Police officer recruitment process

First step: Application form
Application forms are handed-out at recruitment presentations held by South Yorkshire Police.

The aim of the presentation is to give you information and advice on how to complete the application form. Details of the assessment centre process and information about the role of a police constable are all covered. There is also an opportunity for you to ask questions.
Presentations are held at different locations and times throughout the year. Keep checking the website for details.

If you meet the requirements you should complete the application form and return it to us. All application forms must be sent with a copy of your driving licence, a copy of your birth certificate and two passport sized photographs.

The application form has competency based questions, which will be marked as a pass or regret. If you are not successful in the competency section you will be informed by letter and your application will finish at this point. However, you may be eligible to apply again after six months.

Second Step: Assessment Centre
There are four parts to the assessment centre:

Written exercise
There are two written exercises, each one lasting twenty minutes.

You will be marked on the content – spelling, grammar, written communication, relevant score skill and respect for diversity.

Interactive exercise
You will be given preparatory information for five minutes before entering a room where there will be a role actor and an assessor present.

You will take the role of a newly appointed customer services officer at a shopping centre. You will have five minutes to deal with the problem/issue. This will be repeated four times.

The assessors will mark you on how you deal with the issue, oral communication, respect for diversity, and relevant core skill.

You will be interviewed for a total of 20 minutes. There will be four questions and you will have five minutes to answer each question.

You will be marked on oral communication, logical presentation of facts, relevant core skill and respect for diversity.

Police initial recruitment test
Candidates will take two tests:

1. Numerical reasoning – this lasts 12 minutes and involves basic maths.
2. Verbal logical reasoning – this lasts 25 minutes involves being given a situation that you have to evaluate to decide if it is true, false or impossible to say.

Candidates are expected to score 60% in all areas of the assessment centre process except written communication, which has a pass rate of 44%.

Results are sent by post three weeks after the last day of the assessment centre week. You will also receive feedback on your performance.

Medical questionnaire
If you pass the assessment phase you will be notified and invited to complete a medical questionnaire.

If our doctor requires more information (e.g. from your GP) before a decision can be made, he/she will contact you by letter.

If you fail the medical screen you will be advised by our Occupational Health Medical Advisor and your application will finish at this point.

Final step
The final step is to get employer references and complete security/vetting and background checks.