Vehicle crime

Vehicle crime is invasive. It affects our communities and families, both financially and emotionally.

Vehicle crime typically comes in three forms; theft of a vehicle, theft from a vehicle or damage.

South Yorkshire Police’s stance on this crime is that prevention is better than cure and there are simple things you can do to minimise the chances of you becoming a victim of car crime:

  • Don’t leave your stuff on show in your car, whether it’s an expensive laptop or just some loose change. Even items of clothing can attract thieves as they may think that there will be money in the pockets

  • Don’t leave valuables in the glove-box of your car. To prove this to would-be thieves you can empty your glove-box and leave it open when you leave your vehicle

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit spot that is visible to other members of the public, or covered by CCTV, as thieves are less likely to break in if they can be seen

  • At home, don’t keep your car keys next to your front door or in an obvious place – thieves do sometimes break into houses with the sole intention of taking car keys and stealing the car

  • Keep motorcycles in a locked garage or shed, or failing that, chained securely to an immovable object.

Vehicle Crime Leaflet

This leaflet gives more information on steps you can take to help protect your vehicle.  

Vehicle Crime Postcard

The postcard gives vehicles owners pointers on how to protect their vehicles from crime.

For more details advice for Pedal cyclists please see  

For more detailed advice for Caravan, motorhome and trailer users, please see our information leaflet