Custody Suites 2

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2017 1402

Request Date: 

Tuesday, 8 August, 2017

Response Date: 

Friday, 1 September, 2017

Request Details: 

1. Who is in charge of custody at South Yorkshire Police?

2. Please can you provide documentation related to the rational and business case for South Yorkshire Police’s designated and non-designated police custody suites?

3. Do you have detention cells in your police station(s) or do you have a purpose built custody suite(s)? 4. If you have a purpose built custody suite(s):

a. what is it called?

b. how many cells or detention rooms do you currently have in each?

c. how was its building financed?

d. do the finance arrangements regarding the custody suite mean that it is privately owned of police owned?

e. Please provide details of who works in your custody suite(s) e.g. police custody officer, private detention officer, civilian employed by the police. Please provide the total number of each (full time equivalent please).

5. If you do not have a purpose built custody suite(s), do you have any under construction or are there any future plans to build one, and if so how will this be financed? 6. Have you closed any custody suites or police station cells within the last 5 years? If so please can you provide a list of these and any planned closures?

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SYP Response: 


I contacted South Yorkshire Police Business Managers within each district and the Finance Department for assistance with your request. The Custody Inspector and Management Accountant were able to provide me with the information below to answer your request.

1. Custody Chief Inspector Helen Lewis

2. SYP has 3 custody suites, all designated. Other, decommissioned facilities exist, but will not now be used for detention

3. All 3 custody suites are purpose built to comply with the Home Office Police Custody Design Guide at the time of construction and SYP does not rely on detention cells in police stations.

4. a. 1. Doncaster Custody Suite. 2. Shepcote Lane Custody Suite 3. Barnsley Custody Suite

b. Doncaster has 38, Shepcote Lane 50 and Barnsley 20

c. The PCC for South Yorkshire are the information holders in this instance and would be better placed to provide you with any information. Therefore our response to this question is one of "No Information Held" I have provided a link to their website you may find helpful:


d. Police owned

e. 5 Custody Inspectors, 42 Police Custody Sergeants, 75.5 Police Support staff (Custody Detention Officers)

5. Shepcote Lane and Barnsley are new facilities that opened in 2017. There are no others under construction and no current plans in place to build additional custody facilities

6. Custody suites at Moss Way Sheffield, Bridge Street Sheffield, Ecclesfield Sheffield and Main Street Rotherham have all closed in the last 5 years

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