Staff associations

Association of Muslim Police

Aims of the Association

The Association of Muslim Police (AMP) aims to:

  • assist Muslims in the police service to observe their faith, and to promote understanding of Islam within the police service & the wider community
  • provide a forum for Muslims in the police, and support their religious and welfare needs, with a view to improving their immediate working environment and retaining them in the Service
  • assist in the recruitment and retention of Muslim staff, and to assist in the creation of a fair and just working environment for all cultural minorities.

It is active in pursuing faith-friendly policies and has been instrumental in ensuring the provision of many facilities to the benefit of Muslim staff, including Hijaab for female officers, the ability to wear Islamic/cultural dress when not in uniform, provision of Halaal food and facilities for Salaah (Islamic Prayer).

Based in London, the AMP is available to provide support and advice to Muslim candidates. Those wearing Hijaab and considering a career in the police service are advised to contact the AMP for further specialist advice.

Membership enquiries are welcome from police and civil staff candidates including PCSO’s, traffic wardens and cadets. Associate membership enquiries from spouses and family members are also welcome.

All enquiries, including media enquiries should be emailed to

National  Black Police Association

The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is a police support organisation, founded in 1999, which seeks to improve the working environment of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff in UK police forces, to enhance racial harmony and the quality of service to all communities of the United Kingdom.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network

The South Yorkshire Police Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGB&T) network is run by SYP LGB&T employees to provide confidential support, information and advice to individuals who identify as LGB&T within SYP.
The network aims to raise the profile and awareness of LGB&T issues to promote equality and diversity and to have a positive impact within SYP and in policing the LGB&T community.

The network works towards these aims by reducing the feeling of isolation, providing a safe environment to exchange experiences, concerns or fears affecting individuals and by assisting in the development of new and existing staff policies.

Members of the network also link into regional Pride events and to the Police Authority's Independant Advisory Group on LGB&T issues.
The network also extends its confidential information and support service to all employees of SYP with regards to family or work related LGB&T issues.
Co-ordinators for the network are readily available on confidential mobiles or by email and an internal website containing Useful Links, information on civil partnerships and regular updates on news events affecting LGB&T people exists on the SYP intranet site.

South Yorkshire Police Benevolent Friendly Society

The South Yorkshire Police Benevolent Friendly Society exists to meet the welfare needs of serving and retired officers and their families.  This is for police officers only.

Police officers can elect to pay into the Benevolent Society upon joining SYP or at any point in their career.  Deductions (£1.60 per pay day) are made from salary.

The Committee should be made up of representatives from each District and Department(but inevitably there are often some gaps) and members of NARPO(National Association of Retired Police Officers).  Only officers who pay into the Society or who have paid in during their service are entitled to be Committee members.  Meetings are held about four times each year, and the one in June begins with the AGM where the Accountant attends to present the annual accounts, followed by a Committee meeting.

Should you wish to know more about The Benevolent Society please do not hesitate to contact:-

Clive Palmer
Senior Command Team
Police HQ
Snig Hill

Women's Network

Helping staff to reach their full potential is at the very heart of South Yorkshire Police Women's Network.

The group, which meets on a quarterly basis, is among the many staff associations linked with the force.

It is open to all women and aims to help generate a thriving police service and enable women - whether officer or civilian - to contribute fully to policing.

The network has grown steadily since it was first launched back in January 2002 under the title of SYP Women's Management Group.

The changing police environment saw a substantial review of the group in 2006, during which everything from strategy, aims and structure to business planning and work streaming were considered, including  a re-launch under the name Women's Network

Among the network's main business is the Gender Agenda - a national initiative designed to highlight the working environment experienced by women in the police service, challenging discrimination and tackling issues like work-life balance, uniform and equipment.

If you would like to speak to any member of the network or feel they could offer you advice in your potential career choice, please email chairperson Caroline Rollitt