Rotherham District Command Team Meeting - 1 March 2010


Richard Tweed 
Nev Hamilton 
Caroline Newman 
Nick Gaskell 
Graham Singleton-Hobbs 
Justin Rumball 
Marissa Cooper 
Deborah Davis 
Lisa Simonite 


01-02-101World Cup LeaveCRTo link in with Martin Scothern re force call out of PSU's throughout the World Cup matches.Awaiting force decision. Keep live01-03-10.
15-02-102Op Cohesion NHTo put together a timeline of the various stages to be achieved. 01-03-10
    List of Actions and action managers. Bring back to DCT on 1 March 2010 for discussion.  
    Presentation given to DCT by Nick Gaskell regarding Op Cohesion.  
    MC has some points to clarify with Nev.  
    1-04-10 to look at the implementation. A lot of the work has already been implemented.  
    The final draft is to be shared with Diamond.  
15-02-103Wath enquiry deskNHTo speak to Shaun Morley to obtain figures of how many people come through the doors at Wombwell. Discharge this item01-03-10.

15-02-104Rotherham News CN1st Advert to go in Rotherham News of every SNT location, their telephone numbers.Discharge01-03-10.
    2nd Advert in Rotherham News issuing times of all enquiry desk opening hours.  
    Richard has received a petition from John Healey. Put the opening time in April Edition. 1st Advert can go straight away.  
15-02-10 5External FundingDDTo request support from Kath Oakes at the request of RT for officer external officer work at Rotherham district until we have sourced an employee to complete the workDischarge.01-03-10
    External funding officer from Barnsley has offered to help us out on a Monday. DD to pursue this.  
15-02-10 Disabled VisitorNHTo write to the person and inform them they are welcome to visit the station but we cannot facilitate a ride along or visits to the cells.Discharge.01-03-10
    This has been completed by Matt Frogson letter sent out  
15-02-107Procad Tags NHTo speak to SNU to establish how to delete the tags from officers. Neil Plummer can write off the tags but only staff back in 4 weeks who are trained know how to do this also. Bring update 01-03-10









Monday, 1 March, 2010 - 14:15