Firearms Support

The Firearms Support Group (FSG) provides a 24-hour armed response for spontaneous firearms incidents. Authorised Firearms Officers also assist with pre-planned operations and provide armed and un-armed close protection and venue security for local and visiting dignitaries, MPs and members of the Royal family. Firearms officers are also involved with escorting high-risk prisoners when they are being moved through or within the county.

Dogs that are specially trained to deal with armed and passive subjects accompany firearms officers with the firearms dog handlers. The dogs can be equipped with a camera (a system that was developed by one of our own officers) which is an excellent tool for searching buildings were armed suspects are believed to be hiding.

When not undertaking specific firearms related tasks, officers from the Firearms Support Group:

  • support local policing teams in tackling crime and disorder by patrolling known hotspot areas
  • use automatic number plate recognition technology  to target known and prolific offenders
  • assist in casualty reduction by patrolling identified collision hotspot areas.