Rotherham District Command Team Meeting - 15 March 2010


Richard Tweed 
Nev Hamilton 
Andrew Parker 
Zena Bridges 
Matt Frogson 
Caroline Newman 
Caroline Rollitt 
Lea Jackson 
Lisa Simonite 
Deborah Davis
Graham Singleton-Hobbs
Justin Rumball
Marissa Cooper
Craig Robinson

01-02-101World Cup LeaveCRTo link in with Martin Scothern re Force call out of PSU's throughout the World Cup matches.Keep live.  Awaiting force decision. 01-03-10

    Caroline attended a meeting on Friday and put in all the critical dates. Silver & Bronze has not been decided how it will be done yet. Identify from PROMIS the PSU officers on duty and cancel their leave.

15-02-102Procad Tags NHTo speak to SNU to establish how to delete the tags from officers.  01-03-10
    Nev has spoken with Liz Blackburn. This is a massive task for staff in SNU to complete. Only staff with full edit access can remove tags. A reminder to go out to all staff not to tag incidents unless a priority and to remove tags as part of their own personal responsibility.  
01-03-103HR & Finance JR Justin to construct an e-mail to Mr Dyson regarding our recruitment figures and  costs which do not balance with Corporate HR figures. Also to query costing for and Matt Jukes salary.  Completed. Discharged.15-03-10
01-03-104HR Plan  GSHGSH to meet with Corporate HR this week with regards to our HR Plan. Zena meeting with HQ on 22nd or 23 March to discuss.Discharge15-03-10

01-03-105Critical Dates Nick G Nick to e-mail the dates out to all staff for information. RT approved.  Nick to find out who has got leave booked in already for the critical dates.Discharge15-03-10
01-03-106 Bank Holidays Nick GNick to meet with Mark Johnson in finance to see if we can make savings on  overtime from the early Bank Holidays. AP meeting with JR and Mark this afternoon to discuss overtime and BH overtime. RT cannot overspend on BH overtime or will impact on every day  overtime.Discharge15-03-10
01-03-107Re-grades GSHTo circulate to the DCT all the information regarding the re-grading of enquiry       desk staff and Crime Support staff for a decision to be made on 15 March 2010. GSH has given the info to Zena. RT asked to distribute to DCT. Decision made not to support the re-grade of enquiry desk staff and info to be sent to Op Diamond for assessment corporately.Discharge15-03-10
15-03-108ASB Report MCTo speak to Dave White and bring back on 15 March 2010 the report and its findings.Keep action live.  15-03-10






















Monday, 15 March, 2010 - 11:00