Operational Support Services Senior Management Team Meeting - 8 March 2010



Open Session:

1. Attendance/Apologies

Supt Liz Watson (Chair)
Tricia Beckett
Amanda Emmerson
Joan Hellawell
C/Insp Andy Hodgkinson
C/Insp MarkJames
C/Insp Tony Jepson
Matt Newby
C/Supt Keith Lumley

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held 25 January 2010, were accepted as a true and accurate record.

3. Matters Arising from Meetings held    - 25 January 2010 and 22 February 2010

Efficiency Plan Savings  -  DISCHARGED

Major Areas in Portfolio area Xmas / New Year Tasking  -  ongoing  -  PROMIS duties need to be checked and following up re District duties

Op Overhaul  -  ongoing  - awaiting some final costings for building work and meeting arranged re armoury

Risk Register  -  ongoing -  Insp Slack preparing a paper for SCT and item is to appear on CHC agenda

Performance – Devolved Budgets – ongoing - another meeting yet to be arranged re vehicle savings

Uniform for Atlas Court Staff  -  ongoing 

Order for PSU Shields  -  ongoing – going to Uniform Committee Meeting and discussion with Nigel Hiller will be put back until any decision is made on shields

Issue re replacing Officers in specialised posts – DISCHARGED

Romanian Visitors  -  DISCHARGED

New Admin Structure -  ongoing

TRIM – ongoing – nominations have been received, awaiting further information re these courses

Social Networking SPOC  -  ongoing

ALL QRD DAY ACTIONS – to be discussed at meeting on 15 March 2010.

4. Business Plan

4.1 Efficiency Plan Savings

Amanda Emmerson advised the Department target for efficiency savings for 09/10 would most likely be achieved

£400,000 short last year, possibly £560,000 short of next year’s target – meeting still to be held with C/Insp Male re RPG requirements and C/Insp Jepson re new tasking structure. Will most likely be a shortfall for 10/11.

4.2  Risk Register

Joan Hellawell advised that Risk Register was part of the internal audit – action managers still needed to be identified to look at action plans.

Joan Hellawell advised that Risk Register was fine at the moment in terms of satisfying any requirements but next audit will look at action plans in place.

C/Insp James made reference to the new Protective Services Plan which had been distributed and some issues may come out of this for the Risk Register

ACTION:      All Section Heads to review Protective Services Plan and feed back any issues from Protective Services Plan to Joan Hellawell.

4.3   Business Plan Project Updates

Joan Hellawell advised that Section Heads needed to advise of any new Projects which needed to be entered on the Business Plan.

Joan Hellawell advised that the Health and Safety Action Plan identified from the Audit in 2009 would be placed on the Business Plan which could then be monitored in the OSS Health & Safety Meeting in future

ACTION:      Joan Hellawell to speak with David Livingstone regarding Ring Farm issues in relation to the surface and drainage problems at Mounted Section to
ensure Surveyor attended at Ring Farm - plus enter this issue onto the Business Plan.

6. Diversity Issues

6.1  Diversity Group Update

Last OSS Diversity meeting was held on 15 January 2010 – dates of next meetings to be set. Dates for Section Diversity Meetings also to be set prior to the OSS Diversity Meeting

9.   Interoperability

No major items for discussion.

10.  Actions from Vision Workshop

No items for discussion.

ACTION:      Supt Watson to speak with Janet Lawson regarding this agenda item.

11.  Any Other Business

11.1  -  Next QRD on 19 April 2010

A discussion ensued re the next QRD day and it was agreed that due to ongoing Operations and other commitments, this meeting would be cancelled.

ACTION:    Janet Lawson to cancel next QRD on 19 April 2010.

ACTION:    Joan Hellawell to speak with C/Supt Lumley re future content /discussion at QRD.

12.  Dates of QRD Meetings in 2010/2011

Monday, 19 April 2010 at Niagara  -  meeting will be cancelled
Monday, 26 July 2010 at Niagara
Monday, 18 October 2010 at Niagara
Monday, 17 January 2011 at Niagara


Monday, 8 March, 2010 - 09:45