Police staff roles

South Yorkshire Police Support Staff account for literally hundreds of different roles. From jobs for school leavers right through to senior management positions, there is something for just about everyone, regardless of skills and experience.

There are far too many different roles to mention them all here, but the below areas should give you an idea of what's available.

Please note that this list is for illustrative purposes and we may not regularly recruit to some of these roles. For details of any specific roles and what is currently available, you should refer to our list of current support staff vacancies (link to list of vacancies).

  • General administration and management (e.g. Administrative Assistant, Business Manager).
  • Forensic Science (e.g. Forensic Submissions Intelligence Clerk, Computer Forensics Recovery Officer).
  • Human Resources (e.g. Training Support Clerk, Leadership and Development Trainer, HR Assistant, Diversity Assistant).
  • Occupational Health and Welfare (e.g. Occupational Health Counsellor, Occupational Health Advisor Medical Team).
  • Performance/Policy/Projects (e.g. Performance Review Officer, Strategic Planning Officer).
  • Media and Marketing (e.g. Communications Officer, Online Content Co-Ordinator, Internal Marketing Officer, Digital Engagement Officer).
  • Legal Services (e.g. Solicitor, Legal Admin Assistant, Legal Clerk).
  • Operational Support (e.g. Callhandler, Firearms Training Support Officer, Police Dog Training Instructor, Accident Records Clerk).
  • Information Management/Technology (e.g. Airwave Service Engineer, IT Manager, Telephone Engineer).
  • Finance and Resources (e.g. Fleet Insurance Clerk, Operational Management Accountant).