set up an Efficiency Savings meeting.

Ordinary Repair and Maintenance is over spent by £78k and Fixed Plan is over spent by £8k.

Employment is under spent because we have vacancies, but these are not Catering and Cleaning. LR will talk to KJ.

Professional Fees are under spent too, due to not selling buildings.

Cash Sales and Food are down.

If any training is required LR asks for SH to be informed so that he can keep funding available. LR will give PG the breakdown.

4.2. Efficiency Savings –LR/JH

A meeting with Debbie Carrington has been arranged.

4.3. KPI’s – HW

The Control of Contractors has been approved and will be implemented.

4.4. HR – PDR/Sickness  - KJ

JH will obtain the figures from KJ.

4.5. Health and Safety – PG

Nothing exceptional to report.


5.1. Section Objectives/Achievements

Property Service Space Planning Requests - PG reports that forms are only submitted once people have been advised to use them. He has met with Brian Clark regarding the Personnel issue and the move from Corporate Comm. and the movement of Insurance to upstairs.

A Space Planning request has been submitted for Lorna’s side but not for Brian’s. JH clarifies that s Space Planning request is needed for all jobs involving the CAD operator.

Office Tidiness - All are keeping on top of tidiness.

The Recording of FM Information - PG & AL will meet to discuss the Helpdesk.

5.1.1. Catering and Cleaning Update – KJ

KJ not in attendance.

5.1.2. Property Services Update – PG

JH is to contact Adecco and ask it they have any suitable candidates for the CAD position. JH to enquire about RT’s post too.

5.1.3. Capital Schemes – PG

Fire alarm testing – the Capital Scheme Brief is to be rewritten and work will start as soon as it has been approved.

Niagara power uplift – waiting for YEDL to confirm the start date and is still planned for summer. PG is not aware of any cost differences.

Goldthorpe showers – quotes are being obtained and the site survey has been carried out. NC met J Tomlinson’s last week. This will include fire safety measures, doors and locks.

Europa - £15k has been allocated for carpets and decoration. The movement of CJAD has raised the cost to £52k. NH has requested an SCT paper and the work may go to tender. JH suggests keeping the decoration and move in the same budget.

Snig Hill risers – Richard of SDA has been recruited to run the project. The chilled water project will be part of the same scheme.

Utility metres – still going ahead. Richard will run this too.

Rotherham Main Street – SCM to confirm a generic tender. PG will push for this, as the project was a carry over.

Snig Hill refurb – awaiting final invoice.

Stock condition – NC & DM are looking into the windows at Barnsley and the heating and asbestos implications.

Barnsley DHQ roof covering – the survey is complete, awaiting final specification and the estimated completion is November 2009.

Ops switchgear – on schedule.

Atlas chiller unit – All chillers as one package, DM not aware of any problems.

Rotherham chiller unit – as above.

Rotherham standby generator – on schedule.

Rotherham custody lift – it is possible to put this on the same project as the HQ lift, slight delay retendering. Plan to complete by end of year.

Doncaster custody – tendered and approved. PG is to arrange the alterations to the scheme and to confirm a start date with the contractor.

Training – approved. PG to revise the layout and go to tender.

SCS – on schedule.

Capital scheme brief – LR informs all that the stock conditions need the CSB is finished by a week on Friday.

Capitalisation of Salaries – SH did not receive these this month.

LR asks if SH could be informed of any anticipated invoices before he informs Corporate Finance that works are complete as schemes are not considered complete until all invoices are received.

PG reports that some Depts. are going to the Helpdesk with quote requests. Helpdesk then forwards the request to J Tomlinson. PG confirms that KH must forward quote requests to Surveyors first.

5.1.4. Minor Capital Schemes – PG

The weekly reports are not focusing on the financial side of things. We are to go through each scheme for an update in each meeting to be more accurate. NH has asked for monthly detailed updates. Finance sent theirs weekly and monthly.

5.2. FM Department Priorities and Milestones

Atrium - Nothing exceptional to report.

Corporate Finance & Team Issues - PG reports that Business Managers are not turning up to meetings. LR reports that this was discussed at the OMS Meeting and it was confirmed that BM’s are required to attend.

5.2.1. Process for obtaining and recording pre-contract estimates – JH

JH point out that there are procedures to follow and times, schedules and costs must be set.

5.2.2. Planned Maintenance Process – JH

Nothing exception to report.

5.3. Business Plan – JH/HW

PG & HW are to update.

5.4. Risk Register/Asset Management Register/Business Continuity – JH/HW

PG would like to add West Bar to the Risk Register and hands out a report complied by DM outlining the risks specifically the boiler and the lifts.

5.5. Corporate Health Check Actions - JH/HW

Audit - AL is completing the top ten job list, PG is to chase.

6. Flags – to be tasked.

7. Weather – to be tasked.

8. Moves & Changes (HW) – All agree NH’s email regarding the processes.

9. Leases & Licences (PG) – IFRS accounting rules have changed, it is now required that costing of the lease is split between land and buildings.

Next meeting 12 August 2009


Thursday, 9 July, 2009 - 15:00