Bored of the dark nights?

Antisocial behaviour in South Yorkshire

On Friday, 2 November, South Yorkshire Police is tweeting every incident of antisocial behaviour that is reported to us between 12 noon and 12 midnight, plus our response. Read the tweets below to find out what is happening. CLick here to visit the Trick n Tweet page.

Bored of the dark nights?

South Yorkshire Police is working with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and local authorities to provide loads of activities to keep young people busy over the Hallowe’en and bonfire period. There are some fantastic events and activities taking place and the majority are completely free.

We know people are concerned about teenagers hanging around on the streets in their area. We know young people can get up to mischief when they have nothing to do so if your kids are getting bored of the dark nights follow the various links to find out exactly what is going on in your area.

Barnsley activities

Doncaster activities

Rotherham activities

Sheffield activities