Facilities Management Team Meeting - 9 September 2009


Jack Hirst (chair)
Helen Willey
Keith Jones
Paul Garner 
Laura Gribben (minutes) 

Louise Hawley    
2. ACTION SCHEDULE  See Action Schedule.


3.1. Budget Update  - LR

Predicts an over spend of £51k by year end.

Maintenance over spent by £69k.

Rates overspent by £40k due to not selling buildings, offset by Professional Fees under spent by £53k.

3.2. Efficiency Savings –LR/JH

LH would like to arrange a meeting with the Management Team to do through this in detail.

3.3. KPI’s – HW

Meetings have been held recently to involving Adam Laing and Katie Holmes to clarify the KPI’s and it has been decided that Brian Swift will have more involvement. It is agreed that there will be separate KPI’s for contractor/suppliers and for Helpdesk.

3.4. HR – PDR/Sickness  - KJ

36% of quarterly reviews have been returned. PDR’s: LG is concerned that she does not have the authority to chase effectively, various areas of the department have expressed that they do not want to send them to LG when they can send the to KJ instead.

ACTION HW asks all Management Team to chase their areas PDR’s.

3.5. Health and Safety – HW

The Audit recommendations were actioned at the last quarterly meeting. Another meeting is to be held in 6 weeks to review.
The roller shutter door is to be replaced with a push bar door.


4.1. Section Objectives/Achievements

Property Service Space Planning Requests –
Office Tidiness –
The Recording of FM Information –

4.1.1. Catering and Cleaning Update – KJ

Air Support – 17 hours of cleaning has not been paid for, the Business Manager is looking into.

Commerce House – Barnsley cleaners are cleaning it, the Business Manger was to arrange for SYP cleaners to take it on.

Doncaster – JH and KJ do not want to take on the Councils cleaners due to vetting issues.

Europa Court – will be occupied 2010, KJ enquires of the date to arrange cleaning.

Pat Testing – Rotherham and Moss Way complete. The machine inventories to be updated.

4.1.2. Property Services Update – PG

Two candidates for the CAD position have been shortlisted.  A possible Project Manager has been police checked and a job description created on a fixed term basis. Derek Steele is coming into the office to try out RT’s previous role.

4.1.3. Capital Schemes – PG

Fire alarms – approval received for the revised capital scheme brief.

Niagara power uplift – Yorkshire Electricity have sent their new price which has been accepted.

Goldthorpe showers – ongoing.

Europa – SCT paper and time scales chased.

Snig Hill risers – scheme is being prepared.

Utility metres – nothing exceptional to report. (Action) PG to update for next meeting.

Rotherham Main Street – nothing exceptional to report.

Snig Hill refurb – waiting for final invoice.

Stock condition – the specification is being prepared to go out to tender.

Barnsley DHQ roof covering – ongoing.

Chillier units – ongoing.

Rotherham standby generator – ongoing.

Rotherham custody lift – ongoing.

Doncaster custody – ongoing.

Training – the meeting with SCM was postponed.

SCS – ongoing.

Capital scheme brief – ongoing.

Capitalisation of Salaries – ongoing.

4.1.4. Minor Capital Schemes – PG

As above.

4.2. FM Department Priorities and Milestones

Atrium – nothing exceptional to report.

Corporate Finance & Team Issues – nothing exceptional to report.

4.2.1. Process for obtaining and recording pre-contract estimates – JH

Nothing exceptional to report.

4.2.2. Planned Maintenance Process – JH

Nothing exceptional to report.

4.3. Business Plan – JH/HW

HW is getting this up to date for the CHC actions.

4.4. Risk Register/Asset Management Register/Business Continuity – JH/HW

Risk Register - All should be correct but will be checked before the CHC.

Assets – LG to email the room inventories and any other documents to HW.

Business Continuity – critical functions are being reviewed.

4.5. Corporate Health Check Actions - JH/HW

HW and JH update the actions.

5. Savings

HW was invited to a meeting with Alan Wilshaw. 10% savings expected for each year (Operation Diamond). Asked to highlight areas where savings could be made, for example Catering, Blackberry’s, conferences and essential users.

Next meeting tbc.


Wednesday, 9 September, 2009 - 15:15