Inspiring Youth Award

The Inspiring Youth award is open to anybody aged between 13 and 17 years. The award aims to help young people build skills and improve on their education. It also aims to give them confidence and opportunities to improve their self-esteem and life skills. 

The project is run by a dedicated team of serving and retired police officers and volunteers who have an interest in the personal development of young people. The project team will visit the young person’s school several times throughout the project and help young people complete all aspects of the project. They work closely with school staff and and somebody will be available during term times to assist and direct.

The project has been running since 2004 and was changed and revised in 2012. In January 2015, a brand new award was created and the project was accepted and accredited by a national award body for qualifications, giving young people the potential to gain a unique award not available anywhere outside of this project.

The award scheme can be entered through participating schools, a recognised sponsor organisation or directly by individuals to the project team. The award has ten different categories all of which have to be completed and evidence submitted to gain the full award.

Enrolment is between January and the beginning of March and the submission date for the folder of evidence is the end of October each year.  

Students completing the award, showing sufficient evidence of their work, will be invited to an awards evening where they will receive a certificate and the top scoring student will win a trophy for their school. There are also a number of prizes available.

Meet the project team

What's involved?

You will need to complete a 'Personal Development Portfolio' to chart your improvement throughout the award and provide evidence that they have completed the project.  Below are the ten catergories you will be expected to complete. 

  1. Personal skills and qualities
  2. Monitoring physical performance
  3. School related matters
  4. Communication skills
  5. Employment discovery skills
  6. Problem solving and planning
  7. Project preparation
  8. Experience, reflection and learning
  9. Developing operational effectiveness
  10. Journey to excellence

You will need to set yourself some challenging targets to chart your own personal development, improve your physical fitness and improve your performance in school, at home and in your local community.

There will be activities and things to do in the school holidays as well as at weekends. There is also an opportunity to attend a challenge day usually held at an outdoor activity centre in Derbyshire. You will be able to work in teams and participate in challenging activities, where you will be able to demonstrate some of the skills and confidence you have gained during the project.

How you can get involved?

You must attend one of the presentations at an assembly in school. You will be given an ‘Expression of Interest’ form that outlines what the award is all about. You must take the form home and discuss it with your parents / guardian and get them to sign it.

You will not be able to take part in the award without you their consent. If you are having trouble with this, let somebody from the project team know and they can talk to them and discuss the benefits of the award and what it can do for you.

Once we have signed consent from your parent or gaurdian, you will receive your project folder and be able to start the award.

Could you help us?

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer please have a look at the Role Profile below and complete the Volunteer formNo qualifications are required, you will need to be vetted for working with the police and children, but the only qualification needed is a genuine desire to see young people reach their goals.

Contact us

For more information contact us Bobby Dev, Inspiring Youth project co-ordinator

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Phone - 07787883140