Student safety

Student halls of residence, student houses and students generally can be a top attraction for would-be burglars or thieves.

As a result, we work closely with local universities, colleges and schools across the county and although crime is relatively low in South Yorkshire, students remain a top target for criminals.

And it’s easy to see why.

Students own more expensive consumer goods per head than the rest of the population. They have laptops, mobile phones, i-pods, televisions and often walk around with some of this electronic gadgetry making their way to and from the library and university campus.


Our Top Tips
By taking a few simple precautions, you can help to make sure you don't become a victim. It only takes minimal effort but can save you maximum inconvenience, cash and even injury. It’s all about common sense.

  • Many burglaries happen when a door or window has been left open – shut doors and windows before you go out and keep valuables out of sight and if possible away from these entry points. 
  • In a private home or flat, lock up whenever you go out, with deadbolts if you have them. Look at installing a burglar alarm.
  • In a hall of residence, be careful who you let in or who follows you into the building - lock your bedroom door even if you are only going down the corridor. Only give keys to those living in the accommodation.
  • Invest in a fireproof safe in which you can store priceless papers and documents.
  • Robbers are after an easy target - walk in groups at night, travel by taxi or stay over with friends, your safety is worth more than the cab fare home!
  • If possible, use cash-machines during the day - put your card and cash away and be vigilant - never write down your PIN.
  • Keep cards and chequebooks separately - note down your card details so you can cancel them quickly.
  • Always lock your car and put valuables out of sight - never leave the keys in the ignition even when paying for petrol.
  • After a night out, arrange to go home with friends, or in a taxi.
  • To prevent spiking, don't leave drinks unattended or drink if it looks like its been tampered with.
  • If you love it, log it is the message we are sending out to students. Visit to log your valuables and increase your chances of getting items back if they are stolen.
  • Protect yourself with insurance - keep lists of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items to help police track them down if they are stolen.
  • Mark your property with the initials of your university and your student ID number - this makes it harder for a burglar to sell stolen goods and can help the police to return items to you.

Surviving as a student
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